Day 24: My boots are like shields.

...From the wind. Seriously, they're better than pants. When it's cold out, and I wear these boots, my legs are so toasty warm.  It's incredible.

And the snow from the last post? Clearly all gone. Thank you Mr. Sun!

Cardigan from Gap; Shirt from Urban Behaviour; Skirt from F21; Tights from WalMart; Boots from Spring; Belt from Mom's old closet.

I feel like I've worn this outfit before. Or something similar. But I haven't! I went back and checked, and it wasn't done!  Awesome.

Again, this can't be long, because I have another midterm tomorrow. And the one I was studying for the other day? I got an A. Double awesome.


  1. Our snow is gone too, for now.. yay! I love the boots.. with the slouch fit they are super cute. And warm legs are always a good thing!! :)

  2. congrats on getting an A on your last midterm!! these boots are awesome. :)

    cute & little
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  3. You look so cute. I love those boots! I need to find a similar pair in cognac...

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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  4. Wow, that snow sure melt pretty fast. Loving this outfit!


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