Wednesday's Work Style

Here's another round of Wednesday's Work Style! I didn't participate last week because I didn't really have a chance to capture my outfit. But this week I am!

Cardigan from Joe Fresh; Dress from American Apparel (Le Sac dress); Shoes from Spring

Thank you AA for making this dress. It's so much fun and easy to create your own unique styles.  This dress has a lot of versatility, which is totally awesome when you're trying to re-work your closet. :)  This is a bit of a casual look, but is totally appropriate in my office where people dress a little more "casual" than "business" most of the time.

I just can't get enough of this 4-day week. Sorry if this gets really repetitive for you all, but I can't help but dream about sleeping in past 7:30. I know 7:30 isn't that bad, but my ideal "wake-up" time is 9. And that extra hour and half really counts!

Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys their 3-day weekend!

Why does the weekend have to end?

This past weekend was awesome.  We went to see my boyfriend's family back in our home-town not too far from where we live. It's too bad the weekend couldn't have lasted longer - but I can't complain, this week is a short week, and we have a REAL long weekend ahead of us. Woohoo!

Romper from Urban Behaviour; Sandals from Spring; Necklace from F21

With a simple romper, I paired some fun and colourful jewellery. This is one of three rompers I own, and I loooove how light and breezy it is. It's sort-of-but-not-really like linen. Great description, no?

As you can probably tell, this was one of those days we experimented with lighting. It's so hard to predict how the sun will make your skin and clothing look. I blame the digital camera.

Friday is Canada Day! You know what that means? A cheesy, red and white outfit for this girl! And maybe you guys in blog-land will be lucky enough to see it!

H&M and Procrastination

Sometimes I procrastinate. Sometimes I feel bad for asking my boyfriend to to take a couple minutes out of his day to photograph an outfit. I know I could do it myself, but it never turns out the same. Sometimes I hate taking photos with others around, so I wait until the last possible second.

That's why these photos suck. I waited until the sun went down to take them, and they didn't turn out very well. I photo-shopped them to look a little lighter, but I won't be waiting to take pictures anymore. I really loved this outfit, but I don't feel like these pictures do it justice.

Dress from H&M; Blazer from Costco

On our way home from last weekend's adventures, we passed through Barrie. Earlier I had checked to see if there was a Forever 21 to make a pit-stop. There wasn't, and I was a little disappointed but kinda happy we would make it home sooner.

Driving along the main road, my boyfriend spots an H&M and says "Look! There's an H&M! You love that store, don't you? We're stopping!" (did I mention he's awesome?). So I pulled over and we decided on a 30-minute timeline. We went into the store and I power-shopped like I've never power-shopped before. I made it through the two huge levels in under 30 minutes and went into the changeroom with 15 pieces. Yep, 15. The change-room associate was surprised and said "wow, that's a first", to which I replied "...We don't have an H&M in Ottawa".  I think she understood.

I only ended up with 4 things. This dress, another dress, a clutch, and a scarf.  I have a budget for clothing and shoes, and have been pretty broke recently.  Unfortunately I couldn't take home more, because I definitely would have loved to. I think I could have taken home that whole store if I had the chance.

H&M, please come to Ottawa! 

Weekend Shenanigans

Be warned, this post is picture-heavy!

Hey everyone!

I've got a bunch of photos from the weekend that I'd like to share with you guys. I know most of my posts are OOTDs, but I also do other things than just photograph my clothing.

As I mentioned before, last weekend my boyfriend and I piled into the car for a 7 hour drive to see my old roommate/bestie and her boyfriend. Here are some awesome photos documenting our adventures:

See! I took your guys' great advice and wore a cute pair of jeans, flats and comfy shirt on the trip there!

At the top of the mountain!

Its Georgian Bay!

Their adorable kitty, Annabelle

On Wasaga Beach

After the swim. I just realized this is the only picture I got of the two of us! :(

Watching the sunset at Sunset Point Park.

The beautiful sunset.

There were a lot of really beautiful things to see, and I definitely want to go back! It was also really nice catching up with the awesome girl that I grew up with. It's weird not seeing her all the time like we used to.  I'm really sad that the trip was so short. We really only spent Saturday there because we arrived so late on Friday, and had to leave at noon on Sunday. Next time I'm staying longer!

A+ Multi-tasker!

These photos were taken last week when I went home to visit my parents for the evening. In my opinion, the wedges make the outfit:

Outfit from Forever 21; Belt from Old Navy

I'm such a great multi-tasker... I was taking these photos while talking to my boyfriend at the same time! And he didn't even know. As he told his story, I listened and posed. I'm surprised some of these pictures actually turned out!

