Wednesday's Work Style: Rompers to Work

I haven't worn my rompers enough this year!  I can't wear most of them to work, except this one. Dressed down, with a cardigan and minimal accessories, it's great for the office. 

Romper and Belt from F21; Cardigan from Gap; Shoes from Globo

I'm on vacation this week, but I've still got a some work-wear outfits that I'd like to post. There will definitely be one next week as well :)

My boyfriend hasn't been taking my photos for a really long time, because our schedules totally changed towards the end of the summer. I've had to prop my camera on ledges, dumpsters, and window sills to take photos. Needless to say, I don't always get the best angle. Eventually I'd like to get a tripod, but I'd also like to get a better camera (every post reminds me of this fact).

Hope you are all enjoying your week, and happy hump day!

A few photos from the weekend.

I had a great time this weekend. Saturday was my best friend's bachelorette party, and on Sunday it was her bridal shower! I got to spend a  great deal of great time with awesome friends :)

High Tea at the Chateau Laurier, two of the three bridesmaids

The bride-to-be found someone to serenade her :)

Two of the three bridesmaids, and the bride!

Opening her gifts at the shower!

I didn't get too many photos at the shower because I suck, but the food was wonderful, the company was great, and she definitely got an awesome gift haul!

Next step, the wedding!!!

Confetti shirt

The pattern on this shirt reminds me of confetti..

Shirt and Pants from Dynamite; Shoes from F21; Purse was thrifted

I don't have any other printed shirts, so this is a unique piece for my wardrobe.  It's pretty summery, but I think I can get some great wear from it into the fall with a blazer or cardigan. Best part? It was $12 on clearance! Yay!!!

As I've mentioned, this week is my "vacation". I plan to spend time at home with family, and then I'll be travelling to a nearby city to visit the boyfriend's family. I'll be sure to take photos on our mini-trip so that I can share them with you guys! I'm sure there will be quite a few. :) Hope everyone was safe an okay for the hurricane. It's coming up to Ottawa today and all we're getting is a little bit of rain. Good thing.

Who likes short (red) shorts?

Me! These shorts are wicked awesome. Although I wish they were a little longer, they still get my stamp of approval for being such a great colour.

Shirt and belt from Old Navy, Shorts, Sunglasses and Wedges from F21

This shirt has become a favourite in my closet. It's so unbelievably comfortable and breezy, even in super hot weather! I wore this outfit to my little bro's soccer tournament last weekend. They made it to the semi-finals, but lost against a crazy-good team :( Oh well, it was fun to watch! It definitely makes me wish that I still played soccer... Maybe next summer I'll need to find a league.

This weekend I've got a whole long list of things to do! On Saturday I've got my best friend's bachelorette party that I helped organize, and on Sunday it's her bridal shower. Jam-packed weekend, I tell ya. The next week? I'm finally on vacation!!!

Wednesday's Work Style: Fun Prints

When I matched this printed shirt with this cardigan, I was so impressed with myself! The picture quality isn't a good indicator of how awesome the colours looked together, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Shirt and skirt from Dynamite; Cardigan from Joe Fresh; Shoes from Spring

Finally I found a great printed shirt! I love the cut of it, but you can't really see it in these pictures.  I'll definitely be remixing it with a pair of jeans, so soon you'll get to see how awesome it really is!

I can't believe I'll be finished my internship in two days. It's crazy how fast time flies.  Next is my final semester of university, and I'll be looking for a full time career job before I know it.

Where does the time go these days?

When it's obvious you own a cheap camera

You get a glare on all of the white articles of clothing that you try to photograph. Woohoo. You might need sunglasses for this post, because I'm not sure how to photoshop the intense reflection of light (please, if you know, take pity on me and tell me how!):

Shirt from F21; Jeans from Gap; Shoes from Urban Behaviour

Some awesome things about this look:
a) The shoes that I'm wearing, and unfortunately that you cannot see, were only $5. Yay!! They remind me of a pair of wooden clog heels that my grandma used to own. My cousin and I used to play dress up in them all the time.  I gotta admit, that's the main reason why I bought them.

b) Yay for fishtail braids!Finally I decided to try it out, and I can actually do it! It's unfortunate I've got some really short layers, so they tend to fall out, even when I pull it tightly :( But oh well, it's fun for the half-hour that it lasts.

c) These jeans. Are awesome. Period.

Today I'm out with the girls looking for bridesmaid shoes. We were intending to buy "nude" or "bone" shades, but summer fashion has come and gone, and has taken the nude shoes with it.  All we're left with is this camel colour, which isn't really what we wanted. Wish us luck!!!

Fall Favourites

Though I'm not entirely ready for fall, I gotta admit, there are a few things that I'm looking to add to my wardrobe this coming season.  Though I probably don't have enough money for all this stuff, some might be appearing in my wardrobe soon ... We'll just have to see!

