Recap: 30x30

I'm super happy that I put together this recap. When I first started, it was time-consuming and I almost gave up. But then, I thought about how great it would be to look back and see the transformation. I'm actually pretty pleased with the results!

From this challenge, I've grown A LOT. Some of this growth was totally unexpected.
These are some of the things I learned:
  • In the beginning, I didn't really know how to accessorize.  Now I know the importance of a scarf, necklace, or bracelets.  I rarely wore any of these before, and now I see how much of a difference they make in an outfit.
  • I wasn't too creative for the first little while. I think I played it safe, wearing combos that I would normally wear.  But as I got further into the challenge, I was actually challenged to come up with something new. And I'm really glad I did it.  It's given me a totally new way to look at my clothes.
  • Doing the 30x30 sucks during season transition months, especially in Canada.  I didn't wear my jumpsuit. Yep, not once. Because it was definitely not warm enough to show a bit of leg.
  • I need to really consider layering my items.  Towards the end, I struggled to make outfits work, and look original. I feel like I might have faultered here, but it's something to know for next time.
This morning, I woke up to an entire closet. And you know what I did? Asked my boyfriend if he could pick something for me to wear. I'm not even joking. I just didn't know where to start...It's so hard to have everything available to me again.  Do you know what else I did?  Went through all my clothes to remind myself what I owned. I seriously couldn't remember.

Anyways, I will have a new outfit post for you tomorrow, I promise =)

Day 30: I've been waiting so long to say that.

It felt really good to create a "day 30" folder on my computer today. Really good.  This is how the outfit turned out, and I'm in love with my scarf:

Today was also the first day I wore this tshirt. I included it in the 30 for 30, but didn't feel like I had anything to "spice it up". Today, I figured I HAD to wear it at least once.

Also, this is only my second time in flats! The temperature hit +8 today, with completely blue skies.  I was so excited to wear these shoes and not freeze. I was even MORE excited when I took off my jacket, and my tshirt was enough to keep me warm. What a gorgeous day it was!

Tshirt & Scarf from Costa Blanca; Jeans from F21; Shoes from Spring
My hair is sticking straight up in this bottom picture. It was the wind, I swear!

In case you missed it the bazillion times in this post, I'M FINALLY DONE THE 30X30 CHALLENGE!  :) I just had to make that clear.  A full recap will come tomorrow, this is all you get today ;)

Onto a completely different topic: I never go to the gym, and don't care too much about what I eat.  So yesterday, a friend of mine invited me to work out with her. I agreed, figuring it would give me something to do.  When I was up there for only 15 minutes, and already dying, I realized something had to change.

From here on, we're planning on working out multiple times a week. I'm also trying to change my diet to mostly fresh foods (fruit, vegetables, meats), and remove most of the (frozen) already-prepared meals from my diet (like pizza. Darn).  If I'm going to the gym often, I'll feel like I'm cheating if I'm not eating healthy as well.

I'm curious to see how long this keeps up. Maybe because I've told the blogworld, I'll be more motivated to continue. Maybe?

Day 29: The Life of a Student

I took these pictures early this morning because I have to be at school all day. I've got class, then some time to work on a group project in our computer lab, and then I've got another group meeting to do a large portion of a different project.

The Life of a Student.

Today's outfit is comfortable. This sweater is so cozy and warm during these cold days, and the boots & chain necklace add the little "spice" this outfit needs. In my opinion, anyway :) (Please ignore the awkwardness of the last photo...)

Sweater from Joe Fresh; Tank from H&M; Jeggings from Dynamite; Boots from Spring; Necklace from Smart Set; Bangles from Suzy Shier

I'm not sure when I'm going home tonight, which really blows. I'm writing this from the student lounge in my faculty's building...I'll be meeting with some group members soon. 