I just realized my entire outfit, minus my belt, came from Forever 21. Although some of their clothing isn't the best quality, they make a lot of great, affordable things. Take these pants for example.  I know it isn't too long, but they have lasted me at least a year and a half, and only cost me $12.  And these wedges? I was dying for a  pair like this and they only cost me $30.  Perfect price for shoes I won't wear every day! And they're actually comfortable. Double bonus.

Things have been really busy with me lately, so I haven't had a chance to showcase any pictures from my trip over the weekend. I promise they will get posted (at some point)!  Hope everyone's having a great week so far, and welcome to the new followers :)

Things I'm Loving

I'm back from my weekend trip! I feel so out of the loop after not being able to blog for almost four days. But there are still LOTS of things to be done/cleaned/organized in the house, so I'll leave you all with this post featuring some of my favourite things this season.

1. Rompers
How awkward is that word? Every time I use it I feel ridiculous.  Awkwardness aside, rompers are the best.  I bought three last year and have the urge to buy more every time I see them in a different, unique pattern.  Usually I'm not a big floral girl, but there are a bunch of adorable floral rompers that I've seen this summer...maybe I'm converting? Anyways, I'd love ANY of the following:
Left to right: Threadsence, Forever21 (Canada), Ruche

2. Button-Up Tops
Although it's nearly summer and the temperatures are climbing, I still find myself grabbing a button-up top for cooler days and evenings.  If you go back through my recent posts, I'm sure you'll see what I mean.  They a)  are extremely comfortable, b) come in different colours and patters, and c) help pull together almost any outfit. I think, right now, these types of shirts are my favourite pieces of clothing in my closet.  Here are some that have caught my eye recently (although I really don't need any more):

Left to right: Forever 21 (Canada), Old NavyDynamite 

3. The Sun
I know it's not fashion-related, but I'm definitely a warm-weather girl.  Why am I in Canada? Sometimes I ask myself the same question... Actually, our weather is beautiful in the summer - it's just the winter cold that I don't enjoy.  ANYWAY! It's incredible what the sun can do for my mood.  I've just been enjoying the past week of very little rain, and lots and lots of +30°C weather.  Here's a picture I took a couple years ago while camping...I love the feeling of sun on my feet :)

4. Watermelon
Again, not fashion related. But I LOVE watermelon. I can eat a whole one in a day, seriously. It's my favourite food of life. I've already eaten two this season, and I wish I could eat more. It's just impossible to bring home from the grocery store when I have to bus/walk. I've been dying to try a version of these since I heard of them...Watermelon smoothies!

Picture via TasteOfHome

5. Bright Nail Polish
My colour collection consists of coral, teal, lilac purple and peachy-orange nail polish. I'm still on the lookout for more.  I don't have too many bright clothes, so I like to accessorize with my nails. Any of these colours would have a special place in my collection (and heart):

From Left to Right: Forever 21 (Canada), OPI ("green kissed by the summer sun"), Essie ("Sexy Divide")

What things are you loving this summer?

I'm having a little dilemma...

...Tomorrow I'll be in the car for 7 hours straight.  The weather is supposed to be pretty hot, we might be running into some thunderstorms, but otherwise I hope to see a bit of sun.

What the heck do I wear for such a long trip in the car, with possibly really crappy weather? I need your opinions, ladies! Especially if you travel lots...

I'm heading to see my ex-roommate (Kat) this weekend! I've only seen her once in the past year so it'll be exciting to finally visit her in her new(ish) town :) We've been besties and neighbours (pretty much) since grade 6. Last May she moved far away, and I still haven't been able to visit her! I'm a terrible friend, I know :(

Here's a picture of us back when we were little. And by little I mean sometime in high school, at least 5 years ago...

Oh the many memories...I'm so excited!

So, back to the real question, what do I wear?!

Wednesday's Work Style

I wore a cardigan over this dress at work, but it was too hot to take pictures with it on outside. Temperatures have been nuts for the past few weeks! The wind was also insane, as you can probably tell...

Dress from Joe Fresh; Belt from F21; Shoes from Globo

This is my idea of a perfect dress. The colour is gorgeous and perfect for summer, while the crochet neck was something that I didn't have in my closet. Definitely a unique piece for me! Wearing light clothes like these make me so excited for summer...until you have to put that sweater back on again :( Hopefully the sun's back for good!

EBEW: Lace

I've got a few things to note:
a) I only have three lace things. Two tops, and a pair of tights. Obviously I'm not a huge lace person, but I really love this top. My cousin in Denmark (Line) got it for me as a gift :)

b) I really hate this glare that I get from the camera sometimes. It's as if my shirt and skin blend together, even though they're different colours. Ick.

c) This EBEW almost didn't happen for me. I was wearing lace today, but just didn't get around to photos. Tonight was pretty hectic, so I wasn't sure if my wonderful photographer would have time to capture the outfit.

