Forever 21 top; Dynamite pants; H&M shoes; Smart Set necklace

This is the extent of a top-knot that you'll ever get out of me. Any higher up and my face/head looks a mile long. And that's not an exaggeration. Well, obviously it is a little.. Okay, a lot.


I really like cobalt blue and orange. I don't know why I never thought of pairing these two colours before, but I'm totally digging it. I love trying out new colour combinations. It makes everything seem just a little brighter :) Also, I really need to update my jewellery collection. I swear out of the 30 necklaces I own, I rotate 4. That's it. Isn't that sad?

So ladies, today I ask: where can I get some nice necklaces that don't break the bank? 

Trend of the Month: Yellow.

Forever 21 blouse; Dynamite tank; American Eagle pants; ALDO shoes

When Marion of Marionberry Style called her Trend of the Month as the colour "yellow", I was a little disappointed. Not going to lie. I have no yellow in my wardrobe except this tank, and I've always found it so hard to style.

Aside from this difficulty, yellow was my favourite colour as a kid. I always loved how happy and bright it was. To me it signalled summer and sunshine. Also, my favourite song ever is "Yellow" by Coldplay. A song that has been in my life for nearly a decade (maybe even more.. oh god I'm old) and still has meaning to me.  So all this love for yellow but I'm scared to wear it... Interesting.

What do you guys think of yellow? How would you style a simple yellow tank? I need ideas peeps.

There's a lack of colour here.

American Eagle skinnies; Forever 21 tank; Winners cardigan; Payless wedges

The only colour in this entire look is coming from my cork soles, pink toenails and rose-gold watch. And I kinda like it. As much as this spring is all about colour, I do like the classic blank-and-white outfit every once in a while. Also, I'm so glad I've found some great ways to pull off these white pants at work. I always feel like white attracts attention and while I'm at work I want to tone that down as much as I can. Paired with black, it's a much more neutral look that doesn't scream "look at me!"

Does anyone else feel this way about white pants? Am I just crazy?

Also, you rock if you know what song inspired my post title.

Green tops and Instagram.

Forever 21 top & necklace; American Eagle pants; Payless wedges; Suzy Shier sunnies

Guys. On Saturday I learned how to properly use Instagram.

I mean, I've always been able to take pictures, choose a filter, and post it/link it to my Twitter. But I never knew you could, *gasp*, follow people. Oh my gosh. I just learned how to do it. And now I'm following many of you. If I'm not following you, let me know and I will. What can I say, I like to stalk peek into in other peoples' lives.

And now you can stalk be part of my life too! My handle is itsmekelly and I like to post pictures of food, what I'm wearing and my pets. Real interesting stuff, I promise ;) ...Honestly, as if I needed another reason to be addicted to my iPhone.

On a side note, I love green. This is one of the only green things I have in my wardrobe aside from my green pants. It's such an awesome colour for summer.

Ode to chocolate.

Joe Fresh cardigan; American Eagle jeans and tank; Forever 21 flats

This is totally and completely aside from fashion, but I have a confession to make.

I am in love with chocolate. 

I have always been in love with chocolate since before I can remember. My first few steps ever, as I'm told, were for a Mars bar (side note: I now dislike Mars bars... interesting.) I love milk chocolate, but recently I have developed an appreciation for darker chocolate. There's something so satisfying about the richness in it.  I also love chocolate with other flavours - mint and orange are my favourite pairings. Christmas time bring some of my favourite treats such as Terry's chocolate oranges and After Eights. But aside from those flavours, I love almonds with chocolate, peanuts with chocolate, and even the mixture of white chocolate and milk chocolate.

It's too bad that trying to be healthy does not allow for a lot of indulgences, but chocolate is one of those things I won't be giving up.

Is there any food that you could never ever give up?

Summer uniform.

H&M tank; American Eagle jeans and corset bra; Forever 21 sandals; Dynamite sunnies

I hope to be wearing a version of this outfit all summer long. To me it screams beach, heat, and relaxation.

Oh, and those pants I asked for your opinion about on Facebook and Twitter? Well, these are them. I took the plunge last weekend and went to my nearest American Eagle store. They had a 30%-off sale for the Victoria Day long weekend and I took full advantage in buying these pants. Heck-freaking-yes.

And I'm so glad I did. I am in pants loooooveeeeeeee. Seriously, I think it's the real deal. Don't tell my other pants, though. I don't want them getting jealous.

But I'm now on a self-imposed shopping ban. For two months. No, a month. Well, it should be two months, but I probably won't last that long. You know what they say, your goals should be realistic.  So you all have permission to virtually smack me if I come on here talking about a new purchase until the end of June. Yep. All the way until the end of June...

Why are shopping-bans so difficult again?

Blue shirt + red sunburn.

Dynamite shirt; Forever 21 bet and pants; H&M shoes

I've got a fluff on my leg. It's actually a fluff - I just picked it off after seeing it turn up in those photos. I wonder how long it's been stuck to my leg...

