The evolution of style... via Pinterest

(First off, thanks everyone for your comments about my skirt in my last post :) I think I'll be wearing it with tights rather than bare legs next time. It'll make me feel more comfortable :) You guys rock!!)

My style is constantly evolving..  When I look back at what I wore just a couple years ago, I wonder why I owned half of the things that I did.  Today, although happy with my wardrobe, I always find myself longing for something different, to allow my current collection to grow into something new. 

To make matters worse, there are websites out there that make it easy to obsess over new styles and outfits.  Enter Pinterest.  Why did I have to start using it? I don't know, because it seemed neat? Other people were doing it and it looked fun?

Now I find myself wanting this outfit:

From via Kelly on Pinterest.

And this outfit:

First pinned by Lindsay Kay, repinned by Kelly on Pinterest.

And this outfit:

From via Kelly on Pinterest.

... Do you see that jacket? Those shoes? That bag?!  You get the idea...

I make it sound like a bad thing, but really it's not (my wallet might disagree...).  Pinterest has actually helped me. How? Well, the pins that inspire me, I re-pin. Eventually, the collection gets large enough that there are noticeable patterns in the clothing that I like. 

Take these outfits for example.  In every single case, there's a structured jacket.  You can see more structured jackets repinned on my Pinterest, too.  What do you think this is trying to tell me?  My wardrobe needs more structured jackets, or at least I should wear them more often. And you know? It's totally right. I tend to forget about my blazers, but when I wear them, I feel my best.

Pinterest is also a great way to get inspiration (duh). Just like blogs, I can open my Pinterest for outfit inspiration.  It's also really great for showing successful ways to integrate pops of colour into your wardrobe (see outfit #2's shoes). 

For those of you on Pinterest, drop me a line, I'd love to check out your boards! And for those of you not on Pinterest, it might be worth a shot to check it out :)

You can find me here on Pinterest. Mine's still a baby compared to some, but I'm trying not to make it an obsession, kay? ;)

I can't decide...

I can't decide... is this skirt too short?

Shirt from Urban Behaviour; Skirt, belt and shoes from F21; Purse gifted

I mean, it does reach past my fingertips when I'm standing still. But then I start walking. And it just moves up. And up. Just a little with every step. Until it's uncomfortably short. And I'm tugging on it all day. But am I just being self-conscious? Who knows... Maybe I'll be leaving this skirt to wear with tights only.

And this shirt? Love it. The size and the price was right. Woohoo! I don't have enough patterned clothing, so this is a very welcomed addition to my wardrobe :)

Yesterday I took a day off to go to the beach. It was so wonderful, and was a much-needed break. This weekend is another long weekend too. Awesomeeeeeeeee. I'm looking forward to spending the weekend with family and relaxing.

Whose closets would I like to raid?

Today's post is a little different.

I find most of my fashion inspiration from the blog world. I'm not going to lie, there are a number of times that I look to my favourite blogs to get an idea of what to wear the next day. It's a great source of free information, and is always at my fingertips!

Now, you guys have seen a lot of my closet since I started this blog back in February.  And because I'm not a millionaire, I can't go out and buy everything I want (wouldn't that be nice?). So that brings me to this post.

Whose closets would I like to raid? 

1. Allure
It's you who brings the mornings (3)

Aney, from Allure, always has one of the most gorgeous and sophisticated wardrobes. She always looks so chic and put together... And she makes it look so easy! Definitely would love to raid her closet, especially for this trench, skirt, sandals, purse, and shirt... I guess everything?

2. Running on Happiness

Katie, from Running on Happiness, is one of my favourite style bloggers. From her words to her clothes, she's super inspirational and a super engaging blogger.  Take this outfit, for example. There's nothing about it that I don't like, and it's screaming "re-create me!". Too bad I don't have anything to recreate it with!

3. The Daybook

Sydney, from The Daybook, has been on my blogroll since day 1.  I started reading her blog when she was posting her outfits almost daily.  Even today, I can't help but wish I could have her amazing sense of style.  She's a mommy-to-be, and can still pull off some of the latest trends and best outfits while looking fab! Definitely one of my favourites. Especially this outfit above. Perfect!

4. to brighten my day

Cee, from to brighten my day, has a wonderful wardrobe.  To me, she's a great inspiration for fun and preppy outfits, and I could wear a number of her outfits to work! Sometimes it's impossible to find good work-clothing inspiration, but she makes it possible. She also likes to play with colour, something I seem to be lacking in my work wardrobe...And did I mention, she rocked her recent 30-for-30?