Again, I'd like to welcome all of the new followers and thank those who read/comment on my blog. It's great to get feedback and I appreciate your opinions. I have already gained a different perspecitive on my personal style since I started, and it's really awesome to have you along for the ride. You guys are the best :)

Day 28: A Little "Hip" Action

This is what happens when I wear high-waisted jeans:

Shirt from American Eagle; Jeans from Forever 21; Boots from Sirens; Scarf from Suzy Shier; Belt from F21; Bracelet from H&M

You guys get to see a little "hip" action. I'm not usually a huge fan of drawing attention to my hips, but I love these jeans so much that it doesn't matter.

And I was going to take an outside picture for you all today.  I had my photographer (boyfriend) ready and everything.

Then we went outside. The wind went right through my jacket.  We have sun, but somehow it's still below 0. There was no way I was taking my jacket off, so outdoor pictures didn't happen.

Even inside, this is how I'm still feeling:

Have a great Monday everyone!

Day 27: Sorry about yesterday

I didn't post Day 27 yesterday because... well, frankly it didn't exist.

My boyfriend was sick all day, and I took care of him like a good girlfriend :).  He had a rough day, and it meant me not getting dressed or even looking remotely presentable for you guys. So, sorry about that.

Instead, today is Day 27.  And I'm wearing my blue tights again. They're SO much fun!

Jacket from Costco; (Le Sac) Dress from American Apparel; Shirt from F21; Tights from Walmart; Shoes from Spring; Belt from Joe Fresh; Bracelet from F21

This is a very different look for me.  I had a bunch of my 30x30 items in a pile and tried to make an outfit. This is what happened. And know what? I kind of like it.

Today, a friend came over and I helped her prepare for an interview tomorrow. As a co-op student, I've done my fair share of interviews, and I love to help when I can. Its was great fun! We ate Sidekicks (yeah, I'm healthy...) and I asked her random questions, like "Tell me about yourself. What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses? What about this position interests you?" You know, those questions.  Honestly though, you do your best in an interview when you've prepared your thoughts ahead of time. It saves you from scrambling on the spot, saying the wrong thing, or making a bad impression. 

Believe me, I've done all three.

Spring Wish List

This is what I've been dying to wear/get my hands on:

Jeans: Gap (Canada) for $79.50
Oxfords: Aldo (Canada) for $55.00
Sunglasses: Forever 21 (Canada) for $1.50
Bracelets: Forever 21 (Canada) for $7.80
Wedges: Forever 21 (Canada) for $31.80
Maxi: American Eagle for $49.50
Chambay shirt: Gap (Canada) for $38.99
Straw Fedora: Forever 21 (Canada) for $15.80
Hankerchief Scarf: Forever 21 (Canada) for $11.80

...Can you tell I like Forever 21? What are your spring desires?

Day 26: Please excuse my fashion faux-pas...

I'm wearing white socks, and I didn't even realize they were showing for the pictures. I noticed after and fixed them, but it still made it into the photos. I considered photo-shopping, but was too lazy...

 Cardigan from Gap; tank from Costa Blanca; Jeggings from Dynamite; Boots from Spring; Belt from JoeFresh

Today the wind attacked my hair, and all the curls were pulled out.  Also, I was out for 8 hours in these shoes. After a while, they kind of hurt. Not the most comfortable... Oh well, at least they look nice. 

For the last few days of the challenge, I'm trying to figure out what I haven't worn much. There are a few things I haven't even touched, for a few different reasons. This shirt has only made an appearance once, so I decided it needed another exposure. I can't wait until I get my closet back.

Day 25: It's Already Day 25!

I can't contain my excitement, clearly.

I also decided I like this tree. It reminds me of spring. Soon it will have leaves!

... And then the wind attacked my hair:

Jacket from Costco; Shirt from Zellers; Pants from American Eagle; Boots from Sirens; Bangles from Suzy Shier

I wrote my last midterm today! Finally I can relax for a little bit. My plan is to relax with the boyfriend, watch some well deserved TV, and eat chocolate.

Is it really sad that I have nothing fun to write about? Sorry guys, sometimes my life can be pretty dull... I guess we'll wait and see what happens to me tomorrow! 

Thank you everyone for the comments; I really enjoy reading them!
And to all of my new followers, welcome :)

Day 24: My boots are like shields.

