It's a wrap.

Joe Fresh wrap sweater (similar); Forever 21 button-up; Dynamite slacks (similar); Sirens boots (similar); Castellammare leaf necklace

...Wrap sweater!!! Favourite part of fall? All the cozy sweaters and things that I can wrap myself in all nice and warm. Wearing something like this to work makes me feel like I'm back home, on my couch, wrapped in a blanket.
Well maybe not quite.
But it's the closest thing I'll get when I'm at the office.

What's everyone doing this weekend? My plans are no plans :) The last few weekends I've been up late and it's messed with my sleep schedule. This weekend I plan on catching up on sleep, reading a few books, and maybe watching a few movies. I would say shopping but I'm still on a freaking shopping ban that seems to never end...

Trend challenge: Animal Print.

Smart Set top; Kenneth Cole (via Costco) cargo skinnies; Payless flats; Fossil watch

Today I'm linking up with Marion of Marionberry Style for her Trend of the Month challenge! This month is animal print, which is an awesome print on anyone.

I know everyone's seen leo print flats before, so it's really nothing new. In all honesty, I did have another outfit planned for this challenge but didn't get the chance to wear it. Sooo I had to stick with one of my outfits in the queue and this was the only one with a hint of animal print anything... Sorry for sucking, but at least I was able to participate in this challenge for the first time in a few months!

Want to be inspired by animal print? Stop by Marion's blog and check out how all of the others styled it!

Sweater dresses and random facts.

Winners cardigan; Dynamite sweater dress; Garage tights; H&M flats; Forever 21 belt

I totally stole this fun post idea from Corinne at Life, etc. Mostly because she's awesome and comes up with better post ideas than I do ;) But I gotta tell ya, this took FOREVER. It's so hard to answer things like this about myself...

Eyes: nine celebrity crushes: I've recently discussed my three girl crushes: Kate Beckinsale, Rachel McAdams and Emma Stone. As for the men, these days I'd have to say Christian Bale, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Gosling, Jim Sturgess, John Krasinski and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Ears: eight favourite sounds: Crickets when I'm going to sleep. The birds chirping when I wake up. The crackling of a fire place. The leaves crunching beneath my feet in the fall. Christmas music. My best friend's laugh (it's seriously contagious). Thunderstorms. Old favourite songs that I haven't heard in years. 

Nose: seven favourite scents. Fall (it's one awesome smell). Mom's baking on Christmas. A random body spray I got from Dynamite, I don't even know what it's called.  Peppermint. Coffee shops. Men's cologne. Freshly mowed grass.

Mouth: six favourite sayings. Don't be like the rest of them, darling. All you need is health and happiness. The best is yet to come. There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind. Love fearlessly.  Live, laugh, love.

Heart: five things you love. My family. My best friends. Music - I don't know what I would do without it, it's like my therapy. Chocolate anything (except chocolate cake, somehow that kinda sucks). Laughing.

Hands: four things you've created that you're proud of. A dress that I sewed last year. My blog. A mini documentary I made of my favourite summer, years ago.  The paths I've taken so far in life. 

Stomach: three comfort foods. Chocolate (of course). Pasta. My mom's cream of mushroom & corn soup - I dislike mushrooms but still think it rocks.

Knees: two things that make you go weak in the knees. Raw and uncensored emotion - happy or sad. Surprises.

Feet: one thing you want to accomplish in life. Appreciate all of the little moments in life, so that I can look back with no regrets. It's an ongoing thing :)

Flannel and Moccasins.

Costco (men's) flannel top; H&M tank; American Eagle denim; Giant Tiger moccasins, Castellammare Designs leaf necklace

So my junk food ban was a success! It ended on Sunday and I didn't even have the urge to eat much sugar. I had a couple pieces of dark chocolate after dinner and that was that.  It's satisfying to know that I don't need sugar as much as I felt that I did before I started the challenge. I feel good :)

I'm keeping this short because I'm exhausted after this weekend. Not much sleep on Saturday night meant going to bed last night at 8. My body is not very happy with me right now... Time for a day at work!

Animal prints & fall hues.