5. Lilly's Style

Another wardrobe I would love to raid is Lilly's, from Lilly's Style. She always has very cute, put-together outfits with simple and perfect accessories. If I got to raid her closet, it would be for her collection of super fun skirts. She's got a whole bunch of them that I'm in love with, especially this one above!


Don't you just want all these ladies' wardrobes as much as I do?  If only I was a millionaire ;)

Disclaimer: All photos were taken from the respective bloggers' blogs. I have linked each photo back the original post.

The love and hate of summer.

First, the hate: Having to work full-time, limiting the times I can wear my favourite summer clothes.
Now, the love: Going for walks in the sunshine, wearing the cute clothes that I love.

Shorts from Bluenotes; Shirt from Winners; Tank from H&M; Purse gifted; Shoes from F21; Necklace from Costa Blanca

Usually I don't mind grocery shopping, but I'm really not excited about it today. It's too hot out there. Our heatwave has barely let up. And I have to carry all the stuff on the bus...sometimes that's the worst part. Inconveniencing others with your pile of grocery bags.

Anyways, I really should go and get ready. We have no food in the house for dinner, so the more time I waste, the later we'll be eating.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)

It's not always easy.

I took these photos when visiting my parents last weekend. Over the past few days it's been wayyyy to hot to venture outside. I've been hanging out in pj's in the house, and "work clothes" the rest of the time. Apparently we're breaking records with today's heat. With the humidex, it feels like 47 Celsius. Yep. I don't think I've ever heard of this kind of heat...

Romper from Dynamite; Belt from Old Navy; Sandals from F21; Bag from Joe Fresh

There are a number of things that have been stressing me out lately. Stuff that I really don't want to talk about, with anyone. But I'm trying to stay positive. What makes me super happy, though, is going home to visit my parents and spending time with my favourite kitty! How does she have the ability to cheer me up no matter what? I'm probably crazy.

I went to the beach on the weekend

And this is what I wore! Because I know you all care. At least, I like to tell myself that...

Shirt from Joe Fresh (partial DIY), Shorts, sandals, sunnies and hat from F21

This outfit is:
a) Simple
b) Breezy
c) Colourful.
...Perfect for a day at the beach, I tell ya!

It was a great time with just me and my mom. The sand was so hot you couldn't stand on it for more than 10 seconds.  It was blazingly sunny, so much that you couldn't manage without shades. But I STILL didn't get any colour. Yes, I put on sunscreen in the morning, but I expected something by the end of the day. Alas, my skin does reflect the UV rays. Just as I suspected.

But something really cool happened to us! We went snorkelling in the lake to see some fish. After being out there for about 15 minutes, I turned around and behind us was this massive school of fish...following us! They went everywhere we went. There were like 40 of them, all different sizes. If we swam through seaweed, they swam through right after us.  It was so cool....moments like these, I wish I had an underwater camera.

Back to the outfit, I bought this shirt from Joe Fresh for like $2.00 I cut the edges to make them rough, and then cut the bottom on an angle upwards to make it asymmetrical. I like how it turned out, especially for an outing like this. Paired with everything from F21, I can safely say this was a very affordable outfit :)

Standing in the weeds

So here is the last piece I got from H&M that hasn't been featured on the blog yet... My wonderful dress! 

Cardigan from Costa Blanca; Clutch and dress from H&M; Wedges from Payless

I know, I'm standing in weeds. Blame the city, it's their property to mow...

I was scared about the light-coloured fabric in the change room because of my pale skin, but I actually really like it. It's a nice, soft pink, and can be dressed up or dressed down. My boyfriend definitely approved of this one, and it was only $20. You can't go wrong with a price like that.

Today I'm heading to the beach to soak up the sun for the first time this summer! This is precisely why I hate living in the city. There are no good beaches around, and I have to plan a trip to my parent's place to enjoy any lakes.  Oh well, it's nice to see them :)

BDIB: Maxing out

Today I'm participating in the Bloggers Do It Better maxi skirt "challenge".  

^ Awkward pose! Heh.

I think this is only the second time I've styled this maxi skirt on my blog, but it's not the second time I've worn it.  I wasn't sure how to wear it to work, so I waited until a casual Friday and threw on a plain white tee, belted the outfit, and added a fun necklace.  I opted for leopard print shoes to add a fun print, and to avoid the walking problems that would come with heels.  Those walking problems are a direct result of this skirt's size. It's not very flow-y and I can't take full strides, so it would be super difficult to wear it with anything but flats.

Fun fact: I used the back of some random person's car to take these photos in my apartment parking lot. My usual spot was filled with people walking by, so I went somewhere a little more quiet. I'm lucky they didn't come out to get their car, or that would have been really fun to explain...

Wednesday's Work Style

Here's an outfit. Not sure how much I like the tank top, but I try and make it work...

