Day 30: I've been waiting so long to say that.

It felt really good to create a "day 30" folder on my computer today. Really good.  This is how the outfit turned out, and I'm in love with my scarf:

Today was also the first day I wore this tshirt. I included it in the 30 for 30, but didn't feel like I had anything to "spice it up". Today, I figured I HAD to wear it at least once.

Also, this is only my second time in flats! The temperature hit +8 today, with completely blue skies.  I was so excited to wear these shoes and not freeze. I was even MORE excited when I took off my jacket, and my tshirt was enough to keep me warm. What a gorgeous day it was!

Tshirt & Scarf from Costa Blanca; Jeans from F21; Shoes from Spring
My hair is sticking straight up in this bottom picture. It was the wind, I swear!

In case you missed it the bazillion times in this post, I'M FINALLY DONE THE 30X30 CHALLENGE!  :) I just had to make that clear.  A full recap will come tomorrow, this is all you get today ;)

Onto a completely different topic: I never go to the gym, and don't care too much about what I eat.  So yesterday, a friend of mine invited me to work out with her. I agreed, figuring it would give me something to do.  When I was up there for only 15 minutes, and already dying, I realized something had to change.

From here on, we're planning on working out multiple times a week. I'm also trying to change my diet to mostly fresh foods (fruit, vegetables, meats), and remove most of the (frozen) already-prepared meals from my diet (like pizza. Darn).  If I'm going to the gym often, I'll feel like I'm cheating if I'm not eating healthy as well.

I'm curious to see how long this keeps up. Maybe because I've told the blogworld, I'll be more motivated to continue. Maybe?


  1. Cute! Congradulations on finishing the 30x30!!

  2. I love the belted scarf look! And congrats on finishing the 30x30!!

  3. Nice scarf!

  4. Congrats on being done! I feel like your remixing went by so quickly! I LOVE your scarf, and you pull off the belted look so well.

  5. The idea of belting a scarf is genius. Your scarf is so beautiful!
    Can't wait to be able to wear such shoes.


  6. I can't wait to put my flats on! That scarf is a really cute way to spice things up :)


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