Day 29: The Life of a Student

I took these pictures early this morning because I have to be at school all day. I've got class, then some time to work on a group project in our computer lab, and then I've got another group meeting to do a large portion of a different project.

The Life of a Student.

Today's outfit is comfortable. This sweater is so cozy and warm during these cold days, and the boots & chain necklace add the little "spice" this outfit needs. In my opinion, anyway :) (Please ignore the awkwardness of the last photo...)

Sweater from Joe Fresh; Tank from H&M; Jeggings from Dynamite; Boots from Spring; Necklace from Smart Set; Bangles from Suzy Shier

I'm not sure when I'm going home tonight, which really blows. I'm writing this from the student lounge in my faculty's building...I'll be meeting with some group members soon. 

Again, I'd like to welcome all of the new followers and thank those who read/comment on my blog. It's great to get feedback and I appreciate your opinions. I have already gained a different perspecitive on my personal style since I started, and it's really awesome to have you along for the ride. You guys are the best :)


  1. I love the boots! It gives the outfit that humphhhh! Man, school blows! and it sucks so badly doing group things and such, but you'll finish :D I really like your style! we are like this comfortable student type of girls :P

  2. Love the boots too! I hear ya - as a grad student myself, comfort is key!

  3. Great boots! I love wearing sweaters they're so comfy and cozy!

  4. The cardigan looks so comfy. I want to buy almost the same one but I'm a bit hesitating because I have a lot of dress and skirts and don't sure if they will look good together.

    Thanks for commenting my blog. I follow you. I'm glad to see you on my blog again.

  5. This is a great outfit! From one student to another, this has to be the best outfit for comfort and style!


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