Day 27: Sorry about yesterday

I didn't post Day 27 yesterday because... well, frankly it didn't exist.

My boyfriend was sick all day, and I took care of him like a good girlfriend :).  He had a rough day, and it meant me not getting dressed or even looking remotely presentable for you guys. So, sorry about that.

Instead, today is Day 27.  And I'm wearing my blue tights again. They're SO much fun!

Jacket from Costco; (Le Sac) Dress from American Apparel; Shirt from F21; Tights from Walmart; Shoes from Spring; Belt from Joe Fresh; Bracelet from F21

This is a very different look for me.  I had a bunch of my 30x30 items in a pile and tried to make an outfit. This is what happened. And know what? I kind of like it.

Today, a friend came over and I helped her prepare for an interview tomorrow. As a co-op student, I've done my fair share of interviews, and I love to help when I can. Its was great fun! We ate Sidekicks (yeah, I'm healthy...) and I asked her random questions, like "Tell me about yourself. What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses? What about this position interests you?" You know, those questions.  Honestly though, you do your best in an interview when you've prepared your thoughts ahead of time. It saves you from scrambling on the spot, saying the wrong thing, or making a bad impression. 

Believe me, I've done all three.


  1. That bright tights are amazing! Love how you belted your dress!


  2. Cute outfit! I have blue stockings but I've never worn them cause I just don't know what to pair it with. But..I just thought of something looking at your picture! lol Thanks for the inspiration girl!!

  3. what awesome blue tights!! i love how you paired it with a bluish-tinted dress. so lovely!

    cute & little

  4. i love this outfit! for some reason unknown to me, i love red with blue. it just feels and looks ...fresh! :)

  5. I love this dress, and the jacket from Costco! What a find!


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