Sweater and necklace from F21; shirt and pants from Rickis; Shoes from Spring

And today is hump day, yay! Which means tomorrow night I see... the last Harry Potter. I am so excited, but I know it'll be so bittersweet. It'll be over for good, and I'm not sure how it'll make me feel. I definitely cried when I finished the books... 

I've been making up hours at work in anticipation of the midnight show. I've already made up 1 hour, and hopefully I'll get in another 30 minutes early tomorrow.  If I can, I won't need to show up at 8 on Friday morning. THAT would be painful after the midnight showing of HP.  I'm so grateful I get flexibility at work, it's wonderful!

Oh, and if you're all up in the HP mania, check out Alex's DIY on this totally awesome shirt. I really want to do this...

EBEW: My one yellow piece of clothing...

... Is this tank top that I bought last year.  I've always strayed away from yellow because of my pale skin, but it is a nice, bright and cheery addition to anyone's wardrobe. Anyway, here's my take on EBEW's Yellow:

Tank from Dynamite; Jeans from Gap; Belt from Joe Fresh; Shoes and Sunglasses from F21

This weekend we had my boyfriend's little sister over. We decided to visit the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa, and I had to take some pictures near the rocket ship.  Ever since I was little I've been coming to this museum, and each experience has been defined by this awesome rocket. And the awesome trains... Anyway, it was a great weekend! The humidity broke for a day, so I was able to wear my favourite jeans!

This "challenge" has made me wish I had more yellow in my wardrobe. Maybe a nice summer dress... Time to go on a hunt!

P.s. This was my 100th post! Yay!  I just want to say thank you to everyone that reads my blog and takes the time to comment. I appreciate each and every one of you =)

One of my faves.

You know those outfits that you put on, and while you're walking around you don't feel entirely comfortable? You thought it looked great, but it didn't really feel like you

Well, this was not one of those outfits. In fact, it was the complete opposite:

^ Hah, squinty-face.

Cardigan from Costa Blanca, Shoes and Dress from F21; Clutch from H&M; Old belt from mom's closet.

I felt pretty amazing.  I got the outfit idea from another girl I saw walking down the street. The long cardigan and dress combo is perfect for a cooler summer day (although it was not cool enough today).  And these shoes? I can't say enough good things about them.

Also, did you catch my subtle print mixing? I rarely wear prints. And I never mix them. Except today! Yay! I love the clutch with the outfit and floral pattern. Starting this blog has brought me a whole bunch of firsts :)

Wednesday's Work Style

Although this isn't the best style for being outside in the summer, the office can get cold and a blazer is the perfect addition.

Blazer from Zellers; Shirt from F21; Pants from Ricki's; Shoes from ALDO

I can't help but feel like this blazer is eating me. Structured clothes rarely fit me properly in the waist. If I knew how, I would try taking it in a little bit... but unfortunately I don't :(

I've been going pretty simple with my outfits lately. I don't know if it's because of the mood I'm in, or the weather being so darn hot. Anyhow, I'm enjoying simplicity right now. It's not very often that I'm not forced to layer shirts and sweaters ;)

Is it just me, or is this week going by super slow? I know it's Wednesday but I feel like it should be Friday. Anyone else agree?

Rainy days.

Rainy days call for stripes and ripped jeans. And converse. I love my converse.

Shirt from Zellers; Jeans from AE (diy); Converse from Foot Locker; Purse was thrifted

I was able to photoshop the gloom out of these photos, but it was raining all day :( We were lucky enough to leave the apartment during the only dry spell.

Boyfriend and I went out for dinner at a local pub, and for some reason, I ordered the butter chicken. Never order a butter chicken from a pub. The rice tasted funky and the chicken really sucked. But I guess it's not exactly their specialty, and I would have been happier/smarter sticking to the traditional greasy foods. Lesson learned.

Tonight we're heading off to see Harry Potter 6 in theatres again. They're replaying them all for $5 admission until the final movie! I'm so excited!!!

New clutch!

Today I'm heading back to my parent's place for the weekend. Because I'm not taking my laptop with me, I figured I'd do an outfit post today because none will be coming until Monday.

I'd like to unveil the awesome clutch that I got from H&M on my random stop a couple weeks back:

Shirt from Dynamite; Jeans from American Eagle; Shoes from ALDO; Clutch from H&M

I definitely enjoyed my Canada Day. It was a little gross being up against sweaty people all day, but I guess that's what you have to do in the Nation's Capital.

Have a great weekend everyone!

To my fellow Canadians...

Have a wonderful Canada Day!!!

And I surprisingly got a picture of Kate & Will... Can you spot them? It's like playing Where's Waldo...