Day 28: A Little "Hip" Action

This is what happens when I wear high-waisted jeans:

Shirt from American Eagle; Jeans from Forever 21; Boots from Sirens; Scarf from Suzy Shier; Belt from F21; Bracelet from H&M

You guys get to see a little "hip" action. I'm not usually a huge fan of drawing attention to my hips, but I love these jeans so much that it doesn't matter.

And I was going to take an outside picture for you all today.  I had my photographer (boyfriend) ready and everything.

Then we went outside. The wind went right through my jacket.  We have sun, but somehow it's still below 0. There was no way I was taking my jacket off, so outdoor pictures didn't happen.

Even inside, this is how I'm still feeling:

Have a great Monday everyone!


  1. You're almost done your 30 for 30 Challenge I can't believe it! Love the bright pink scarf, it's such a great colour on you :)

    Xo Chelle

  2. the jeans look fab, not hippy at all! x

  3. Sometimes pants and I just aren't friends. I totally agree about the "hip action" that often comes with high waisted jeans. But I think you look fantastic in those! xoxo

  4. You look cute in those pants! Flaunt your hips haha.


  5. these jeans fit you perfectly! definitely flaunt those hips! and i love the beautiful pink scarf.

    cute & little
    come check out the color brigade!

  6. these jeans look fabulous on you! love them!


  7. brrr... hate the cold! Love the high waisted jeans!

  8. Love your style, I just started following


  9. i hate cold weather! haha. you did a wonderful job w/ the color combos in this outfit. the scarf really brings out the blue in the jeans and top. and the jeans look awesome on u, btw! thanks for sharing!


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