Belated blog birthday.

So I had a post ready to go, but then I realized - hey. It was my blog birthday a few days ago! 
And I never celebrated.
Last year I went through 10 things I had learned from blogging. 
This year, it's way too late to write a long post cause I need to go to bed, and the next 48 hours will be a whirlwind.

So here it goes.

Enter Kelly is two years old.
In two years, the blog has transformed into me
I mean, my blog has always been me, 
but I feel like it's taken this long to truly find my voice. 
What I like to talk about and how I like to talk.

When I meet people and tell them I blog, it's less scary.
I feel less uncomfortable. 
Usually I'm met with, "oh that's so cool!"
Maybe they're lying, but whatever.
At least it's not "what's a blog?"

Anyways. Here's to two awesome years writing about stuff, and many more posts to come.

Also, here's to you, fellow readers, for being just generally awesome. 
And to us getting to know each other (I think the coffee dates are going well, don't you?) and becoming friends. 
You guys rock my world. Srsly.

Much love and appreciation, Kelly. 

5 Spring Essentials.

Just my personal list of the 5 things that I really need this spring. Like, seriously need.

1. An amazing striped dress.

Stripes won't be leaving us just yet! They're sticking around for a little while longer. A big bold striped dress is the perfect way to welcome the sunshine and warmth back in your life!

I found a couple great ones from Banana Republic that are both awesome AND work appropriate: this and this.

2. Denim vest & studs.

A denim vest is spring's response to the fur vest of fall.  Good luck trying to get that faux fur to keep you cool (hint: 'aint gunna happen). The denim vest, however, makes an awesome addition to anyone's closet (just think of how great your denim jacket is and imagine it without arms)!

Plus this one is ├╝ber awesome 'cause it's got studded detail. Here's another great studded one from Forever 21. Maybe I'll pick that one up.

3. Camo... everything

The whole military style has been around for a while, but I love the more literal feel it's taking on this spring. Camo is everywhere. She's wearing a camo jacket here, but camo pants are popping up like the not-yet-flowers-of-spring.

Don't believe me? Forever 21 military jacket, GAP camo pants, Dynamite camo jegging and this H&M leopard print camo coat. Yeah, I'll be adding more camo to my closet, that's for sure.

4. Wedge sneakers

Leave it to Sydney to show us all how to perfect the sneaker wedge. Honestly, I hated these before I saw them on her. Now I'm in love. Talk about incredible influence this lady has. I'm so in love that I am ACTIVELY searching Pinterest for more inspiration on wedge sneakers. Which means I might convince myself I haaaaaave to have them.  Plus my fav shoe store, Call It Spring, has these for $60.

5. Anything with polka dots.

Just like camo and stripes, polka dots are big creepers creeping up all over the place. One day it's on a shirt and next think you know, it's on ev-er-y-thing you buy.

I'm currently lusting over these polkadot pants, this (neon) polkadot bikini and this polka-dotted shirt-dress (though it is a bit on the short side....)

What tops your list of spring essentials?

The Luke.

Sunday I finished Gilmore Girls. 
I'd only seen it whole thing once before, so naturally I was feeling very sad...
In spirit, I put on my best flannel top, stepped outside and posed for pictures.
An OOTD that I would later name "The Luke".
Here's to you, Luke, and your awesome flannel top collection. 

Anyone else a GG fan?

Coffee date #3... Things are getting serious.

Right? Isn't the third date the make-or-break-it sort of thing? If you pass date #3, you mean business? No?
Welcome to coffee date #3.

I will answer some of your questions from our last date, and then I'll ramble as usual.

Emily of Tinfoil Tiaras asked me what my favourite guilty indulgent snack was...

These. These are my favourite guilty indulgent snack. Side note: I know these photos are mirrored and I'm too lazy to correct it. Anyways, at least they're dark chocolate, so I don't feel AS bad. But I have some of these every night. Probably doesn't help that the bag is Costco-sized...

Melody of Happiness & Love asked when I'm coming to the NY area. Well, Melody, it will happen when this happens: When I get ...

Again with the darn mirrored photo... When I have more money I'd LOVE to go back to NY. A few years ago I did a NYC trip and it was awwwwwesome. But it's expensive :(

I've been getting some comments on my iPhone case. I got it from an etsy shop called Scribbles and Stripes. I wanted something a little funky, especially for my (at the time) new iPhone 5. The store sells cases for iPhone 4, 4S and 5 and they rock.

You know it's Sunday when you actually take the time to make a proper breakfast. Weekends are amazing.

This morning I made french toast with Nutella, strawberries and bananas. Is it weird that I didn't make coffee and we're having a coffee date? Should be more like a "breakkie date"...

Either way, I bet I just made you jealous.

Until next time! If you have any other fun questions I'd be happy to answer!
Hope your weekends have been stellar. I get to go paint now. Shoot me. But not actually.


This outfit makes me feel a bit like a crayon.
I think I'm channeling spring with this one.
I better be channeling spring.
Not sure how much cold I can do before I shrivel up and die.


This weekend's casual.

Oversized shirt.
Chunky scarf. 
Sweet boots.
Comfy jacket.
Printed hobo bag.

