Day 8: I'm Tired.

Good evening all,

I'm tired. I'm counting the days until my presentations are over and I can relax. Tomorrow will be a business/casual look from my 30 for 30s, that I will wear for my presentation in my Marketing Research class.

Until that excitement, I leave you with today's outfit:

Shirt: Zellers
Jeggings: Dynamite

I gotta admit, it's not entirely creative. Am I running out of steam on Day 8? Well... I wouldn't quite say that. I've just got some nice outfits for the warmer weather (that I hope comes) and I can't wear them yet.  But I do LOVE this shirt. Its incredibly comfortable and it was from Zellers (Canada's Target-type store). Meaning it was very affordable, and on top of that it was on clearance. This was a good day at Zellers. I came out with a lot of great things on clearance that I love.

Also, I haven't been posting pictures of my shoes. Sorry guys. That's becuase I've been cheating on my 5 pairs designated for the challenge.  I really should have added my hardcore winter boots. Which are incredibly ugly. But still, I've had to wear them for almost half of the challenge so far. SO. MUCH. SNOW.

I should really consider moving south.


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