Day 7: Clearly it's Sunday

Good afternoon lovelies,

Today is Sunday, which usually means relaxation, right? Wrong.  The words student and relaxation should never be found together in the same sentence.

Today's outfit:

Cardigan: Gap
Tank: Smart Set
Jeans: American Eagle
Belt: Costa Blanca
Necklace: Gift from boyfriend

Today is day 7 of my 30 for 30! I'm 1/4 done! I'm pretty excited that it's gone great so far, but I'm already realizing things I would have done differently.  I was too optimistic for spring and this week we're getting another 30 cm of snow. I should have included some of my hardcore winter boots in the footwear.  Also, I should have included at least one more pair of pants. But these are pretty minor, so I'm dealing.


  1. Cute! Love how you belted the cardi. And you are very right, the life of a student never includes relaxation, haha.

    Xo Chelle

  2. Love the belted cardigan! Good luck with the challenge!

  3. Great start on your 30/30! Lovin your cardigan look. Cute blog

  4. cute outfit!love your cardigan!


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