The perfect weekend outfit for running errands.


Living in Ottawa doesn't expose me to much great man-style.
It makes me a little sad.
But when I see a well dressed man on the street, at work, or wherever, I notice.

Well, not all ladies.
Some ladies like their men looking like construction workers.
But I prefer mine to be well dressed. Groomed. Looking good.

If you share my like for good man-style, here are some treats that I found on Pinterest.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

Oh hey you. Not sure I like the moustache, but I'm loving the earth tones, and that fabulous jacket you got goin' on is rocking my world.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

Simple. Casual. Kind of perfect.

Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

Yo dude, not sure what you're doing up in a tree. But you're really working those layers.
Is that plaid I see? This is a total man-yes in my books.

...Do you like your men stylish? 

Guilty pleasures.

All this time I've hated uggs and ugg-like-boots. Hated them.
Until my place-of-work carried their own version of them.
I was asked to try them for fit.
And they were incredible. 
I felt like I was walking on clouds.
There was no turning back.

I still think they're ugly as hell. But on days like today, when it's cold and freshly snowy,
they're the perfect thing to keep my feet cozy and warm.

Single on Valentine's day? 5 reasons why it rocks.

Single on Valentines? 

5 Reasons why it's great to be single on V-day:

1. You can buy yourself a fantastic gift. None of these disappointing "this is for both of us, babe" gifts. Like an extra controller for the xBox, or a grilled cheese maker. Buy yourself a real great gift, one that you know you'll love.

2. You can return the gift. If you decide after a few days you don't really want, or like it, you can return it without hurting anyone's feelings. The freedom to change your mind is wonderful.

3. You can have anything you want for dinner.  If you're totally into the five-course meal deal, make yourself one and drink lots of wine while you do it. If you would like tacos, get take-out. And drink lots of wine while doing it. Its up to you and only you.

4. You can buy an entire cheesecake for yourself. Yep, you can. No man will eat half of it before you get a chance to have one slice. Isn't that the most annoying thing?! Well, as a single girl you don't need to worry about that shiz. Also if you gain 5 lbs from said cheesecake, who's gunna say anything?

5. You can do anything on Valentine's day wearing sweatpants and no one will judge you. That's right. No one. If you prefer, you could wear no pants. And then you'd really be getting the party started! Note: the no pants thing is likely to happen after all that wine. 

Ahhh to be single. This post does not make me anti-Valentines... I would just like to remind the other lovely singles out there that today is a great day for us too. LOVE YOURSELF FIRST.

Have a good day everyone :)


I liked this outfit.
I pulled out pieces from my closet that I hadn't worn in a while,
put them together,
and voila. 

Except these boots.
I've been wearing them a lot.
They rock my socks off.
But not literally.
That would be cold.

Book Review: A million little pieces.

This isn't really an in-depth book review, I just wanted to leave you with my thoughts.

There's no better feeling than finishing a book that has spoken to you.
This book spoke to me. Inspired me.
Something about creating your own destiny. Having control of your own life.
That you are the one who makes your decisions. You, and only you.

As I've mentioned before, addiction stories freak me out.
It took me a while to warm up to the author's account of battling his addictions.
At first, I had to put the book down for a day because thinking about it made me feel sick.
... I know, I'm a baby and get really sensitive about these things.

Either way, I decided not to quit reading it because it was supposed to be really good.
I'm so glad I didn't.

If you're in the market for an crazy, intense, but really good read, this little book is for you:

A Million Little Pieces
By James Frey


Guys, guys, guys....

I'm thinking of going ombre for spring/summer.
Thoughts? Insight?


With a light dusting on the ground and snowflakes in the air, 
it was only appropriate for me to wear my winter white-out outfit.

Anyone got any exciting weekend plans?

Stripes & dots.

I've had this stupid headache for two days now and it won't go away.
I promise to catch up on your blogs when I don't feel like my screen is piercing my eyeballs. 
I better not being coming down with some other sickness; I just got over my cold.

Give me a break world! 

Weekend recap.

This weekend I...

Enjoyed the freshly falling snow with my coffee. 

Began reading this book. I get freaked out by addiction stories, so why I thought this was a good book to start, I don't know. 
But aside from freaking the shit out of me, it's pretty incredible so far.

Took pictures of my pets. As always. The dog is such a dope. 

Took a walk around Ottawa's Winterlude on Saturday night to check out the ice sculptures.
None were completely finished, but it was neat to see the artists work their magic.

On Sunday I went to a pub downtown and watched the Super Bowl with a friend.
We don't watch football but we wanted to go for the halftime show.  
Which was great. Beyonce has a hot bod.
And I enjoyed some epic chilli cheese fries. 
And nachos. 
Plus, I guesss I learned a little about football.

How were your weekends?

While we're young.

Just a great read I came across the other day:

21 Ways You Should Take Advantage Of Your 20's.
I like #s 8, 9 aaaaand 18 :)
Also I need more friends to throw theme parties.

Enjoy, peeps.

High-low cut.

A high-low cut. Best found on a knit. 
Thank you, Winners, for the awesome find.
It'll make a great transition piece :)