Monday blues.

Gap cardigan & top; American Eagle jeans; Walmart moccasins

...because there's lots of blue in this outfit.
What a real knee-slapper! Am I right?
Note to self: Don't write blog posts at 5:30 am. You tell bad jokes.

Happy Monday everyone!

Unfashionable Ottawa? Think again.

Anyone who still says Ottawa is an unfashionable city should bite their tongue. Over the last few years, Rideau Centre became home to Zara and Forever 21 for fast, trendy fashion. As Bayshore shopping centre introduces Ottawa's first H&M store this October, Rideau Centre fights back again- claiming the title of "Ottawa's premier shopping destination"- with a redevelopment plan of their own. Thirty-four months and $360 Million later, downtown Ottawa's shopping hot-spot will get an enormous face-lift.

Cindy VanBuskirk, General Manager for Rideau Centre, introduces the re-development plan.

What do we already know? Nordstrom is coming. This was big news, but now it's old news. Yesterday, Rideau Centre announced they'll soon be home to some new players in Ottawa retail: Victoria's Secret, Simons and even... J.Crew. Yes ladies, you heard that right. J. Freaking. Crew. (planned opening Oct 2014).

Now you tell me- what are we missing? Anything? My shopping needs will be completely satisfied. I won't need to travel to Montreal or Toronto to take advantage of the great shopping. Soon I'll have it just steps away from my front door. Are you just as excited as I am? Well you should be.
This is a good change for Rideau Centre and for Ottawa shopping.

Now for some pictures of Rideau Centre's Project Preview Reception, where they announced the massive redevelopment:
With Grace of 613style
With some of Ottawa's most fashionable! Emily of Tinfoil Tiaras & Lauren of A 5'3 Perspective


It's not just for burgers and hot dogs.
It's also for wearing.
Not real mustard, obvs...
But seriously, anyone who doesn't have a mustard-coloured something in their closet is styling wrong.
I hated this colour up until last year when I took the plunge with a cardigan (different than this one.. yeah I have two...)
But I've fallen in love with it. It's so completely fall, and reminds me of the changing leaves.
Speaking of which, there are too many leaves on the ground already and it's not even October. What gives?!


FALL: Style.

Gap jeans; Old Navy tank; Call it Spring scarf; Walmart shoes; Castellammare jewellery

Comfy sweater? Check.
Moccasins? Check.
Big scarf? Check.

Cooler weather, bring it on.

FALL: Food favourites.

This weekend was the first true fall weekend of the year- a full day of rain Saturday, and it was so cold you needed gloves on Sunday. I turned to food for comfort...

For dinner, I enjoyed this recipe of Sweet Potato Fries. They came out pretty dark so next time I'll reduce the cooking time a little bit before flipping them over.
I also prepared a garlic veggie/pasta dish with carrots and zucchini, which is pretty classic comfort food for me.
For dessert, I baked this Pumpkin loaf that I found on Pinterest.  I couldn't use a loaf pan because I didn't have one, so it's more like a cake... But it's pretty freakin' awesome. Perfect for accompanying my pumpkin chai tea from David's tea (my absolute favourite tea right now).

Like I said, fall is in the air. And I can't help but enjoy all the comfort food coming my way.
What food makes you think of fall?

Sharing my favourite jewellery.

I'm doing a little guest posting over here today. 
Come see me talk about my favourite jewellery pieces!


Dex top (via The Bay); Talula leggings (via Aritzia); Target wedges

These leggings make me feel like I have clouds on my legs.

But seriously, the weather? What is UP? We're probably 30 degrees tomorrow in Ottawa again, while the mornings have been about 5 degrees. UM HELLO. What am I supposed to wear that transitions 25 degrees in 12 hours?! :JGOIEWJLFKWEFMWE:JF

It's beyond frustrating to get dressed for work sometimes.
Sheesh, I guess there could be worse things.

Shooting indoors.