1. Blouse: Dynamite
2. 3/4 sleeve blazer: Forever 21
3. Chunky sweater: American Eagle
4. Pleated Skirt: Ruche
5. Boots: Spring
6. Twill flared pants: Dynamite

The colour pallet here is different for me. Camel has never been big in my wardrobe, but here are some pants and a skirt that I love! And this blue? Last time I had anything this colour was back in grade 4 when I had neon blue flared pants. Come to think of it, those would maybe probably be fashionable today if they still fit!

I also love the juxtaposition of some of these items, like the combat style boots and the pleated skirt. I think having such opposite pieces keeps the wardrobe a little more interesting.

What trends/favourites are on your list for fall??

Apparently I was a little confused

My last post went up on Tuesday, although I definitely thought it was Wednesday. Talk about major confusion, I didn't even clue into the mistake until the next morning! And nobody even said a thing... But today is Thursday. That's right, Thursday. And I double checked just to make sure I was right. Although, I would much rather it be Friday... Wouldn't you?

Cardigan from Joe Fresh; Shirt from F21; Jeans from American Eagle; Shoes from Aldo

We went to the movies the other day, which inspired the outfit choice.  It's always so cold in the theatre, and I prepared well with these jeans and this cardigan. It kept me warm the entire way through Horrible Bosses. Great movie, by the way. I thought it was absolutely hilarious!

I haven't got much to say really, so I'll leave it at this.  Hope everyone's had a great day, and have a great weekend! And welcome to the new followers :) I love all of your sweet comments, they truly make my day. Honest :)

My take on the DIY Kimono Sundress... and Wednesday's Work Style

Today is going to be a double-feature!

First off, it's Wednesday, and I wore this outfit to work. So this is classified as a Wednesday's Work Style post. BUT! The even better part about this post is that I made this dress. Yes. Don't look too closely, you can see all the little imperfections, but for my first article of clothing, I think I did a pretty good job. You know how I know I did a good job? I even got a few compliments on the dress, before anyone knew it was my creation :)

Of course, I did follow another lovely blogger's DIY, which ended up being SUPER simple. So I can't take all the credit. But my dress does look a little different because: a) my material was a bit stretchier than hers, so my dress ended up falling a little differently; b) I decided not to add a belt made of the same material; and c) I cuffed the sleeves to give it a relaxed look (and fix the tiny imperfections...).

Dress: DIY; Blazer from Costco; Shoes from Aldo; Mom's old belt

Head on over to Freckles in April and check out her Kimono dress DIY. I'm sure you'll fall in love with it just like I did. If you do decide to tackle this dress, I would love to see your creation!

A little nautical.

When I wore this outfit, I definitely got the "you look so nautical" comment! And then, I got the "ooh, bringing summer back?" comment. This made me sad, because summer is still here, and I'm so not ready for fall. Thanks for reminding me :(

Shirt from Joe Fresh, Pants from F21; Shoes from Smart Set

All afternoon I've been watching a "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" marathon.  It's definitely a guilty pleasure - so entertaining, but it IS kind of brain-mush. I do love watching it for the fashion though, it makes me want to become a millionaire and own a house-sized closet :) Not that I didn't want that before...


Thank god! I've only got two more weeks left at my placement, and I'm pretty excited. It's not that I dislike working there, it's that I really love the student life. The wake-up-when-you-want and wear-anything-you-want life :) I'm sure you know what I mean...

Shirt, maxi and sandals from F21; Belt from Joe Fresh

See, I couldn't get away with this at work. That's a huge barrier to my fashion-creativity! I think I'll continue to get some good use of this maxi throughout the fall (although I don't really want to think about fall just yet). I can just imagine pairing it with a nice, oversized sweater, or a cute button-up shirt. It was definitely a good call to turn it into a skirt though, I'm pretty happy about that decision.

Wednesday's Work Style

Work-wear colour-blocking. Not too much craziness for the office, but just enough to be a little fun :)

Sweater and necklace from F21; Shirt from Dynamite; Skirt from Ricki's; Shoes from Spring

I must admit, this outfit would have been 10x better if I had a nice yellow bag... But I don't. Unfortunately. Maybe that's my cue to hit up my DIY Pinterest board and try and recreate one of the few clutch DIYs I've got pinned. I would love to make a yellow leather clutch, just like this one, but the only problem is I don't want to spend too much. Boo money. Where the heck do I find yellow leather anyway?

Today isn't sure if it wants to rain or shine. As I look out my window, half the sky is white and blue, and the other half is grey and ominous. Make up your mind, please. I hate these in-between days. Oh, and talk about cold front! We went from feeling temperatures in the 30's (Celsius) for the last month and a half, to 22 today. I had a cardigan on, and the wind was going right through it! Let's make this clear, I am NOT ready for fall yet. The summer sun is just too great to give up.

