Day 14: It's Still A Bit Chilly...

Hello all!

Last night's dinner with boyfriend's family went well! Now our house is full of leftovers, which is kind of awesome.  I love not having to cook! I also love getting free food and drinks like brownies, and ice cream, and chocolate milk. Parents are awesome. 

Today's outfit:

Shirt from Zellers; Skirt from F21; Shoes from Spring; Tights from Century21; Necklace from Smart Set

I had a pretty hard time with this outfit today. I don't really know why... I tried a few different shirts and tights, and just didn't like how they looked. This is what I finally settled on.

The weather hasn't changed much over here. Last year, at this time, it was t-shirt weather. Unfortunately it's still sitting around 0 this year. Please come out from hiding, Mr. Sun! I want spring!


  1. The shirt and the skirt combo looks so cute! It may be better to add some bright details, what do you think?

  2. Good suggestion. Colours would liven it up for sure. I'm probably just stuck in winter mode because it's still so cold, dreary and snowy here... Maybe a nice scarf?

  3. Very chic and cute! I do love the top!


  4. I envy that U've Century21... I look forward to open the web!
    geat ;)

  5. I love your top! Stripes are amazing! Cute blog!

  6. left overs are a good thing! I'm waiting for the sun too. Nice outfit :)

  7. Nice stripes! I think the booties pair nicely with it!


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