Ramblings on a Friday.

Dynamite top; Forever 21 blazer; American Eagle pants; Le Chateau heels

The mornings have been freezing. So freezing that I've needed blazers and jackets. See above.
But daytime temperatures? Back into summer and humidity. It's really starting to annoy me. I don't know what to wear, ever.

Also it's getting darker earlier. Know what that means? Really terrible lighting for bloggy photos when I get home. Not sure what I'm going to do going forward. Either pool them all until the weekend (ick) or use photoshop until I can no longer get away with it. We'll see how lazy I get.

Thank god for long weekends. Although, I don't quite feel like I "need" a long weekend. I wish we could just bank them for times when we really need the day off. <-- smart idea right there.

Yesterday I tweeted that I couldn't stop thinking about fall. And how good it smells. You know, cause each season has it's own smell. I think fall has the best smell. All the spices, the crisp cool air, everything. Wouldn't you agree?

A coffee date over *here*

Two posts in one day! Actually, that's a lie. This doesn't really count because I'm just alerting you of something wonderful that happened on Sydney's blog (Take Me for a Twirl) today!

We had a coffee date. She asked me many deep questions and I answered.

It was great, but it would have been better if it could have been a REAL life coffee date. You know, with coffee...

Either way, come and visit :)

Denim jackets.

Suzy Shier denim jacket; Forever 21 top and necklace; Dynamite pants; ALDO shoes

Rewind four months when I thought denim jackets sucked. I told myself that I would never ever jump on that bandwagon. It reminded me too much of the '90s and would just be tacky.

Well... you guys all changed my mind. All the bloggers out there so stylishly wearing their denim jackets. I couldn't help but lust after one for a couple months before I took the plunge and bought one for myself. When I tried it on, I wondered how I was so quick to judge. I love the cut and how it falls, along its ability to make any outfit casually put-together.

I can see myself wearing this baby out over the fall season. Next up: pairing it with a nice, big cozy scarf as the weather cools down.

What do you think of denim jackets? 

Colour at the office.

Forever 21 button-up; Dynamite cardigan; American Eagle denim; Call it Spring shoes

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments yesterday. I'm keeping my chin up - life only gets you down if you let it.

Now a little story about wearing bright colours at the office... I always get thrown off guard when a coworker that I have never met makes a comment about what I'm wearing. I mean, when I wore my green jeans to work, some random old guy made a comment about how he "loved" my pants. For a second, I was all creeeeepyyyy, then I realized who cares? They're awesome and he's right.  Today, I went to the cafeteria a record of three times and a completely random other guy was there twice. Once I wore my pink shoes, but downgraded to flats after lunch cause my feet hurt. Out of the blue he goes "you changed your shoes". Umm, what? How the heck do people remember these things?

I've decided it has to do with colour. Not a lot of people wear brights to work and when someone does, it sticks out. Like these shoes, or my green jeans. Whether they see them and think "oh my gosh, who wears pink shoes?" or they think "way to go, she's wearing pink shoes" or they just think "pink shoes?" I don't care. My shoes made an impact on them today. And that's the fun part of fashion :)

Dealing with change.

Forever 21 top; Dynamite jacket; American Eagle denim; Giant Tiger mocassins

Sorry about yesterday. You see, I only got 4 hours of sleep Saturday night. And then I was at a birthday party allll day Sunday. When I finally got home and crashed around 10, my alarm was set for 5:30 Monday morning. This post just didn't get written. And I almost didn't get any work done during the day, either. I think yesterday was one of the few times I've legitimately NEEDED coffee to function.

Now, after my eventful weekend I'm sitting here with nothing to write. I just can't seem to think up anything fun, interesting or even worth sharing. I think I may know why.

I usually love the fall season, and fall usually loves me. It may sound funny, but September has always been the month of "new" for me and always in a good way. This fall, however, I'm losing two of my best friends who are moving to different cities. One's only gone for 4 months, so while I'll miss her, I know she'll be back soon. The other is leaving for two years for her Master's. Things just won't be the same without her. Change is good in life - it keeps you from living the exact same thing every day. But I'm going through the "change sucks" phase. I'm sure everything will be fine soon, it's just sad to think about and it's put a bit of a damper on my mood. Not to mention it's been overcast all day... that always makes me feel worse.