...From the wind. Seriously, they're better than pants. When it's cold out, and I wear these boots, my legs are so toasty warm.  It's incredible.

And the snow from the last post? Clearly all gone. Thank you Mr. Sun!

Cardigan from Gap; Shirt from Urban Behaviour; Skirt from F21; Tights from WalMart; Boots from Spring; Belt from Mom's old closet.

I feel like I've worn this outfit before. Or something similar. But I haven't! I went back and checked, and it wasn't done!  Awesome.

Again, this can't be long, because I have another midterm tomorrow. And the one I was studying for the other day? I got an A. Double awesome.

Day 23: Do you SEE the snow?!

It's everywhere. It's terrifying.  And when I took these photos, I was VERY cold....and it was windy.

See the wind? Whipping through my hair? It's not super obvious here, I didn't put the worst up...

And now for my squinty face! Which doesn't make sense, because there wasn't any sun. I guess the snow is just really bright?

Shirt from F21; Tank from H&M; Jeggings from Dynamite; Boots from Spring; Belt from F21; Necklace from Smart Set; Bag from Ebay (no brand)

This 30x30 challenge is getting really painful now. I was bargaining on it warming up a bit more than it has in my outfit/clothing selection. I guess this is why Kendi does them DURING the seasons...

Next time, I guess.

Day 22: Simple and Comfortable

Hi everyone!

As mentioned before, I've got a midterm today. Because I'm spending most of the day at school studying, I decided it would be best to wear something simple and comfortable.  Cue button-up, jeans and comfy socks:

I woke up to a blizzard, and it turns out I have to wear my big, clunky winter boots. Soooo instead of lying to you about my footwear, I didn't wear any for the pictures.  Instead, I'm showing you guys my nice, warm, fuzzy socks

Anyways, I can't sit and chit-chat today. I really have to study...But thanks again for all your wonderful comments, and welcome to the new readers :)

Have a great day everyone!

p.s. I'm very jealous of any of you who are south of me, and experiencing sunshine and heat...I bet that includes all of you reading this. Very jealous.

Day 21: Say Hello To Smurf Legs

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Well, I guess not so happy for me. Once I'm finished this post, I have to start cramming for a test I have tomorrow afternoon. Yuck. I hope everyone else is able to enjoy their weekend though! It's been so beautiful and sunny the last few days, and I'm in a great mood as a result!

Cardigan from Gap; Tank from Costa Blanca; Skirt from F21; Tights from Walmart; Boots from Sirens; Belt from F21; Necklace from Smart Set

I bought my first pair of coloured tights the other day. I chose blue because I had never seen anyone wearing blue tights before.  As soon as I put them on, I felt like a smurf... And it was kind of fun.  I'm pretty excited to see all the ways I can style them when I'm not doing my 30 for 30 challenge. I'll have fun with these for sure :)

Enjoy your Sunday!

Versatile Blogger Award!

Hey guys!

Guess what?!  The lovely Amy from Candid Classic tagged me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thanks a bunch Amy, this is my first tag and I'm pretty excited :)

Now I have to share 7 facts about myself. So here it goes:
  1. I eat a lot. I try and eat as healthy as possible, but usually cookies or chocolate slips in somehow.  I'm just glad my metabolism can keep up.
  2. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. The books AND movies. I cried when I finished reading the series because it was done. That probably makes me super lame, but whatever.
  3. I have no idea what I want to do after my education, and I hate when people ask me. The honest answer is I don't know, and I don't know if I'll ever know.
  4. I grew up in a town of only 10,000 people, and I'm really glad I did. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the city can be really tiring.  Coming back to my parent's place is like a relaxing getaway.
  5. My most desired places to visit right now include Florida, Ireland and Greek Islands, for various reasons.
  6. I'm terrified of caterpillars.
  7. I'm definitely a cat person. Dogs are too slobbery and needy.
Now you all know a little bit more about me.  Next, I'd like to tag the following people for the Versatile Blogger Award! I'm excited to hear about your facts!

Day 20: My Grandma Cardigan

Good afternoon everyone!

