Day 1: Oatmeal anyone?

Good evening ladies and gents!

Welcome to day 1 of 30 for 30.  Oatmeal anyone?
Shirt: F21
Jeans: F21
Boots: Spring
Necklace: Smart Set (old..)

This is my first outfit... YAY!  I do realize it's not extremely creative, so why did I combine these pieces?
A) It was comfortable, and I was supposed to be at the school for 7 hours (ew), so I needed comfort today.
B) I woke up to a blizzard. That's right, a blizzard. (p.s. I did not forsee this blizzard.  The weatherman lied, and when I woke up, I was quite upset)
C) I love this top.  It's too bad my camera isn't any better, and can't pick out the specific detailing.  It's oatmeal-y, but its a blended knit of a lighter and darker beige, with an awesome pocket. Fell in love at first sight!

For tomorrow, the weatherman is predicting sunshine. Please don't lie this time, weatherman.

p.s. I'm playing around with picture locations. It's hard to get a good spot in my house, and outside it's frigging cold and snowy...I do realize the carpet is orange, and that is quite unfortunate, but we didn't get to pick our carpet colour in this unit. I will try to keep carpet exposure to a minimum.

My lucky 30!

These lucky babies will be getting all the attention over the next 30 days!

More specifically...

4 Shirts: F21, Zellers, AE, Costa Blanca
6 Sweaters: Gap, Gap, Joe Fresh, Costco, Joe Fresh, F21 (Poncho)

2 Button-Ups: F21, Old Navy
6 Tanks: H&M, Costa Blanca, Old Navy, SmartSet, Urban Behaviour, from my Danish Cousin Line Andree.
2 Misc: F21 (jumpsuit), American Apparel (Le sac dress)

5 bottoms: AE, F21, F21, Dynamite, F21 (skirt)
5 shoes: Spring, Sirens (top), Spring (bottom), Aldo (top), Spring (bottom)

This was difficult.  It's still cold and snowy in Canada, but over the past few years, spring has come super early.  It IS possible that I will cheat with my footwear if spring doesn't come... I'm warning you!

Anyways! Start date: Monday, Feb 28 with an End date of.....March 29. Will I make it?

30 for 30 challenge

This is partly my inspiration for this blog. 

I have such a large wardrobe, and I need to curb my shopping 'addiction'.  To keep myself on track with this goal, I am planning to take part in the 30 for 30 challenge (taken by many other bloggers). 

The idea is to take 30 pieces, and make 30 outfits by combining each piece in different ways.  The only articles of clothing I won't include in my 30 pieces are jackets (it's Canada, people. It's still -10 here. In a month it might be +20), and underwear (of course).

I figure by writing about it, I'll be motivated to keep going when it gets rough...

Time to go pick out my 30 articles. Wish me luck!


First Post!

Dear (future) fellow readers,

So I caved, like many others, and have joined the blog world. 

My name is Kelly, I'm 21 and I. am. Canadian (said like the Molson ads). Sometimes it's great (free healthcare! Yeah!) but sometimes it really blows (winter never ends).  I'm a student, living in an apartment in dowtown Ottawa with my boyfriend and second cousin. It's always fun times - be jealous.

I have no strict plans for this blog.  I plan to include anything from fashion, to beauty, to my life.  But most importantly, I want to have fun while I'm at it. 

Let's see if I can keep up...