Day 15: Hump-day

Hi lovelies!

Today is day 15 of 30! Otherwise known as...hump day! After today, I'm over the hill, and can start counting down until this baby is done!

My outfit for today:
Button-up from F21; Le Sac dress (worn as skirt) from American Apparel; Boots from Spring; Tights from Century21; Can't remember where scarf is from :(

This outfit was interesting for me.  I've never worn this dress as a skirt before, but I figured - hey, why not?!  I also have never worn these tights before. They're weird because they're not quite gray, but not totally blue.  I tried to add some colour to the otherwise colourless outfit. I probably could have done better than just the scarf... I know for next time.

That's what's great about this whole blogging experience. I am learning so much about what looks good, what doesn't, and finding out all the tips and tricks to making the right outfit work. Thanks to my followers and all others who comment. Your advice and suggestions are awesome. 

This has been a lot of fun so far :) 



  1. What a lovely way to give life to your outfit, loved the scarf! Hooray for sunny days, cute blog!

    <3 Cess O.

  2. this scarf has been one my fave additions to your outfits! it's a fab color that really complements you :)


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