Hope everyone's having a great weekend. I'm spending some time at home because it's my brother's 18th birthday today! Yay!

For today's outfit, I forced myself to style my green "grandma cardigan". I call it my grandma cardigan because it reminds me of something my grandma would have worn, but with a much slimmer cut. I haven't worn it yet during this challenge, so I figured I HAD to wear it at least once before the snow is gone (it's really warm).

Cardigan from Joe Fresh; Button-up from F21; Trousers from F21; Boots from Spring; Belt from F21; Necklace from Ricki's

Now that I've put this look together, I actually really like it. It was kind of a mistake because I intended to bring a different outfit home but forgot my shirt. Funny how these things have a way of working out.

Also, I'd like to introduce you all to my favourite furry friend, Toby:

Look at those love eyes.

Day 19: First time with flats!

Good afternoon lovely readers!

Today is day 19! Which means tomorrow is day 20! Which means I'm almost 2/3 done this challenge!

I'm SO excited to wear other clothes becuase I feel like I'm running out of unique styles.  I wore this poncho on Day 3, and styled it with a belt.  To attempt a "different" look, I did without the belt this time.  I much prefer it with.  Because of this style limitation, maybe the poncho wasn't such a good item in my 30 for 30 - all of my outfits with it look the same!

Here it is anyways:

Poncho from F21; Button-up from F21; Jeans from F21; Necklace & bracelets from F21; Flats from Spring

I can't believe I'm almost entirely decked out in Forever 21, and the closest store is still over 2 hours away... obviously I do a bit too much online shopping.

Also, its crazy that I'm wearing flats! I mean, I am pushing it a little. My feet were pretty cold when these photos were done. It's still only 5 degrees here... But what the heck, its an exciting time of the year and my feet are celebrating.

Day 18: Mini Awkward and Awesome

Good afternoon all!

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!  I hope everyone is spending the day having fun and enjoying the b-e-a-utiful weather we're having :) What is everyone doing tonight?

I'm not very festive today...I didn't put anything green in my 30 for 30.  This scarf (again) will have to do (sorry for the repetition...)

Button-up from Old Navy; Tank from H&M; Skirt from F21; Tights from Century 21; Knee-socks from F21; Boots from Sirens; Bag from F21; Old scarf

Following The Daybook's lead, I've got a mini awkward and awesome post for you all today...

- Looking up to see the window cleaner cleaning our living room window, while I sit and blog in my pyjamas. They told us to shut the blinds, but I forgot.
- Waving at the window cleaner and him not waving back. Jerk. I was just trying to be nice.
- Going to a pub for an awesome breakfast this morning, and being surrounded by students drinking green beer at 11am. Only awkward because they were all already drunk.
- Trying to take pictures outside yesterday, without anyone's help, and without a tripod.  I resorted to using the ledge on a garbage bin. It wasn't dirty, I promise.

- Getting 30% off at GAP for a pair of jeans I've been eyeing for a month now.  I know, I'm not supposed to buy anything during my 30 for 30, but technically I should have had these jeans a month ago.  I asked a friend of mine (with a discount) to pick them up. She said she would, but still hasn't, so I took it upon myself to satisfy my needs.
- Skipping my class today because it was sunny and I wanted to enjoy the outdoors.
- The breakfast I ate today. Sausage, eggs, toast, and homefries = best food ever.
- Going home to see my family this weekend to celebrate my brother's birthday!

Day 17: Rain, Rain, Go Away

Hello everyone!

So today I had to decide whether or not to stick to my 30 for 30, or wear rain boots.  I followed the rules and decided on my wedge boots instead. Lucky for me, it wasn't pouring. :)

Today's outfit:
Trench from F21; lace tank from H&M (gifted); Cardigan from Gap; Jeggings from Dynamite; Boots from Spring; Purse from F21; Umbrella stolen from boyfriend; Hat from F21

Sorry about the lighting - I dont know what was going on. This is why digital cameras suck.

This is the first time I featured a jacket of mine. And its the first time I've worn this jacket this year. Its finally warm enough to sort of get away with.  I love the fit and style of this one, I just wish it was a lighter colour. It would feel more spring-y. Oh well, I guess it's on my wishlist.

p.s. I have a huge wishlist.