Just another simple outfit that I wore to work. My sunburn is killer so I had to wear a soft, light-weight top just to avoid any crazy friction. Even with the top done-up almost to my neck, I still got comments from my co-workers about my "pink chest".  The worst part? I'm the idiot who completely forgot to sunscreen her chest. I got everything else, including my feet and ears, but I forget my chest. One of the most visible parts of my body. Awesome. Five stars for me! Maybe I should buy that purple sunscreen that shows you where you put it on and where you didn't...Did any of you guys have that?

This is what the sunburn looked like a day after I got it. I swear it's continued to get worse...

Wear sunscreen, kids! And don't forget anything!

Puppy print.

Old Navy top; American Eagle jeans; Spring shoes; F21 necklace; Fossil watch

I bought this puppy-printed shirt ages ago, but for some reason I never got around to putting it on. I think I was subconsciously waiting for warmer temperatures before pulling it out of my closet. Since we've had great weather lately, it was time to make its debut.

These shoes are new too. They were found on my trip to Montreal, but they didn't have my size and then I had to order them.  They finally came last week. They're a tiny bit too small, so they're annoyingly painful right now, but I'm breaking them in. Soon they'll be the perfect size.  Though probably not until my feet die a few more times...Beauty is pain.

A weekend re-cap.

It's the Victoria Day long weekend here in the Great White North. We've been experiencing some amazingly warm temperatures in the area, which has led to an awesome weekend. Today's a holiday, which means I'm on "vacation", so I'm not going to write anymore than this. Instead, I'll leave you with some photos of my weekend. 

Classic car photo.

Costco bananas. Even they're HUGE.

My kitty sleeping. She looks like a bean.

Enjoying the sun.

The bffs. Love these ladies.

My version of paradise.

Holy yummy. It's the tropics in a glass.

Have a wonderful Monday! See ya tomorrow :)


H&M top and pants; Forever 21 shoes; Suzy Shier sunglasses

Neon. Oh how you draw so very much attention. And somehow you can brighten up a room with your very presence. Honestly, this shirt reflects light like no other - it's highlighter pink!  I picture myself wearing this at the beach in the warmer weather, but for now I pair it with cropped pants.

The other day Joe Fresh posted the following question on Facebook: "what trend do you hope will never come back?" The answers ranged but I'm wearing three of the most popular right now: high waisted pants, neon and capris. And I love them! So take that, trend haters.

However, I do have my fair share of trends that I hope never come back: mom jeans (the really ugly high-waisted, straight-legged, sorta-baggy grossness), uggs (I know they're still "in" but I wish they would go away), and flatforms (currently taking off, but I just really don't like them. At all).

Are there any trends that YOU hope never come back in style?  Are they in style and you just don't like them? Please share your thoughts :)

White and blue.

Tommy Hilfiger top; American Eagle pants; Aldo shoes; Joe Fresh belt

There's something so classic about pairing white pants with a blue button-up shirt. To add some more colour, I styled it with a pink belt. I think the look turned out a little nautical in the end, ant it was perfect for spring!

As I had mentioned before, our weather has been going through a warm spell. As much as I don't want to have to throw on another jacket, I really don't want to get rid of my pants just yet. I still have so many ways I'd like to style these white babies, along with my green and red ones. I'm not ready for shorts-weather... That can come next month :) 

Blogger Spotlight: Joanne of Fabulously Average

It's that time of the month again! You know, the one where I introduce you all to some of my favourite and most fabulous bloggers.

Today we've got Joanne of Fabulously Average guest-posting for us! First of all, she's awesome. Her style is unique and so versatile; she definitely embodies the word "fabulous". She embraces trends with confidence and adds her own touch of flare to every single outfit she styles. This is why she's one of my favourites. I hope you enjoy her kick-ass post on chambray!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Chambray Everyday

Well hello there Enter Kelly readers! I’m Joanne, the voice behind the life and personal style blog Fabulously Average, and I’m ecstatic to be blogging for Miss Kelly today. I’m a huge fan of her style and couldn’t be more honored to be here today, virtually of course. Although it would be kind of cool to head north and actually meet Kelly in all her Canadian glory!

Speaking of ye ol’ stylish Canadian, there’s something about chambray that screams Canada to me. I don’t know if it’s the whole Canadian tuxedo thing but chambray tops are all the rage right now. I personally consider them the new white tee, as they can be styled with just about anything; from leather to neon, stripes and florals, even their colored denim counterparts. It’s timeless and absolutely a wardrobe must-have. I’m a big fan of the versatility that chambray shirts offers and would definitely suggest that you grab yourself a couple, if you don’t already own at least one.

Thanks Kelly, for inviting me to guest post today! I hope everyone enjoyed my post. Feel free to stop by FabAve to browse around and say hi.
xo Joanne
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

See? Like I said - versatile. Look at all the ways she styled chambray! Gah, I must get my hands on a chambray button-up ASAP!