Day 19: First time with flats!

Good afternoon lovely readers!

Today is day 19! Which means tomorrow is day 20! Which means I'm almost 2/3 done this challenge!

I'm SO excited to wear other clothes becuase I feel like I'm running out of unique styles.  I wore this poncho on Day 3, and styled it with a belt.  To attempt a "different" look, I did without the belt this time.  I much prefer it with.  Because of this style limitation, maybe the poncho wasn't such a good item in my 30 for 30 - all of my outfits with it look the same!

Here it is anyways:

Poncho from F21; Button-up from F21; Jeans from F21; Necklace & bracelets from F21; Flats from Spring

I can't believe I'm almost entirely decked out in Forever 21, and the closest store is still over 2 hours away... obviously I do a bit too much online shopping.

Also, its crazy that I'm wearing flats! I mean, I am pushing it a little. My feet were pretty cold when these photos were done. It's still only 5 degrees here... But what the heck, its an exciting time of the year and my feet are celebrating.


  1. That poncho looks amazing on you! And I LOVE your hair! I want! Oh! And I tagged you with the Versatile Blogger Award!

  2. @ Amy Z: Thanks! Thats my natural hair - sometimes it's pretty crazy! And also thank you for the tag, I'm super excited!

  3. I love this outfit. This outfit screams cozy and chic. Cute!


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