Day 16: Doin' it outside

Hey everyone!

Today is a pretty special day. Know why? Because I took my pictures outside!  Finally it was gorgeous enough, and the snow has melted in some spots allowing me to stand on actual concrete!

Cardigan from Joe Fresh; Button-up from F21; Jeans from F21; Boots from Sirens; Bag from F21; Necklace (that you can't really see) from Smart Set

This was my first time venturing outside for a photoshoot. It was also my first time having someone else take my picture. It resulted in a lot of this:

Uncontrollable giggles.

Food Love: Ice Cream filled Crepes

Hi everyone!

A huge love of my life is food. Recently I mentioned crepes in my blog, but I've found a new way to enjoy them. It's quite simple, and requires just a few steps and ingredients. 

Ice Cream filled Crepes!
(yes... I really did JUST discover them...)

What you need:
  1. Crepes
  2. Nutella (or other 'sauce' of choice)
  3. Ice cream (whatever kind you want)
I made the crepes ahead of time, using a recipe off Youtube.  It's pretty good, but I needed to add a bit more milk to make the mixture a little runnier. Also, I didn't wait the "1 hour" that they suggest, I wanted my crepes right then and there!

Once you've got your crepes...

1. Start off with a fresh warm crepe.
2. Add your Nutella, or sauce of choice (however much you want!) to the crepe.  Spread it on the crepe.

3. Add your ice cream.  This time I'm using Pralines and Cream, but I would normally have chosen vanilla.

3. Roll up your crepe by rolling the ends inwards, and then fold over the sides. If you can do this quick enough, the warm crepe will start to melt a bit of the ice cream... YUM!

It's as simple as that! Now, you're ready to enjoy your lovely snack:

Day 15: Hump-day

Hi lovelies!

Today is day 15 of 30! Otherwise known as...hump day! After today, I'm over the hill, and can start counting down until this baby is done!

My outfit for today:
Button-up from F21; Le Sac dress (worn as skirt) from American Apparel; Boots from Spring; Tights from Century21; Can't remember where scarf is from :(

This outfit was interesting for me.  I've never worn this dress as a skirt before, but I figured - hey, why not?!  I also have never worn these tights before. They're weird because they're not quite gray, but not totally blue.  I tried to add some colour to the otherwise colourless outfit. I probably could have done better than just the scarf... I know for next time.

That's what's great about this whole blogging experience. I am learning so much about what looks good, what doesn't, and finding out all the tips and tricks to making the right outfit work. Thanks to my followers and all others who comment. Your advice and suggestions are awesome. 

This has been a lot of fun so far :) 


Day 14: It's Still A Bit Chilly...

Hello all!

Last night's dinner with boyfriend's family went well! Now our house is full of leftovers, which is kind of awesome.  I love not having to cook! I also love getting free food and drinks like brownies, and ice cream, and chocolate milk. Parents are awesome. 

Today's outfit:

Shirt from Zellers; Skirt from F21; Shoes from Spring; Tights from Century21; Necklace from Smart Set

I had a pretty hard time with this outfit today. I don't really know why... I tried a few different shirts and tights, and just didn't like how they looked. This is what I finally settled on.

The weather hasn't changed much over here. Last year, at this time, it was t-shirt weather. Unfortunately it's still sitting around 0 this year. Please come out from hiding, Mr. Sun! I want spring!

Day 13: Matchy-Matchy

Good afternoon lovelies!

So I'm sort of matchy-matchy today. And you probably can't tell, but my nails are also purple. Which is sort of unfortunately because I hate the matchy-matchy thing... But I didn't want to take off my pretty lavendar nail polish - it makes me think of spring!

Today's outfit:
Shirt from American Eagle; Tank from Smart Set; Jeans from American Eagle; Necklace from F21

Do you know what's sad? I've had these pants for over 4 years, and just realized how short they make me look. They're not as flattering as I always thought. The flare at the bottom isn't doing anything for me.  So...maybe it's time to retire this old babies. An excuse to buy more jeans? Yes please! 

