Day 13: Matchy-Matchy

Good afternoon lovelies!

So I'm sort of matchy-matchy today. And you probably can't tell, but my nails are also purple. Which is sort of unfortunately because I hate the matchy-matchy thing... But I didn't want to take off my pretty lavendar nail polish - it makes me think of spring!

Today's outfit:
Shirt from American Eagle; Tank from Smart Set; Jeans from American Eagle; Necklace from F21

Do you know what's sad? I've had these pants for over 4 years, and just realized how short they make me look. They're not as flattering as I always thought. The flare at the bottom isn't doing anything for me.  So...maybe it's time to retire this old babies. An excuse to buy more jeans? Yes please! 

Today I made fresh crepes and topped them off with Nutella and bananas. Oh my gosh, it was like an explosion in my mouth. Best. Food. Ever.  If you like Nutella, and you like bananas, and you also happen to like crepes, this will be your heaven. Also, tonight boyfriend's family is coming over for dinner. I'm cooking stir-fry and making up some salad. For dessert, I'm making apple crumble.... Martha Stewart, anyone?


  1. I had a lovely evening eating dinner with my BF's family four days ago so I wish you all the best!
    Love that bracelets so much!

  2. Im a lover of jeans as well! :) Cute blog...i'm following!

    xo, natasha
    twenty-something blog

  3. Yeah when you compare to the previous post you can see you look more skinny in the black skinny jeans! But if you don't compare, you wouldn't notice of course =)

  4. Yumms those crepes sound delish! ... There's something about flare jeans that totally create that shorty effect, I battle it with high heels, it's all in the balance! Love the boho top, so pretty!

    <3 Cess O.

  5. Way to go chef. You can come cook for me any day. I don't think the jeans are as bad as you make them out to be but like you said... any excuse for new jeans!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl
    Fanciful Brainstorm - Tumblr

  6. I think it looks cute. I definitely have that top too, haven't worn it yet though..


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