Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Whether you celebrated over the weekend, planned something for tonight, or have decided to watch movies instead, I hope you eat your weight in candy. Mostly because then I won't feel so bad. :)

I didn't get a great shot of my costume... Camera's just don't come out much when I'm around friends. I was a lumberjill (duh, the girl version), which wasn't all that exciting. It was a cheap and accessible costume that only involved buying a pair of suspenders and an axe (which was on clearance, scoooore!).

What was/is your costume for Halloween? 

This is a fall outfit.

H&M sweater; Walmart tights; Forever 21 belt and necklace; Payless boots

This is a fall outfit. Just in case you didn't know already.
Sweater dresses are my favourite. I need more.
Please ignore the wrinkles, I didn't realize how noticeable the were... Stayin' classy!
My belt and boots match - this was not planned.
My necklace kept hitting by belt when I walked. It was distracting.
I don't know why, but I don't feel like writing full paragraphs today. Apparently yesterday too.
All the Sandy coverage last night was a little scary. Hope everyone stayed safe last night!


Forever 21 cardigan; Dynamite top; American Eagle pants; Old Navy scarf; Giant Tiger moccasins

It's Monday. That sucks.

You know what doesn't suck? Polka-dots, mustard yellow and green together.

This outfit is bringing a little happiness to my sucky Monday. Anything helping you get through yours?


Dynamite jacket and leggings; Costco plaid top; Call it spring boots

Kelly's arguments for wearing leggings as pants: 

1) No need for a belt that fluctuates from being "too tight" to "not tight enough" all in a day... or is that just me?

2) Maximum stretch so your legs don't feel like they're suffocating. Maybe I just need to go up a pant size?

3) Ultimate comfort in ALL activities- in particular, movie watching, couch surfing, napping... All the best things to do in life.

4) In the winter when it gets cold, leggings fit well under snowpants... I admit, this is hardly an argument, but go with it.

5) If you gain a few pounds, your leggings will still love you. Unlike those jeans that decide they're too good for you, and won't let you wear them.

Do you wear leggings as pants, or are they a fashion no-no in your books?


Forever 21 cardigan, button-down and necklace; Dynamite slacks; Le Chateau shoes

Not the condiment, but the colour. Here's another work-style outfit, but this one features my new mustard cardigan.

Now I don't know about you, but it's hard to shop for "cheap" sweaters. Most materials irritate my skin, so I have to be really picky about what blends I buy. Somehow this 100% acrylic sweater (which is usually super itchy) is the softest thing in the world. Surprisingly, it doesn't irritate me at all. So on top of being an awesome colour, it's so cozy and soft! Does anyone else find it hard to shop for sweaters for the same reason?

I just want the weekend to get here now. I'm excited to go to a Halloween party on Saturday. Last year I remember being cooped up in my apartment for my "month from hell" of homework during my last semester of University. I didn't get to celebrate Halloween or my birthday. This year, however, I'm making sure both are celebrated to the greatest extent possible. Woohoo for great friends and parties :)


Joe Fresh chambray top; American Eagle pants; Payless boots

Dunno 'bout you, but I feel like I'm about to jump on a horse in this outfit. The whole "riding" vibe with my fave boots, tanned pants and chambray top is getting to me.

True story, I've never been on a horse. Actually, that's not a true story. One time when I was three or four I rode a pony. I have pictures to prove to myself that I did it. Since then, I haven't been on a horse or even near a horse. They're massive and scare me a little bit. I mean, I don't think they're going to try to kill me or anything, but if that thing falls over and I'm under it, I'm done.

Even still, I think horseback riding would be kind of neat. My friend and I have mentioned going for fun, but nothing has come out of it. Maybe we'll have to seriously look into it so I can have a reason to wear my "equestrian" outfit ;)

Running errands in comfort.

Devoted (via Zellers) top; Calvin Klein cords; Converse shoes; Old Navy scarf

I call this one "I really don't want to take outfit photos but must drag myself outside to do so". It's tiring doing all your pictures on the weekend. After about three rounds I'm just too lazy to change again. I push it off to Sunday and by then I just don't care enough to add much interest to the outfit. Hence the black and white theme. I went for comfort and simplicity while running errands in town.

I found an axe for my halloween costume though! I was on a hunt for that and suspenders. I found some great suspenders at Giant Tiger for $9 (I expected cheaper, to be honest). Then my last stop, a new party store that opened up, had a "bloody axe" on sale for $9. Sweet - an $18 costume, since I own everything else. Can't guess what I am yet? Well, you'll have to wait and see. But be forewarned, it's really not that exciting...

Are you doing anything for halloween?


Old Navy turtleneck; Forever 21 pencil skirt and belt; Dynamite scarf; H&M tights; ALDO oxfords

This outfit was a winner at the office. It's so funny how a skirt can transform your look. So many people commented on how "professional" I looked. Funny how that wasn't exactly the look I was going for, but I guess it worked its way in.  I'll take "professional" any day at the office!

Also I'm wearing a turtleneck! I can't believe it's getting cold enough to wear these kinds of things... And tights with skirts? They're a must now. Probably for the next 7 months. Awesome, now I'm depressed. Us bloggers wish and hope for fall during the warm months, but once it comes and the prettiness goes away (yeah, pretty leaves are mostly on the ground now), I wish for summer. And I'll be wishing for summer until it comes again. In another 8 months. Great, I have depressed myself once more.

Happy Monday!

I'm everywhere.

Dynamite jacket; Forever 21 skirt & sweater; H&M tights; Call it Spring boots

It's the weekend tomorrow, so I don't feel like writing anything smart. Somehow that makes sense in my head. Instead, I'm going to remind you of all the cool places you can find me. Or stalk me. Take your pick.