You know... I wouldn't mind if fall and winter didn't come at all... maybe we can be summer right up until spring :)

EBEW: Mixed Patterns!

I'm a day early, but I'll be linking this post up with EBEW tomorrow for their Mixed Patterns challenge! I can't say I've ever mixed any patterns, but I felt great in this outfit all day! I would have to say that this challenge has opened my eyes to this mixing thing, and maybe I'll be doing it more often ;)

Shirt from Old Navy; Skirt from Dynamite; Sandals from F21; Belt from Costa Blanca

At first I had a different idea for mixing patterns, but the weather was wayyy too hot to wear the outfit I had intended. I guess I'll have to save it for a cooler, fall day. Instead, this wonderfully breezy shirt came to the rescue :) I've been missing my button-up shirts in this heat wave!

Like the wood pile? I was back at my parent's place this weekend. I love being there, it's so relaxing and such a nice change of pace from the city. I can actually sleep with my window open and there aren't any cars driving past! It's incredible how many little things I realize that I miss when I'm away from home...

Everybody, Everywear | Pattern Mixing

This was a hard post to create.

I'm back at my parent's place and I forgot my laptop. The computer we have here at home is terrible; it doesn't let me comment on blogs properly, and it doesn't even have a working SD drive. So I can't use it to upload photos. I asked to borrow my brother's laptop, which DOES have a working SD drive, but no photo editing software. I'm lucky Paint can re-size and crop...

Shirt from Costa Blanca; Jeans from F21; Shoes from Globo

Another one of those simple days, but I think this is one of my favourite outfits for summer. The top is so light and breezy, while the cuffed jeans let some air at my ankles. It seriously makes a big difference! I haven't worn these shoes enough either. Last post I wore them, some thought they were wedges. I think I would prefer if they were; however, they're just heels. Still fun anyways, I love the detail in the straps!

This is another totally affordable outfit. I scored this short during a closing sale for $10. The jeans? Another $12.50. Forever 21 denim is so cheap, and sometimes you score big. Like I did with these. I went minimal on the jewellery because I love the detailing on the neck of the shirt too much to take away from it.  I've got a couple of bracelets on, but you'll have to take my word for it because they're on the arm that I managed to hide in every single photo. How did I do that?! Anyways...

Today I'm heading out to pick up the bridesmaids and wedding dresses for my friend's wedding! It's crazy how close it's getting, and I can't believe she's getting married! I still feel like it's only something grown-ups do, but then I remember that we are kind of grown ups. When did that happen?

Wednesday's Work Style: Animal Print

I haven't done one of these posts in a few weeks. Want me to be honest? I just haven't really thought any outfits were very worthy. And if they were, my boyfriend wasn't around to take my picture, and I'm a huge baby who hates doing it herself. Yeah yeah, get over it Kelly.

Onto the topic for the day: Animal print at the office. It's not something you often see people wear, but I think I was able to pull it off in my office (It really depends what kind of office you work in... remember, mine's a relaxed environment).

Dress from F21; Cardigan from Gap; Shoes from Zellers; Bag off eBay

The cardigan tones down the zebra stripes, and keeps me warm in the office freezer, as I like to call it. The only free cubicle when I started was in the corner with the A/C. While all the men across the office complain about it being too warm, I get to sit and freeze all day long. Hardly seems fair.  Anyways, when I step into the sauna that is outside, I can take off the cardigan and be comfortably breezy! Just one of those outfits that works :)

And did you know I purchased this dress on clearance for $10? Come to think of it, everything I'm wearing I purchased on sale/clearance racks for under $20 a piece. Woohoo! I don't thrift very much, but I find my deals in the sales :)  And speaking of shopping, did you know I went all of July without buying a piece of clothing? That's pretty much unheard of for me. But I've got a lot of things coming up that I have to spend money on, so I'm trying to cut back a little bit. Yay for budgeting!

Another one of those days.

...where my skin just reflects the sunlight. So does my shirt:

Shirt from American Eagle; Shorts from Bluenotes; Shoes from Smart Set; Purse was gifted; Sunglasses from Dynamite

It's sort of depressing because the detailing at the top of this tank is what makes it so cute. Oh well, you'll just have to take my word for it. :)

This is one of the simplest outfits, but sometimes comfort wins. And this is a great outfit to wear in the heat. The leopard print flats are my favourite part. It's too bad they're just about totalled. The poor little shoes have been through so much and are starting to come apart. Probably because I only paid $7 for them, but they are my favourite pair of flats! I can't say good bye just yet, so I'm trying to get lots of use out of them this summer.

The long weekend is over now, and time to go back to work... Yay for a four-day work week! The weekend is just that much closer again :)