What about you guys? Do you embrace change easily?

Denim tops & loafer heels.

Joe Fresh denim top; Dynamite jeggings; Le Chateau heels; Forever 21 necklace

Thanks Joe Fresh for making the perfect denim top. I've been looking for one for a while, and it appeared on my fall wish-list that I tweeted a few months back (along with my mocassins). I finally found it for an affordable price of $24! Loooooove.

Also, can I just say how happy I am that we are still seeing loafer shoes everywhere? When I bought these on mega sale last winter I wasn't sure how long they'd last me. After seeing a number of loafer styles come out this fall, I'm happy that the trend is sticking around a little longer. On top of that, the height on these babies is awesome.

On a completely unrelated note: Ohmygosh. Today is Friday. Hollaaaaa. 

If you really knew me...

I'm sure everyone has seen these floating around the blogsphere, but I figured I'd take part in this one. It's a little more fun than just talking about clothes all the time.

If you really knew me...

... You'd know that in the car I listen to my music REALLY loud (like max volume). I also tend to sing along to said music really REALLY loudly. And no, I cannot sing.

... You'd know I have a fear of stepping on frogs. I hate walking through long grass because I'm always worried I'll step on a frog or a snake. I've made people piggy-back me before because I almost lost it. Not exactly a proud moment.

Old Navy blouse; Gap cardigan; Winners pants; ALDO shoes

... You'd know I'm a crazy cat-lady. Sometimes my friend and I text pictures of our cats back and forth. I gush about how my cat tries to bite my bathroom wall and she shows me pictures of her cat sleeping in garbage cans. A video chat may be in the works so our cats can meet, too. We're very very cool.

... You'd know I always over-cook my meat. Food poisoning is the worst thing in the world, and after having it enough I have a fear of uncooked meat. I also try and avoid meat-based fast food meals as much as I can. I just don't trust it.

Whew - that was fun! I'd love to hear any "if you really knew me" posts from you guys - if you happen to write one, you should link it up in the comments so I can go read it. They're fun :)

Blogger Spotlight: Sarah of Coming Unstitched

It's already past mid-August and I'm going to cry. It means summer's coming to a close. But, on the bright side it means that I have another blogger for you guys to meet! If you haven't met her yet, here's Sarah from Coming Unstitched. She just celebrated her 1st blogiversary last week, but she's already made herself a name in the blogging community. I just love her personal shopper posts (she tempts me to buy things...), and her new "unstitch me" series is wonderful.  I love that she generates discussion about fashion, but other real-life situations as well. Get to know her, you'll probably love her just as much as I do. 

- - - - - - - - - - - 

Hey, hey guys!  I'm Sarah and I blog over at Coming Unstitched.  It's my corner of the interwebs where I show my personal style (when I'm not wearing my pajamas that is), talk about my upcoming wedding (seriously, it's getting reeeeeally close), and shop for you (well, I don't actually BUY anything for you, just tell YOU what YOU should buy-- and suggest that you then give it to me).  I've just celebrated my one year of blogging which was pretty mind blowing if you ask me.  I started my blog because I was bullied into it (seriously) and thinking that no one would want to read what little ol' me would have to say, but now, over 1500 readers later I guess I was wrong.  

Now, I don't like to play favorites with my clothes, but let's be honest, we all have our favorites- just like people who have kids.  There is ALWAYS a favorite (don't deny it).  I have a favorite cat (Batman- who is a girl and doesn't fly or save people nearly as often as she should) and I'm pretty sure that's the same thing as having kids.  Where was I?  Oh right, favorite clothes.  My favorites include American Eagle jeans (still not sure why they haven't hired me as a spokesmodel), clothes that are a bit oversized, and black and white.  But luckily for you I show a bit more variety than that.  Below are a few of my favorites that I've featured on the blog (shhh, don't tell the other clothes).

Now get your booty over to my blog and say hi!  And then go to Facebook and "like" me there.  Oh, and THEN go to Twitter and follow me there!

When I'm not wearing skinny jeans...

Forever 21 button-up; American Eagle jeans; Fossil watch; Giant Tiger mocassins

The days I don't wear skinny jeans I feel different. My body feels a different shape; it's as if I have to pay more attention to what I wear with my pants. I don't know, it's just ... different.

