Day 9: A Pop of Red

Good afternoon!

I'm posting early today! Know why? I'm done school for the day, that's why! Finally, the stresses are lifting off my shoulders. Just one more presentation to go...(don't remind me about all my final reports).

Today, I wore this for a group presentation:

p.s. about those Spring boxes in the background... I didn't buy that many shoes ... *shifty eyes*
Blazer: Costco
Shirt: F21
Jeans: F21
Shoes: Aldo
Necklace: F21 [but it's falling apart :(..]
Belt: Handed down from my mommy!

The first awesome thing about this outfit is that you can see my feet. Which is awesome because they've been hibernating. But it is also sort of not-awesome because they're super white. Just wait 'til you see my legs ;)

The second awesome thing is the pop of colour. I don't normally like bright colours, and I generally stay away from red, but I felt like this outfit was lacking in the colour department. I should wear bright colours more often.

I'm glad I'm learning things from this 30 for 30. And of course all the other lovely bloggers that I read daily who inspire me to try new things!


  1. i try to stay away from red, too...but there's something about red + white + black combo...very striking.

  2. good for you for doing 30 for 30! that belt is HOT sista! :)

  3. Such a chic look! Love the pop of red from the belt and you nails! Good luck on the presentation!

  4. I really like the pop of color with the red belt! Your doing great with the 30 for 30!

  5. Love the red belt, looks really cute on you! :D


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