Joe Fresh top; Dynamite pants & Scarf; Payless shoes

I unintentionally matched leopard print. I forgot I had these shoes on when I threw on the scarf. I like to think it works anyway, but as a co-worker pointed out "you're matching!" ... :| That's the worst. I don't want to look like I tried to match, because really, I didn't. I'm just not a fan of being too match-y, but that's just me.

I love the hunter green colour of this top, but the lack of natural light makes it pretty hard to see. I have a few more outfits in the queue, but as of tonight I'm done taking photos after work. I'll have to hold them aside for the weekends because it's so hard now to capture details when it's getting dark.

On a completely unrelated note, thank you to my bff Friday for finally coming around. For some reason I've been exhausted since Monday, even with 8+ hours of sleep a night. I'm not sure of my weekend plans, but it seems like I'll be staying in tonight - yay!!! You know you're getting older when you are celebrating a Friday night in...

Any fun plans for the weekend?

Flower power.

Joe Fresh denim top; American Eagle floral skinnies; Forever 21 booties & necklace

I'm wearing pants with flowers on them. And not little flowers... big flowers. I don't even know why, but as soon as I laid eyes on these babies they had to be mine. When I got them for 50% off, the decision was made even easier.

The only downside is I can't wear them to work! This seriously limits how much wear I can get out of them but that's okay, as long as most of my wardrobe is work-appropriate I am allowed to have a couple pieces that are unique ;)

Do you have two separate wardrobes for work and life, or do you try to make your wardrobes work for both?

Blogger Spotlight: Alyx of Every Day is a New Adventure

Ladies and gents, today is September's blogger spotlight and I wanted to introduce you to someone who I have been following for the last forever.  Meet Alyx, from Every Day is a New Adventure. Seriously, she gives me my daily dose of humour and I love reading her witty and hilarious posts about the random things going on in her life. I don't read many blogs that aren't primarily style blogs, but hers is a must-read! She's that special. Take it away, Alyx!

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Hi there, you awesome person, you! You're probably wondering who the heck I think I am, taking over Kelly's space. Well... I'm Alyx. And this is me.
I know you're probably all really disappointed that I'm not Kelly, and that's totally understandable. I mean, I'm sure you were expecting a super fabulous outfit, and I don't want to disappoint you, so that's what I'm going to give you.

Kind of. Instead of super fabulous outfits, I will give you super horrible outfits. The ones that will cause you to point and laugh, and, consequently wonder what the heck I was thinking.
In my defense, I was like, 5. But really? I don't even think this was fashionable in the 90s when I was wearing it. Ugh. I shudder to think that I left the house in that.
Note to self: don't ever buy a dress with giant strawberries on it for your daughter. Giant fruit is never a good idea. Unless you're eating it.

I would tell you that none of these things were my fault, because I was too young to know better, but then I whip out this picture, and you know that that's a lie.
This horrible outfit really was all my fault. What was I thinking? I don't even know what you call this thing - a jumper? Either way, it makes me look about 50 pounds heavier than I actually was, and hits my legs in the totally wrong place. IDK, it was just a bad choice. I wish someone would have told me that I looked like a freaking blimp with cankles. Not a good choice.

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed a good chuckle at my expense. If you're not too embarrassed to be seen with me, I hope you'll stop by my part of the internet to say hello!! 


And the mandatory "someone is taking my photos" laughing picture. It makes me awkward, okay

Suzy Shier denim jacket; Joe Fresh top; Dynamite pants; H&M flats; Fossil watch

I was at a friend's place over the weekend and asked her to take pictures of my outfit. That explains the brick wall and balcony shot.

I'm going to share my thoughts about self-control today.

Sometimes I have it.
Like right now.

I'm taking a week off of junk food. I've cut out chocolate, ice cream, refined sugar, any junk-y type foods that don't fit into any of the four main food groups. I've gone two full days and I've survived without much of a battle. Perhaps it'll get harder as the week passes, but I think I've got this one in the bag. I am fully committed and won't be putting my hands on chocolate until Sunday. I feel like I have enough self-control to get me there.

But then again, I said this to myself 4-5 months ago when I went through the exact same thing. I cut back (a lot) on junk food and would treat myself to it once a day so I didn't abuse it. Somehow I fell off that bandwagon and found myself eating ice cream, chocolate and candy all in one night, every night.

