Mossimo turtle-neck & skirt (via Target); Old Navy tights; James & Jules heels (via Zellers)

I'm thinking of taking the next big step of adult life and buying a car.
It's a big step, ladies. But it's becoming a necessary one. Mostly because I can't stand hanging out outside in -40 waiting for the bus. That shit ain't cool.

So here I am, totally lost and confused, trying to figure out if I should buy a car. There are so many things to consider. Do I want new or used? What model? What brand? What year? What colour? Mostly I've decided I want something cute and small, but from there I'm just about useless.

I'm going to Google it. Isn't that what you do when you make big decisions?


Look guys, I'm in a blanket fort.

Last time I wrote one of these posts was when I was pretty new to being roommate-less.
But now that it's been 8 months, I feel much more educated. I have a slightly refined perspective. More reasons why being roommate-less is awesome.

1. You can sing along to any song you want. You can quote any movie you're watching. And you don't piss anyone off. Yes, I love doing both those things. No, no one likes hearing other people do either of those things. You definitely don't want to be around when I'm watching Harry Potter or listening to Lorde.

2. Curry. I can cook with curry. No one is like "eww it stinks". Although, if they said it like that seriously, I might question their taste in everything. Point being, no one gets mad at me for loving Indian and Thai food. Awesome-possum.

3. The entire shower is mine. Every ledge. Every inch. My shampoo. My conditioner. MY body wash. No cramped space. My face wash doesn't fall off it's spot. There's room for everything in there.

4. My couch has become a coat-rack. Or a "drop your clothes off here when you're lazy". It's a good thing I don't often have visitors, or they'd have nowhere to sit.

5. When I'm not putting them on the couch, I can do weird things like hang my clothes on the fridge handle, or from the hanging light, or even from the front door. And it doesn't get in anyone's way but mine. And no one judges me for having an over-flowing closest.

What would you do if you didn't have a roommate?


Talula pants, mitts (via Aritzia); Columbia fleece; Flurries boots

Basically I should be allowed to wear this fleece sweater to work. It doesn't look like this cold snap is ending anytime soon and I'm desperate.

My little Charlie decided to lend me a visit while I took some shots. He was so excited to sit beside me and be the star. What a cutie.

Everyone excited for the weekend tomorrow? 


Gooooooooood morning. Or should I say afternoon.. 
Let's have another coffee date today, shall we? As you know from past coffee dates, basically I talk about nothing important and take pictures about it. 

So how is everyone today? What are you enjoying?
 My Keurig is my favourite thing. Today it made me a Timothy's Cinnamon Pastry coffee. Add some maple syrup and almond milk and WOW. This thing is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.
To accompany my coffee, I'm eating popcorn. I went to the movies with Marianna yesterday and we got ourselves some specialty popcorn. What you see here is a mix of Chocolate Caramel & Caramel popcorn. I'm very obviously enjoying my leftovers.
Except I haven't eaten lunch yet. Pictured here: cucumbers, hummus and cranberry bread with peanut butter. Not as exciting as the chocolate caramel popcorn, but I eat this to earn the popcorn. So it is good enough for me!
I've been breaking in a new pair of boots and I think they're out to get me. 2 weeks of wearing them, and all of a sudden my feet start to really hurt. When I walk it hurts - i.e. when the toes bend. So after a few days of comfy shoes and no relief I went to the clinic. Doctor told me that my bone's being stressed, and I need to stay off my feet or it could break.
So in the nature of "not walking" ... I limped to an appointment I had a couple blocks away from me downtown this morning. I wore my hair like this. I never ever wear buns in public, so it felt pretty cray to do.
And because the wind has decided to attack the city, my ears were sodamncold and my big scarf helped. I wore it like this to keep warm, and it was fab. Thank you scarf, you have served me well over the years. 
Now I'm back home. I just finished making a slow cooker meal and now I'm rocking out to Snow Patrol's If there's a rocket tie me to it (my favourite song of theirs...uuughh god it's sooo goooood). 
In the slow cooker I've got a sort of beef stew, but I definitely didn't follow any recipes so wish me luck. Seriously, I am not a fancy cook. I need it.

What are you up to this fine sunday? Do anything fun over the weekend!?


My cousins and I drove to Syracuse a couple weekends ago. On the way down we took some roadtrip selfies, stopped at a Dunkin' Donuts (it's got nothing on Tim Hortons, no offence Dunkin'.), and enjoyed some American drinks. We used to have Mello Yellow, but haven't since I was a kid. It's funny how little things can be so different 2 hours away from me. Then we shopped for the day and ate dinner at Dino BBQ. I got the plate with the "smaller portions" and I still didn't finish it. So much meat oh my godddd. Pulled pork, brisket, ribs - where do you even start? The pulled pork was my favourite, but those mashed potatoes were heavenly and the mac'n'cheese was pretty darn good too.

As for shopping goes, we all bought a bunch of stuff. I suck and didn't get many pictures, but I'm sure you'll see some of the stuff coming up in outfit photos over the next little while. I bought a couple pairs of real suede Nine West flats, a new pair of Nike runners, some workout gear, a Columbia fleece pull-over, and my babies, these RayBan aviator sunnies.
They were my favourite deal. Reg $150. And I paid $80. #winning

Until next time, Syracuse.


Talula pants (via Aritzia); Flurries boots; Mossimo top (via Target)

A couple months back I signed up for Netflix.
Best and worst decision ever.

Basically I spend my free time binging on movies, documentaries and awesome TV shows. I started watching Suits a couple weeks back, and just finished all the episodes that Netflix had uploaded. The most annoying part? They didn't even upload the entire second season. Just the first 10 episodes. Now what do I do?

I love Netflix, I really do. But c'mon! Why keep that from me?!
Mostly I just wanna watch guys in suits, not gunna lie...


Life lately has been made up of the following:
Family gatherings
Puppy dogs and favourite people
Going out on the town
Lots of fantastic food and drink
Games upon games of Cards Against Humanity

Because my cousin was visiting, this year felt like an extended holiday. I am so grateful for her visit, and it's been a blast spending so much time with the people I love. This was one of the best holidays in years.

I hope you all had a great holiday season. Back to the grind of 5-day work weeks and winter blues. 
Until next time.


Kokomio sweater (via Aritzia); Talula leggings (via Aritzia); Call it Spring boots
Castellammare bow necklace; Castellammare bow bangle

Hi again. It's been a while. 

I'm used to having posts saved up for busy times, such as the past few weeks. Instead, I blew through my few "back-ups" and now I've got nothing. That's why it's been quiet around here. 

I know I've mentioned this before, but it's been hard to get the time to blog as much as I would like to. Now that I'm starting my new job, I'm working minimum 10-hour days. Factor in bus rides and I'm away for 12+ hours a day. When I get home, I just want to veg. I'd like to work blogging back into my schedule, but when it feels like a chore I don't want to make time for it. 

I know I've said this before, but I'll say it again. It'll just be sporadic around here, at least until I figure out the balance that I need in this life. 

Photos courtesy of Line Andree


2013 is finally over.
Looking back, I've accomplished lots this year:
I moved out.
I got a sweet promotion at work.
I took some road trips and saw old friends.
I got my tattoo.
I saw Jimmy Eat World in concert. (super win!)

How did I feel about this year?
It was fine. But I still feel like something was missing.
Even though I truly did a lot.
Today I sit back and realize I'm grateful for everything I have.
For all the opportunities I've been given.
Because really, this year has been great. And I should see it that way.

Cheers to 2014. I hope next year brings you joy and peace.