Day 18: Mini Awkward and Awesome

Good afternoon all!

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!  I hope everyone is spending the day having fun and enjoying the b-e-a-utiful weather we're having :) What is everyone doing tonight?

I'm not very festive today...I didn't put anything green in my 30 for 30.  This scarf (again) will have to do (sorry for the repetition...)

Button-up from Old Navy; Tank from H&M; Skirt from F21; Tights from Century 21; Knee-socks from F21; Boots from Sirens; Bag from F21; Old scarf

Following The Daybook's lead, I've got a mini awkward and awesome post for you all today...

- Looking up to see the window cleaner cleaning our living room window, while I sit and blog in my pyjamas. They told us to shut the blinds, but I forgot.
- Waving at the window cleaner and him not waving back. Jerk. I was just trying to be nice.
- Going to a pub for an awesome breakfast this morning, and being surrounded by students drinking green beer at 11am. Only awkward because they were all already drunk.
- Trying to take pictures outside yesterday, without anyone's help, and without a tripod.  I resorted to using the ledge on a garbage bin. It wasn't dirty, I promise.

- Getting 30% off at GAP for a pair of jeans I've been eyeing for a month now.  I know, I'm not supposed to buy anything during my 30 for 30, but technically I should have had these jeans a month ago.  I asked a friend of mine (with a discount) to pick them up. She said she would, but still hasn't, so I took it upon myself to satisfy my needs.
- Skipping my class today because it was sunny and I wanted to enjoy the outdoors.
- The breakfast I ate today. Sausage, eggs, toast, and homefries = best food ever.
- Going home to see my family this weekend to celebrate my brother's birthday!


  1. I really like this outfit!! It's so cute and I love that bag, I may need to get a similar one asap lol

  2. Cute button up! Gotta love Old Navy!

  3. J’adore ton blog et ta vision de la mode!
    Si tu aimes le vintage je te conseille ce site :
    Il y a de superbes pièces et la boutique est très belle ;-)
    Bonne continuation!


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