Here's to self-control and hopefully sticking to it this time!

... Please don't tell me I'm the only one with a crazy chocolate addiction. I swear it's the only thing I actually miss.

A walk in the park.

Aerie top; Garage leggings; Old Navy scarf; H&M flats; Castellamarre leaf necklcae

Firstly, this is a new location for me. We have a big park down the road and I've always thought about taking pictures there. Finally, the day came and I decided to venture out. By the time I got there, the sun had gone behind a HUGE cloud and I had lost my "golden light" moment. Once the photo-shoot finished, I was walking back to the car and it came out again. Figures. Oh well, it's still nice to change it up every once in a while!

Secondly, this amazing necklace. I won a giveaway over at Sharon's The Tiny Heart for Castellamarre designs.  I saw Sharon showing off this necklace on her blog and I knew I had to have it. I've worn it 5 times since I got it less than a week ago. I was pretty excited when I found out the shop was based in Ottawa, too!

Now to the outfit. I have to say this is one of my favourite comfy outfits ever. It probably looks like I should be sitting on my couch vegging, but it is so ridiculously comfortable that I wore it out of my house with pride. So what if it feels like PJs? It's not :) And I'll keep telling myself it rocks.

Pencil skirts.

Forever 21 top & skirt; H&M flats; Dynamite belt; wishbone necklace from Castellammare Designs

Sooo the belt you see here... well, it used to fit. Now it's too small. I took it off halfway through the day but squeezed it back on for pictures cause I really do love it... Lame. And this pencil skirt? Because it's got such a high waist it makes my butt stick out. I actually wondered a couple of times if it was appropriate for the office because of how big my butt felt... woohoo butts...

It's Friday! <-- most overused, joyous statement ever. Can't help it though, I gotta go with the rest of the world on this one and be uber excited that Friday has finally come.  Tonight I'm going out on the town with some girlfriends, and I'm pretty darn excited. Saturday I'm having brunch with a friend, and then who knows for the rest of the weekend! That's my kind of relaxation :)

Any fun weekend plans? 

Casual work outfit.

Alfred Sung blazer (via Zellers); H&M tank; American Eagle denim; Call it Spring shoes

Just another casual work outfit in all neutrals.

It's Thursday. Nothing really special happens on Thursday. There's not much to talk about on Thursday. It's one of those filler days. Not quite the weekend, and not cool like hump day. Tuesday is another filler day. Filler days kind of suck, you just want them to be over to move onto the fun days. Like Friday, i.e. tomorrow. I'm heading out for a night on the town with some girlfriends, which is something I haven't done in ages. Now if only this filler day would pass more quickly...

Have a fun Thursday :)

Geek chic.

Forever 21 top; American Eagle denim; Giant tiger shoes; Old Navy scarf
...Hello lady walking her dog. I wonder what she was thinking...

I got new glasses! Aaaaaand they're so much fun. I don't think they'll replace my old glasses entirely, but they're great for spicing up a simple outfit like this one! I love how much personality they add :)

The day I took these photos was the first day I actually needed a scarf. It was so cool outside! I should have even worn a jacket or sweater but I don't want to completely give into fall just yet. I love the cooler weather but it's definitely throwing me off. My body has gone into a semi state of shock and I'm finding myself wearing sweatpants and fleece sweaters, and getting under the bed covers as soon as I get home. I know it sounds a little extreme, but that's me. I am always cold and the transition weather is particularly hard for my body to deal with. When it gets to a certain cold temperature, I get this bad headache that lasts for a day - every single fall. It's like my body is switching gears from summer to winter. Gosh I sound like a baby... 


Gap cardigan; H&M tank and scarf; Winners pants; Payless shoes

It makes me sad when I unintentionally neglect certain pieces in my closet. Every time I get dressed, I overlook them and I don't know why.

The other day I reminded myself that I have red pants; somehow I had forgotten about them. The following morning, I woke up and created an outfit around them.

In addition to the red pants, I bought this scarf last year and have only worn it twice. I think it was time I added it to another outfit.

Do you ever forget you own certain things?