I was lucky:

Shirt from H&M (Denmark); Bandeau top from Dynamite; Jeans from F21; Shoes from Payless

Lace | Everybody, Everywear

Yay for hats!

I have a flower on my hat. And I very much enjoy it: 

Hat & sandals from F21; Dress from American Eagle

You know, I've really been enjoying simple accessories lately...Sometimes a big necklace, or lots of jewellery doesn't work with my mood or my outfit. This was definitely the case today. My only accessory? This lovely hat from Forever 21. I ordered it thinking I could remove the flowers if it didn't look right. When it came in, the flowers were bigger than I expected so I tried to take them off. Turns out it's glued on, not sewed on (what I expected), so I couldn't.

But you know what? I'm glad I couldn't take them off. I like them because they're unique. I can't say I've seen anyone else walking around with big flowers on their hats like this. Maybe it'll start a trend? Hah!


Thank God. This week has been so long, and I'm so tired sitting here writing this post. My head is aching, and I should probably take a nap or something...

This is an outfit I wore last weekend that I hadn't posted yet.  My boyfriend's dad and his fiancĂ©e came down to the city to have lunch with us, which was nice. We don't see them very often so it's good to catch up every once in a while.

Shirt from Old Navy; Romper from Dynamite; Belt from F21; Sandals from Spring

Gosh, don't you just love the wind? Not...

Restaurants are ALWAYS cold, but it was supposed to be super hot outside, so I paired my romper with a button-down blouse. It was perfect - I could take it off if I got too hot, but my arms would be covered in the air conditioned restaurant... Except it didn't get as hot as it was supposed to, so I left the shirt on the whole time.

I think it's time for me to cut this post off. My head is hurting and I should probably go rest...

Have a great Friday everyone!!!

The Lion Statue

An evening out on the town resulted in meeting a lion statue, that of course, boyfriend and I had to pose with:

Isn't he beautiful?...I meant the lion.

Jacket from Dynamite; Jeans from AE; Shirt from F21; Belt from Old Navy; Wedges from Payless

My mom took my boyfriend and I out for dinner before visiting some family.  We went to The Works, a restaurant born in Ottawa with epic burgers. The menu consists of nearly 100 combinations (I'm sure) of toppings for your burger... including crazy things like eggplant, peanut butter, and even Kraft Dinner.  I got tomato, lettuce, cheese, bacon, mayo and a fried egg on mine.  Honestly, it's incredibly tasty!

Then, we headed to my uncle's place to celebrate a cousin's birthday and spend time with family. I love my family more than anything, so it was a great night. :)

The other day it was really hot.

Yeah,  I couldn't really think of anything creative for the title. Sorry.

But it's true. It was really hot. And because of that, boyfriend and I frolicked in the fields near our building.  I had a strong desire to wear this outfit, although it's not something I would normally wear. I'm not 100% comfortable in cropped tops, but I thought this one was fun. :)

 Shirt & shorts from F21; Shoes from Footlocker

It was so much fun, and I got to wear shorts! That I also DIY'ed. You can probably tell...these used to be jeggings from F21, but sucked...a lot. As shorts? They're pretty sweet.

Yes, I have very pale skin. It burns occasionally, but rarely tans. And you know what? That's okay. This post is for all the pale girls out there. It doesn't matter if your legs reflect the sun, your skin is beautiful and won't be gross when you're older from tanning too much. Woohoo for no skin cancer!

I'm embracing the pale.

Guess what?

I got my hair cut! And that just rhymed a bit. It's not any shorter, I just brought bangs back again :) I've gone back and forth between straight-across bangs over the past few years, and I decided I wanted to try 'em out again. Honestly? I'm loving the change!

Jumpsuit and belt from F21; Cardigan from Joe Fresh; Wedges from Payless

First jumpsuit of the year! I get too excited sometimes for these firsts, but it just means summer is around the corner :) When I bought this jumpsuit, it was a full-pant-style one - which was NOT breathable and wayy too hot.  I DIY'ed them to crop the pants and make them capris/shorts. I think they turned out pretty well, considering I'm not a sewing queen. Yay!

I'm so glad it's Friday, this week has lasted wayyyy too long. Time to go and eat dinner. And thanks everyone  for the comments, I really love hearing your ideas and thoughts. And welcome to the new followers :) I don't say thanks enough!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday's Work Style

Today's my third Wednesday's Work Style, but I gotta admit, it's not the best.

I love this shirt and the pencil skirt, but I feel like something is missing? I'm wearing a necklace but you can barely see it... Maybe I need "bigger" jewellery? Maybe heels? What would you do differently?

Shirt from Costa Blanca; Skirt is second-hand; Shoes from Spring

We were downtown for this photo shoot. I love this building as a background. There are lots of beautiful places I hope to show you guys over the summer.

I really don't have too much to say today... I'm sorry. Next time there will be a story, I hope :)