Day 3: I heart my Poncho

Good evening!

I am SO exhausted. This week has been insane for schoolwork.
But today when I got home at 9pm, my lovely boyfriend had fixed up a nice dinner and baked cookies! He also vacuumed the house!

How thoughtful :)

Here's todays outfit:

Poncho: F21
Tank: H&M
Jeggings: Dynamite
Boots: Spring
Belt: F21

I love my poncho. It's the best!
Oh, and my boots are pretty cool too...


  1. Hey kelly! Thanks for your sweet comment! The way I got those curls was to use the clipless curling iron by conair (I think its called u-curl?, but I'm not completely sure). You can find it at target for 30 bucks. I just curled sections of my hair and that's what they look like. I also have a couple hair tutorials on my blog. If you go back thru some of the pages you'll see them. (:

    I love this outfit. It mixes all my favorite colors and I love the loose poncho shaped by the belt. You look great!

  2. Thanks and thanks! I'll have to check the iron out for sure :)


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