Today I made fresh crepes and topped them off with Nutella and bananas. Oh my gosh, it was like an explosion in my mouth. Best. Food. Ever.  If you like Nutella, and you like bananas, and you also happen to like crepes, this will be your heaven. Also, tonight boyfriend's family is coming over for dinner. I'm cooking stir-fry and making up some salad. For dessert, I'm making apple crumble.... Martha Stewart, anyone?

Day 12: Welcome, Gingham.

Goooooood afternoon!

Well, not so good for some of us. My friend's entire basement apartment is flooded, including the carpet. There is now water damage to all of her furniture.  Let's hope she gets some good compensation from the landlord for THAT one.

My outfit sort of reflects the day today. It's rainy and gloomy out, so I wasn't too inspired by colour...  But I did introduce gingham, which I love!

Button-up from Old Navy; Cardigan from Gap; Jeggings from Dynamite; Boots from Spring; Belt was mom's when she was younger
So I'm procrastinating from studying and reading my textbooks. And in doing so, I'm finding a whole bunch of things that I would love to run out and buy right this second if I could. I have a huge list piling up for after my 30 for 30. And I know that's terrible, because that's besides the point of this whole challenge, but I figure if it stays on my list the whole time, it's something that I probably really do want. Right? Right (at least in my mind).

Happy Friday Everyone!


As a side note, if Canadians would like to help support tsunami relief efforts in Japan, you can use your mobile phone right now and provide donations:
  • Text ASIA or ASIE to 30333 to donate $5 to the Canadian Red Cross Society.
  • Text QUAKE to 45678 to donate $10 to The Salvation Army.
  • Text GIVE to 45678 to donate $5 to UNICEF.
(Source: Facebook status of an employee who helps set up these short codes)

Americans can do the same through:
  • American Red Cross Relief, text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10
  • Convoy of Hope, text TSUNAMI to 50555 to donate $10
  • World Relief Corp. of National Association of Evangelicals, text WAVE to 50555 to donate $10
  • GlobalGiving, text JAPAN to 50555 to donate $10

Day 11: The Green Scarf

Hello ladies!

I took a bit of style inspiration from other bloggers and decided to belt my scarf.  Also, I'm letting you know that I did not wear this shoes today with this outfit. We just got another foot of snow, and it's currently pouring outside. I doesn't look like I'll be wearing half of the shoes in my 30 for 30, so I'm showing you how I would LIKE to wear them.

Today's outfit:
Sweater from F21; Trousers from F21; Shoes from Aldo; Belt from my mom's old closet; and I can't remember where I bought the scarf :(

Instead of these lovely shoes, I was wearing huge, chucky boots to battle the snow and rain. Thank God, because anyone wearing Uggs or other thin shoes/boots had completely soaked feet. I was going for practicality today, for sure.

And you know what? The colour of this scarf is awesome. In my opinion anyway!

Day 10: Le Sac

Hi lovelies!

So today I decided I was getting tired of some of my pants in my 30 for 30. Instead, I pulled out my dress! I was pretty excited because this dress can be worn in several different ways. It's kind of amazing.

Today's outfit:

Dress from American Apparel (Le Sac dress); Cardigan from Gap; Belt from F21; Tights from Century21; Bracelet from H&M

I'm pretty excited today is Day 10. I'm 1/3 of the way done the challenge! I'm also still trying to figure out how I like my photos... I'm not sure if today's photoshopping works. What do you think?

Something nice happened to me today!  Usually I come into my appartment lobby, and the elevator door is closing - mostly because I just missed it and people decided not to hold it for me. But not today! As I come into the lobby, the door is closing, slowly, so I don't rush.  I try and avoid the awkward "hold the door please!". BUT THEN! The guy in the elevator sticks his hand out and holds it for me! It was so nice to finally have someone do something nice for once. Is it sad that this doesn't happen often enough? Yes, it is sad. Very Sad.

Thanks nice guy who held the door for me. We need more people like you in this world.
Or at least in this building.