Day 12: Welcome, Gingham.

Goooooood afternoon!

Well, not so good for some of us. My friend's entire basement apartment is flooded, including the carpet. There is now water damage to all of her furniture.  Let's hope she gets some good compensation from the landlord for THAT one.

My outfit sort of reflects the day today. It's rainy and gloomy out, so I wasn't too inspired by colour...  But I did introduce gingham, which I love!

Button-up from Old Navy; Cardigan from Gap; Jeggings from Dynamite; Boots from Spring; Belt was mom's when she was younger
So I'm procrastinating from studying and reading my textbooks. And in doing so, I'm finding a whole bunch of things that I would love to run out and buy right this second if I could. I have a huge list piling up for after my 30 for 30. And I know that's terrible, because that's besides the point of this whole challenge, but I figure if it stays on my list the whole time, it's something that I probably really do want. Right? Right (at least in my mind).

Happy Friday Everyone!


As a side note, if Canadians would like to help support tsunami relief efforts in Japan, you can use your mobile phone right now and provide donations:
  • Text ASIA or ASIE to 30333 to donate $5 to the Canadian Red Cross Society.
  • Text QUAKE to 45678 to donate $10 to The Salvation Army.
  • Text GIVE to 45678 to donate $5 to UNICEF.
(Source: Facebook status of an employee who helps set up these short codes)

Americans can do the same through:
  • American Red Cross Relief, text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10
  • Convoy of Hope, text TSUNAMI to 50555 to donate $10
  • World Relief Corp. of National Association of Evangelicals, text WAVE to 50555 to donate $10
  • GlobalGiving, text JAPAN to 50555 to donate $10


  1. lovely outfit!adore your shirt!

  2. I like your cardigan :-)

    Would you consider checking out my blog? Follow one another if you want?

    Lea Soe,

  3. Hey thats me!!! Hahah Kelly you blogged about my plight. I remember this outfit. I feel like we had a test this day...

    1. Yes. Yes that was you. And yes I blogged about it. It was clearly on my mind :)


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