Snapshots of my Montreal weekend.

Surprisingly I didn't take too many pictures of the weekend, but here's what I did manage to capture. If you follow me on instagram or have seen Twitter recently, you've probably seen some of these: 

(1) Enjoying a glass of wine with our steak dinner. (2) Our new neon tops. (3) Incognito. (4) Swings that make music. Seriously. (5) My shopping haul. (6) Neon nails, already chipping.. (7) Chilling to my music on the trip home.

Definitely one of the best weekends in a while. I hope you guys had a great weekend too!

Not a fall outfit.

American Eagle top & jeans; F21 shirt; Smart set necklace; Spring shoes

Ahh, TGIF everyone! With the colder weather that has recently hit, I feel like I'm pulling from my winter clothes pile again. This sweater is just another example of the wonderful "spring" style I've got going on. Too bad it better reflects the fall...

I also must admit I've been a really bad blogger. I try to follow up on comments and read your blogs every night, but I've been super busy the last two days and haven't had a chance. And who knows how today's going to go. It's hit-or-miss if the bus I'll be on has wifi... If it does, I'll can play catch-up for two hours. If not, well, I'll have to find some downtime this weekend. I miss you guys and I feel totally out of the loop!

Have a great weekend everyone :) 


Old Navy top; American Eagle pants; Fossil watch; Zellers shoes

Ugh, I think I'm starting a cold again. The dry cough is back and I don't know why. In some ways I feel like my cold from a few weeks ago never fully went away. This is not fair, I just want to feel better!

I have to pack tonight for Montreal. I'm only gone for two days but I really have to consider the things I need versus the things I want to bring. Bussing with tonnes of stuff is never fun. The weatherman is calling for cool but sunny days for Saturday and Sunday...

What would you pack?  Do you have any wise packing strategies? 

Trend of the month: Florals

F21 dress, belt, necklace; Chaps (men's) top via Costco; H&M flats

This outfit was a bad idea. It's still way too cold here for bare-legs. But it's the only floral that I had, and I can't bring myself to wear tights in April. I just can't.  If you haven't noticed yet, I'm doing a link-up with Marion for her Trend of the Month challenge at Marionberry. This month it's florals. And I own no more floral than this dress...It's just never been my thing I guess?

I really don't have much to talk about today. Writer's block I guess. So I'll just state the obvious - it's Wednesday, I'm happy that the week is half over, and I may or may not be going to Montreal this weekend (friend still has to get back to me on that one). Plus it looks like we'll be seeing sun again on Saturday. This week of rain is a killer.

It's Tuesday.

Joe fresh top; American Eagle pants; Zellers shoes; Fossil watch

...I ran out of creative titles for this post.

I guess I could have added a necklace to the outfit. I debated for 5 minutes this morning and then decided against it. Looking back, it was probably a good idea. But I AM wearing heels! You can't tell but they're there! That's gotta add a little something...

I've been posting a lot of outfits that I've been wearing at work (this being one of them). I love being able to come home and just take pictures as the sun is going down. Plus it frees up my weekends from trying to jam in a tonne of outfit photos into two days! Except for this week. Today we woke up to snow and the forecast is rain until Friday. No after-work photos for me :(

Also thanks everyone for your comments on my last post. I'm not exactly "okay" but I will be soon. Just keeping my head up :)

A lesson for men.

F21 blazer; Chaps button-up via Costco (men's); American Eagle jeans; Spring shoes; Fossil watch

Dear men: If you are emotionally unavailable, please don't speak to women. If you do speak to women, at least do not try to date them. Don't ask for their number, don't take them on dates, don't play interested. Because in the end, it makes you an asshole. It's a shame men don't read this blog.

Dear women: If you are interested in a man who is emotionally unavailable, RUN AWAY. That is all.

Spring layers.

American eagle jeans, tee & plaid shirt; Gap cardigan; Payless shoes

It was a beautifully sunny day, but there was still a little chill. I've got three layers going on the top just so I didn't have to wear a jacket. Meanwhile my little brother decides he doesn't need a sweater and wears a t-shirt all day. How the heck do boys do it, honestly? It's such a mystery to me...

I wore this outfit to the fabric store to buy myself some, well, fabric to do a couple DIY projects. Two dresses to be exact.  I was full-steam ahead in one of them until I realized I didn't have the right colour thread. Since then my motivation and inspiration has passed, and I just stare at the pile of fabric wishing it would sew itself. Anyone got any ideas on how to motivate myself to finish these projects? They look really daunting to me right now...

