Day 26: Please excuse my fashion faux-pas...

I'm wearing white socks, and I didn't even realize they were showing for the pictures. I noticed after and fixed them, but it still made it into the photos. I considered photo-shopping, but was too lazy...

 Cardigan from Gap; tank from Costa Blanca; Jeggings from Dynamite; Boots from Spring; Belt from JoeFresh

Today the wind attacked my hair, and all the curls were pulled out.  Also, I was out for 8 hours in these shoes. After a while, they kind of hurt. Not the most comfortable... Oh well, at least they look nice. 

For the last few days of the challenge, I'm trying to figure out what I haven't worn much. There are a few things I haven't even touched, for a few different reasons. This shirt has only made an appearance once, so I decided it needed another exposure. I can't wait until I get my closet back.


  1. Great shoes! My motto has always been fashion before comfort! Now you deserve a foot massage.

    XO, Katie
    Running on Happiness

  2. yess those boots are hot! I would take the pain too.


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