Twitter: @enterkelly. Sometimes I say smart things, or funny things, or dumb things. Would you like to follow along with my thoughts? It'll be like you're in my head.

Instagram: @itsmekelly. Sometimes I take pictures of cool things, perhaps you'd agree. Mostly these cool things include the pup, food and clothes. Insightful, I know.

Facebook: Enter Kelly. Mostly 'cause everyone else is doing it. But also because my IRL friends prefer Facebook click-through links. So there's that.

Bloglovin': Enter Kelly. In case you hate GFC or Twitter or FB or all of the above, you can follow me there!

Pinterest: Enter Kelly. I'm addicted to Pinterest and always looking for new and cool pinning-buddies. You up for the challenge? Just be warned, I'm an expert pinner.

See guys, I'm literally everywhere. 
In a totally non-creepy way. 

What's your favourite place? And by place I mean social media outlet ;)

Thrifting sweaters and falling for boots.

Thrifted sweater; Dynamite pants; Call it Spring boots; Fossil watch

Oh my gosh, so many new things in one post!

First of all, this awesome and super cozy knit sweater was thrifted! I never ever go thrifting 'cause I have very bad thrift-luck, but the other day I snatched up this beauty. Thank god I did because it's quickly becoming a favourite!

Secondly, I'm wearing an all-black outfit. Whaaa? I never ever wear all black, but I'm diggin' this look right now. Maybe it's the cooler weather? Who knows. But it feels good to switch things up.

Lastly, new boots. Wooohoo! I have had a mega crush on the Western trend, but I am picky. I wanted the silhouette of the boot, but nothing that screamed Western. And because I'm a huge fan of the "moto"/"rocker"/"tough" trend (whatever you want to call it), I adore buckles. These boots merged the best of both worlds. Win-win, right?

What to wear: Work-out.

With so many pretty colours and cuts, workout clothes are one of my favourite things to shop for these days. Even better, it IS possible to get some awesome gear for very affordable prices. 

Five of my personal tips for buying work-out gear: 

1. You don't need to shop at Lululemon to get good workout gear. I don't own once piece from that store and I hope I never do. Not that I don't like their stuff, just that I don't ever want to have to pay that kind of money for something I'm going to sweat in. I buy my workout gear from Old Navy (pictured) and Costco. Costco (Canada) seriously has the best "yoga" pants for $19. You can't go wrong for that price. Walmart also carries some pretty affordable stuff, but I can't attest to the quality because I haven't tried it before.

2. When buying an athletic shoe, consider what you're using it for. For me, it was best to go somewhere like Sports Experts, where the "expert" could find the right shoe for me. Turns out I have high arches, something I didn't know, so he recommended shoes that would provide adequate support.  In my opinion, this is something you don't want to cheap out on.

3. Another thing you don't want to go cheap on is a bra. If you need the support, make sure you get it. Your girls will thank you later. Fact: They will throw you a nice dinner and everything.

4. I prefer tanks over t-shirts for working out. Getting sweaty is all part of it, and t-shirts have more surface area = more sticking to you. And making you feel sweatier. Plus, some tanks have built-in bras and can give you more support. Double win!

5. Get yourself multiple styles of bottoms. Capris are nice because they let your legs breathe a bit, especially if you're doing a more intense workout. Pants are great if you get cold easily (me). Shorts are great for runs in the summer, or if you really want breathability.

Do you have any tips for work-out clothing? I'd love to hear 'em!

My favourite place.

Joe Fresh sweater; The Bay button-down (men's); American Eagle jegging; Walmart boots; H&M socks; Old Navy scarf

Everyone's got a favourite place. A place that speaks to them. 
A place where they can go to get away from it all; where they can clear their head.

This is my place. 

I can walk around back here for hours just listening to my music. 
It is a little discomforting going deep into the woods since there have been bear sightings in the neighbourhood over the summer. You never really know if you're going to come across something, so I stick to the main path.

Aside from that, there's nothing that I love more than the sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet. 
And the feeling of fresh air on my face.
Or the rays of sun peeking through the trees, warming my skin.

A part of me can't wait until the snow falls, because then this place becomes a winter wonderland. 

Do you have a favourite place?

Bad girls.

Dynamite jacket and top; American Eagle jeans; Walmart boots; Castellammare necklace

If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE any outfit that screams bad-ass. I'm totally the opposite of a "bad girl", but it's really fun to dress like I mean business. C'mon, you mean you're not scared of me in my ripped jeans, (faux) leather jacket and moto boots? I can be pretty intimidating sometimes ;)

I have been thinking of switching to the Disqus commenting system. I talked about this long ago, and implemented it temporarily, but then disabled it (I can't remember why). I feel like it might be easier for people to comment and maybe (just maybe) I'll get a little less spam than I've been getting. Has anyone had any problems with Disqus? Is it a good idea? Your advice is very much appreciated :)

The joys of shopping.

American Eagle sweater; Old Navy gingham; Winners pants; Giant Tiger moccasins

I have officially finished my 1-month shopping ban. I went to the mall with a friend yesterday to celebrate, with the intention of bulking up some of my fall wardrobe. I've had the whole month to think about pieces I really wanted, and not just kinda wanted. I had a few ideas in mind.

Then I got to the mall.

And only returned with a pair of boots.

At least the boots were on my list, but there were a few other things I was looking for that I just couldn't find. Fur vest? Didn't have my size. Cream coloured blouse? Too expensive. Big cable-knit cream coloured sweater? Didn't exist.

Why is it that when I can spend the money, I can't find what I'm looking for? Oh, at least I was able to pick up some insoles... I had needed those for a long time now. whoop-dee-doo......