Knits and boat shoes.

It's getting warmer over here, folks. 
Temps in the 20's means good things. Very good things.
... Mostly it means a smile on my face.


Dynamite jacket; American Eagle jeans; Converse shoes; Tommy Hilfiger top

Not much to say other than the next few weeks are going to be crazy!

This weekend I've helped my brother move, cleaned/painted my apartment, and joined some wonderful local ladies for a blogger brunch.

Next weekend I'm buying, moving and building IKEA furniture. Pray for me.
Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be heading to the new apartment to clean more, bring things and make the place liveable.

If I'm spotty around these parts, you know why!

The people you meet.

I love looking back at certain things in my life. Especially people. The ones who move in and stay put, and the ones who float in and out of your life. They all make an impact; some small, some large, some obvious, and some unexpected.

Like a best friend who shares the same obsession with cats as me. I am finally able to let my cat-freak-flag fly, and I love it.

Like my old boss who would engage me in daily deep conversations about life, perspective, society and doing what we want instead of what is expected of us. I've been inspired many times over because of her.

Like an old flame who taught me that guilt is not a reason to stick around. That no matter how hard you try, there are just some things that cannot be fixed.

Like a friend who opened my eyes to new experiences, new ideas and to take more chances. Be open to more.

Like those lost connections in life who you sometimes wonder about. Work harder to keep in touch with the great people you've met.

Like a best friend, who has taught me to be strong and to love myself first. And to never ever settle for less. I'm still working on this.

Everyone that passes through your life can teach you a lesson. 
It's amazing to take a step back and realize how much people have taught you.

Do you ever reflect on the people you've met?

Trendy bargains.

Suzy Shier denim jacket; Costco dress; eBay scarf; ALDO oxfords

So erm, I scored this pretty sweet t-shirt dress at Costco for $15 the other day. Even though I have a $0 clothing budget for the month. Thanks Costco for having random wonderful finds. The stripes are right on trend, the dress is the perfect length to be worn at work, and it is so ridiculously comfy. For serious.
I kind of want to go back and get the black one...

Spring inspiration.

Hey spring, I don't know where you've been but you haven't really been here. So... let's get a move on shall we?

Here are a couple spring outfits to inspire me in the upcoming months (hopefully) before it's +30 again.

Graphic tee + Denim jacket + Coloured jeans


Coloured blazer + Denim dress + Mixed prints

spring 2

.... Well I guess this last outfit could be +30 appropriate without that jacket ;) Maybe I am just dreaming for summer.

My best accessory.

My best accessory: Charlie. 

He often goes by the names: 
Charlie-bear, Charles, Charles Barker, Charlie Choo, Choo, Choo-Choo
I've probably given him a complex.

Nautical pencil skirts.

Forever 21 skirt; Joe fresh striped top; Forever 21 belt; Payless flats

I instagrammed this outfit last week. Then it snowed on Friday and I realized I'd be taking photos of this re-created outfit in the snow. At least my flats held it together.

I love the nautical vibes of the stripes and the red belt. And this jersey pencil skirt from Forever 21 is one of my favourite buys probably ever. For $12 it's lasted a heck of a long time.

Little smiles and sing-alongs.

American Eagle jeans, jacket; Gap top; Zellers boots

When I drive home from work by myself, I turn the radio max volume, rotate through the stations, and sing along with all the rockin' songs.

Sometimes I have the thought: what if someone was listening to the same radio station, looked over/behind at me, and saw me singing along to the same song they were listening to.. It's probably happened, but I've just never known.

Yesterday, I was at a red light, stereo blaring, and I look behind me. Some young dude in a bright red sports car is having THE TIME OF HIS LIFE, singing along with the radio. When I realize he's actually singing to the same song I'm listening to, I can't help but smile. He was getting so into it, with hand movements, facial expressions, and hammering the wheel of his car to the beat. It was awesome.

Just plain awesome.

Fear of the unknown.

As I've mentioned, I'm moving out of my parent's place at the end of the month. I'm beyond excited to finally get back into the city again, but I can't help but feel a little nervous.

I've never lived fully on my own. I've lived with friends, my boyfriend at the time, and then moved back with my family. No matter what, there has always been someone else to spend time with. I've never truly been alone for an extended period of time, and I don't know how I'll feel about it. I'm not the biggest social butterfly, but I crave interacting with people.

I know this sounds silly for many of you, because I'm sure you have done this before, but for me it's a first. Everyone tells me that this is going to be an amazing experience, and I know it will be. I guess it's just fear of the unknown.

The best is yet to come :)

Sun, please shine down on me.

How do I know I need more sun?

1) my feet blend in with my shoes
2) my arms/hands blend in with my shirt
3) everyone feels the need to point it out at work
4) my mother asks me if I'm sick
5) ... do I need anymore reasons? 

Writing love: Tyler Knott Gregson

I've never really loved poetry, but along comes Pinterest with its wonderful ability to share many different things. Recently I came across a poet that I have grown to love. Tyler Knott Gregson's writing sort of has my heart. I don't know how or why, but it just speaks to me.

Here are few favourites from his typewriter series...

And my absolute favourite:

Again with being badass.

Another badass outfit.
I mean c'mon. That first shot?
I could have a weapon in my pocket and you don't even know it.

But I don't. So we're cool.

I wore this for a night out on the town with one of my bffs. 'Twas her birthday.
Not exactly a spring outfit, but that's okay. 
At least I wasn't wearing a parka. 

The classic trench.

GAP trench; ALDO oxfords; Tommy Hilfiger top; AE jeans

Can you believe I'd wanted a trench for four years and never bit the bullet?
I've decided I need to start investing in key pieces for my wardrobe. Staples. Things I hope to have around for a while.

This Gap trench is my first investment purchase. It wasn't even that expensive, but for someone who refuses to spend more than $50 on a coat, it was out of my comfort zone.

Either way, I am in love with it, and it loves me back. We've got a great relationship and I can't wait to start adding other wonderful key pieces to my wardrobe. Next up: leather tote bag and a good quality pair of sunglasses.

Another coffee date with moi.

Welcome to another instalment of a coffee date with me! Here are some random things going on right now:

My friend and I are doing the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred just for fun. She started and I decided I'd take a break from my usual workout routine and join her. I'm doing day 5 today; only 25 more to go!

To counter all the wonderful effects of this 30 day shred, I have 500 lbs of Easter candy to get through. I should be thrilled, except that I still have some Christmas candy left..

This is my favvvvvourite Easter candy: panned eggs. I'm the only person I know who can eat these. They're 100% sugar, but in my opinion better than any mini eggs or eggies on the face of the earth. YUM!

Last coffee date, Kat from A Second Glance asked what I do first thing when I come home from work. This answer is two-fold: 1) go to the gym, on my gym days (every 2nd day). If it's not a gym day, I do 2) this. I blog, read blogs, check Facebook, Twitter. Every social media outlet is checked. Not addicted...kay maybe a bit.

Kat also asked what my favourite smells are. Well, lemme just say any of these: campfire, really good cologne, freshly baked cookies, coffee & leaves/fall.

What have you guys been up to recently? 

Got any questions for me? Ask away!

Leather jackets and sunglasses.

Dynamite faux-leather jacket; H&M Button-down; American Apparel legging; Sirens shoes

Leather jacket. Sunnies. Silly puppy. Smiles.
Life is good.

- - - - - - - - - -

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