Day 11: The Green Scarf

Hello ladies!

I took a bit of style inspiration from other bloggers and decided to belt my scarf.  Also, I'm letting you know that I did not wear this shoes today with this outfit. We just got another foot of snow, and it's currently pouring outside. I doesn't look like I'll be wearing half of the shoes in my 30 for 30, so I'm showing you how I would LIKE to wear them.

Today's outfit:
Sweater from F21; Trousers from F21; Shoes from Aldo; Belt from my mom's old closet; and I can't remember where I bought the scarf :(

Instead of these lovely shoes, I was wearing huge, chucky boots to battle the snow and rain. Thank God, because anyone wearing Uggs or other thin shoes/boots had completely soaked feet. I was going for practicality today, for sure.

And you know what? The colour of this scarf is awesome. In my opinion anyway!


  1. I love the color of your scarf!

  2. you have such a tiny waist and the scarf looks great belted! and those shoes are super cute but practicality always wins!

    cute and little

  3. Nice look, love your pants girl!


  4. I love this outfit, and the green scarf is an amazing pop of colour! :)


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