And welcome to the new followers! Happy Friday to everyone!

Blogger Spotlight: Sharon of The Tiny Heart

Hello lovelies. Today I have someone to introduce you to. Some of you may know her already, but the rest of you MUST check her out.  Her name is Sharon and she runs her adorable blog called The Tiny Heart. Here she blogs about petite fashion (she is only 4'10", but you wouldn't even know it unless you read her bio. Or saw a picture of her with her husband...he's very tall). Anyways, Sharon is awesome and I hope you guys love her as much as I do!
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hi Enter Kelly readers! I'm Sharon and I blog over at The Tiny Heart. Big thanks to Kelly for letting me guest post for the day...I'm so honored since I'm huge fan of her blog! 

Today we're talking about brights. I used to be one of those people that mostly wore black and grey (it's the New Yorker in me). But then I started wearing bright colors, and guess what? I actually started to feel happier when I wore them. Yep, bright colors can put you in a better mood! 

Cardi-JCrew Outlet (similar), Tank-F21, (similar for $6), Skirt-Express (similar), Belt-F21, (similar), Sunnies-Macys (similar), Bag-H&M (similar), Wedges-Nordstrom (HERE)

It's a great trend for spring and I find it more office friendly than neons. I like pairing my bright colors with neutral white, as it makes the bright colors just pop and the white look fresher. Afraid of wearing too much color? Choose analogous colors (colors next to each other on the color wheel), such as blue/green, as I did here.

What's your favorite bright color combo to wear? 

From boot to skinny.

Smart set top, necklace and jacket; Old Navy pants; Aldo shoes

When I bought these pants they were boot-cut. Then I washed and dried them. They shrunk. They became these weird flood-type length and I didn't know what to do. Then I remembered Merrick (from Merrick's Art) and her brilliant refashioning tutorials.  She did this one where she re-fashioned wide-leg trousers into skinny pants.

I followed all her steps and it actually was super simple! I was able to turn these into skinnies without a problem (except if you look closely at the bottom hem, the length doesn't match.. but who will be looking at the inside of my pants hem?!). I'm pretty impressed with myself. Not going to lie. It's given a brand-new life to these pants. If you've got anything you want to turn from wide to skinny, I would advise you to follow this tutorial. It rocks.

Side note: Can you tell the weather affects what I wear?

Chambray on Denim.

American Eagle jeans; Strawberry top; H&M flats; Smart set necklace

So I got myself some boyfriend jeans. I love the slouchy look of them when they're rolled up, but they flare out a little more than I had wanted. Perhaps I'll take them to a tailor... who am I kidding? No I won't. But they are one of the comfiest pairs of jeans I own. Way to go, American Eagle. You've done it again.

Chambray on denim. Another country-inspired outfit that makes me think of warmer weather and sunshine. I just love this time of year. Seriously. It could be my favourite. :)


Dynamite blazer; F21 blouse & pants; Payless shoes

Can I let you guys in on a little secret? I felt like a matador in this outfit. You know, a bullfighter. Why? Well, the cropped blazer, the high-waisted and cropped pants, the orange-red... I don't know. Just something about this outfit made me think of one. Which is sort of crazy because now that I sit here and look at pictures of matadors, there's not much resemblance. Maybe I've just always wanted to fight bulls?

Random thoughts.

American Eagle jeans; Chaps top (via Costco); Payless shoes; Fossil watch

Heh, that sign behind me says "No Dumping"... *cue dirty thoughts and giggles*. Okay, enough of that.

'Twas a beautiful day out, thus the dancing. It was just so nice out!

I went to the gym and then came home to eat: pasta, broccoli, cheese and crackers, chocolate, cookies and chips. All within an hour of working out. There is something seriously wrong with that...

I probably should have substituted those chips and cookies with other veggies or fruits of some sort, but honestly we had none. I ate the last of the veggies in the house when I downed that broccoli. Protein would have been a good idea too... I really suck at this apparently.

I rarely wear sunglasses. Because I rarely wear contacts. Because I have an astigmatism in one eye and they dry out my eyes (I know you all care about these small details...). But today I was feeling the aviators. So I sucked it up and put in contacts.

Confession: Sometimes when I'm driving and I have my glasses on, I'll put my sunglasses over top if it's too bright. I KNOW! How awful is that? Oh well, I make sure to remove the double-glasses when I finally get OUT of the car. But yeah, all those who drive by probably get a nice little giggle at 6-eyes over there.