I remember when skinny jeans were becoming popular amongst the average woman... 7-8 years ago I guess. I went into Old Navy and saw a pair on a mannequin. I thought about my fav cousin who had already bought her first pair and was rocking them. When I finally got the courage to try them on, I felt like my hips were HUGE. I bought them anyway, probably in an effort to be kind of cool.

Now, if I count all of my pants I would say 80% are skinny. I guess I got over the hip issue and decided they were rockin' enough to become the most popular style in my wardrobe.

In an effort to keep my wardrobe versatile, I do have a boot-cut style (as seen here), a flared style and a pair of boyfriend jeans. They round out the skinnies for when I'm looking for something a little different. But they just don't feel the same...

What is your favourite style of jean? 


Giant Tiger tee; American Eagle jeans; Walmart shoes

Guyysss, I finally got myself a baseball tee! And it was only $8! I don't normally like prints/text like this on my shirts, but I decided the cost of the shirt made it totally worth it. Now, I wish I could say I was East Coast Champions in 1982 and played for New York, but unfortunately I a) do not play sports, b) was not alive in 1982 and c) do not live in/have anything to do with New York.

Oh well.

This is a typical weekender outfit for me. Breaking free from the office-wear into ripped jeans, boat shoes and a baseball tee. This, my friends, is comfort at its finest.

Did you do something exciting this weekend? Me, not so much. And it was wonderful.


... I am without an outfit post this morning. Instead, I will leave you with a few of my favourite quotes. I have been able to personally identify with these three quotes in particular, and that's why they are some of my favs. Thank you, Pinterest, for giving me a place to document these.

Happy Friday everyone :)

Our Internet sucks.

Smart Set top; American Eagle tank and pants; Giant Tiger shoes

If this post has some messed up formatting, it's because I'm blogging from my phone because my internet is down. Again.

Yesterday I was mentioning that I had an eye-doctor appointment. Well, secretly I was hoping my prescription had changed so I could justify buying new glasses and spending $$$ on updating the frames and lenses. Instead, my eyes have not changed and it looks like I will not be dropping a few hundred dollars on new glasses anytime soon. Darn, I was really looking forward to updating these frames I've had for years now... Grrr.

So today we're having a "work picnic". I get the afternoon off work to go have lunch and spend time bonding with my colleagues. It should be a good time. We had to sign up for activities so my boss and I are doing yoga together. Not sure how I'll feel about it when I'm done. I'm not sure what I'm going to wear, either. It has to be appropriate for work but also yoga-appropriate. Does that even exist...?

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Costca Blanca top; American Eagle denim; Call it Spring shoes

I was over at Corinne's blog, Life etc..., and she does a "the good, the bad, and the ugly" series. In blogger-inspired (aka. copied) fashion, I'm doing one of my own for the week!

The Good
Seeing a friend for dinner on Thursday night. She's been locked up doing her thesis and I haven't seen much of her this past month!

Getting to eat my favourite food for dinner last night: pasta + parmesan cheese. Yep. Well, I love just about anything pasta-related but enjoyment received divided by effort required yields the highest results for this dish. Yes, that was an equation.

Finding a pair of mocassins I actually love for $15. At Giant Tiger. If you're Canadian, you know Giant Tiger can be a big pile of cheap crap, but these mocassins are awesome. Scooooreee.

The Bad
Drinking a coffee every morning. I HAVE to stop, especially because I load my coffee with suger...weeeeee. I must begin drinking more tea instead..

My new boss having a massive bowl of individually wrapped dark chocolates at her desk. When we get stressed out by a problem, we eat a chocolate. It makes us feel better about being completely swamped by the work we have to do. It also means sometimes I don't eat the veggies I bring to work. Bad Kelly.

Needing to do laundry but not having enough for a load of brights or a load of whites. And I can't combine them because amongst the bright colours there is never-been-washed fluorescent pink and bright blue. Those will ruin my whites.

The Ugly
Getting up for 5am this morning so that I can go to an eye doctor appointment in the middle of my work-day and still make up the time I miss at work. Being paid hourly sucks. Being a grown up sucks. Eye doctor appointments suck.