Sorry guys. I hate to do this. I think indoor photos will appear occasionally on the blog...
I know it's not the best for outfits, but it'll do temporarily (and by temporarily I mean throughout the fall/winter).
But you know the great thing about it?
You can learn more about me!

Take for instance... did you know I rollerblade? Well I do! Not very well, but I do it anyway!
And I shop at Aldo. Shocked?
And I have a yoga mat I used on the weekend to do yoga/pilates where I proceeded to fall down halfway through and not get up.
That happened.

So... what was I saying about my outfit?

My career as a model.

I really should make a career out of being a neck, arm and ear model. What do you guys think?

 So? Think I could make it as a neck/arm/ear model???

Just kidding. I'm not planning to quit my day job JUST yet.

Scarves and lightning bolts.

Aerie top; American Eagle scarf; Talula leggings (via Aritzia); Payless shoe; Castellammare earrings

Ohhh gooddddd I love scarves.
And the lightning bolts in my ears.
Reminding me of Harry Potter.
Speaking of Harry Potter, I may have just decided what I'm doing this weekend.
HP Marathon... Do I have enough stamina?

Back to blue classics.

Gap jeans; American Eagle chambray top; Call it Spring sandals

Not gunna lie, Gap's whole "Back to Blue" campaign is perfect timing for fall. Taking out my denim has me falling in love all over again. I've hit up Gap a couple of times recently for jeans and found two pairs that belong in my closet. When you find a great pair of denim, you can't let it get away.

So naturally, I am pairing my new jeans with classic chambray. I'm glad I can still pull this look off without it being tacky.
Maybe in 5 years, but not today.

Note: I was not compensated by Gap in any way to write this post. I just love their jeans and the campaign is super fitting  (har har har) for how I feel about them. 

Notebooks and diaries.

It belongs to me. My thoughts, my feelings, my words. 

Over the weekend I bought a dual-pack of notebooks. I figured one could be used for everyday things - little reminders, grocery lists, to-do lists, etc. The second, however, will become a diary of sorts. I have always loved the idea of the "line a day" diaries, where you write one sentence daily. I think this notebook will be a mix of that, thoughts, inspirations and things that make me feel.

Do you keep a notebook or diary of sorts?

Wandering outfit.

American Eagle chambray; H&M tank; Talula leggings (via Aritzia); Call it Spring sandals

Oh Sudbury, you have lots of rocks. And stuff. This is my "wandering outfit" that I made sure to wear when we wandered the city.
Appropriate, no?

Also, my friends like to photobomb. Sorry.

Booed by a bouncer.

Talula blazer & leggings (via Aritzia); H&M tank; Material girls wedges

I wore this outfit probably a month ago (shhh) with a couple of girlfriends. The best late-evening appetizers outfit. Not so great for dancing later. None of us were prepared to go out dancing. As we passed a bar on our way home, a bouncer called out to us to join the only two men in the bar on the dance floor. We turned the offer down, and then got booed. For serious. Booed by a bouncer.

I still blame the outfit. It wasn't meant for dancing.

My Long Weekend.

This weekend I went to Sudbury with a couple friends to visit our bff who's doing her Masters there. It was the perfect little trip to spiritually mark the end of summer. Although we have another ~20 days to go, September first always feels like fall to me. 

I did some shopping, of course.
I climbed a rock. There are lots of rocks in Sudbury...
I touched the Big Nickel! TOUCHED it!
We made a dinosaur friend.

Hope you had a wonderful long weekend doing whatever you were doing!

Do you feel fall in the air where you are?

Cat prints.

H&M top and belt; Payless shoes
Castellammare necklace, earrings; Fossil watch

Got back from my Sudbury vacation last night - pictures to come shortly!

I Instagrammed this outfit a few weeks ago. I loved the mixed leopard print in the flats and the top.
Then my kitty came around and I figured I could add a "third" cat-print to the outfit.. har har har.

But no, seriously, isn't she the cutest?