Smart Set jacket; Dynamite blouse & scarf; American Eagle jeans

So I only realized AFTER I had taken the photos that my shoes aren't showing. Too bad because they were leopard print! Oh well, my scarf can take the animal-print-credit instead...

Anyone have any fabulous plans for the weekend? I'm most likely sitting at home, finishing The Hunger Games series, and sleeping. Maybe throw in a few movies just for fun.

Loafer heels.

Blouse: Dynamite
Jeans: American Eagle
Heels: Le Ch√Ęteau

Say hello to my most favouritest shoes. I found 'em on clearance back in January and have been DYING to finally wear them. Although they make me 6 feet tall, they make me feel fabulous.

Thanks for the well wishes everyone. I got myself some meds and I'm starting to feel much better! To be honest though, I'm still wary. I thought I was getting better this same time last week, but then it got worse again. So I'm not out of the clear yet! I keep getting told to drink orange juice, but I don't like orange juice. Another friend told me to eat more vegetables because I don't eat enough veggies. To be honest, they're a pain in the butt to prep and require some form of keeping cold while I'm at work. And I'm too lazy to walk to the fridge on the other side of the building for a snack... Now you all know the root of most of my problems: Laziness. Maybe I should work on that...

Tomorrow's Friday! And then the weekend! Which means sleep! Yay!

Hipster flare.

Gap cardigan; AE jeans; H&M top; Aldo shoes

The style of these jeans are "hipster flare".... Whatever that's supposed to mean. To be honest, I don't really equate hipsters with flared jeans. I found the name quite amusing, especially since these are turning out to be a wonderful pants choice for work! They fit into our business-really-casual environment and still look nicely tailored. Hipster? Not so much.

In other news, I have had this never-ending cold for almost two weeks now. Went to the doctor today because I've been practically falling asleep with sinus pressure and what do you know... I've got a sinus infection. Yahooooooo. That being said, I have three posts left in the queue because I've been really lazy about taking outfit photos, and since I've been sick, I've been putting it off until I "feel better".  Now that I'm starting antibiotics there shouldn't be an issue, but in case I go off the radar for a few days, it's because I've probably fallen asleep due to sinus congestion and haven't woken up yet. Seriously, I feel like I could sleep for a week.

Happy Wednesday to you all!

Bows & Leather.

F21 shirt; Dynamite jacket; American Eagle pants; Payless boots

Yep, I love this shirt. I think it's the colour that I'm totally and completely in love with. It's super bright and makes me think of warmer times... warmer times that didn't consistent of possible freezing rain overnight and perhap up to 2cm of snow. Warmer times like last week, when we could venture outside in shorts. Yes, those warmer times.

I saw the Hunger Games last night. I know everyone has been talking about it so I'll keep it short. Read the book, loved it. Saw the movie, liked it. It was good, but I felt like it missed a lot of the "epic-ness" of the book. Don't know how else to describe it. But it was still well done. Just fell a little short. I guess that's the way it generally goes with book adaptations though. Have you seen it? What did you think?

Bringing out the maxi.

F21 skirt DIY'ed from dress, belt, shoes; Joe Fresh silk top

This is the first time since last fall that my good ol' maxi has seen the light of day. I missed wearing her during the winter time. With the heavy snow and my thick boots, she didn't make navigating outside very easy. I kept her stashed away until a sunny day, and that day has come!

In other news, I didn't do much this weekend but I'm completely exhausted. I would sleep my night away after work, but I'm finally seeing The Hunger Games with a couple friends! I'm pretty darn excited!!!

Needs & Wants.

F21 shirt and shoes; Dynamite blazer & jeans

This blazer is a new purchase. One that I wasn't totally sure about, but it was $45 and then 20% off. I have a hard time saying no to a deal. It's not something I needed, but it was definitely something I wanted. I've been bad lately and giving into those "well I want it" feelings too much. But after I've styled the blazer a few ways, I've decided that it's a unique piece and a staple in my closet.  It's as if it fit a special need that I didn't know existed!

Do you have anything you were unsure of buying but then fell in love when you brought it home?

Combat Edge.

F21 cardigan, blouse, belt; Winners jeans; Walmart boots; Fossil watch

And we're back to the snow pictures. I've got one more outfit in the line-up with this much snow, so just bear with me. It's kind of surreal to look at these and think that they were taken less than 2 weeks ago. But some people are saying our snow may not be over, so perhaps there are more than one set of photos like these in the future...

I put this entire outfit together and then couldn't figure out what shoes to wear. With a bit of a preppy vibe going on, I decided to add a bit of edge with my combat boots. I can't even begin to explain how glad I am that I picked these up that fateful day at Walmart.. Thank you, boots, for coming into my life and adding a little edge to my outfits. And for being affordable. That's a bit one.

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Trend of the Month: Neon

F21 shirt; Dynamite blazer; American Eagle pants; Aldo shoes; Smart Set necklace

Today I'm linking up with Marion at Marionberry's Trend of the Month challenge - Neon! I always love participating in these things. I get to discover so many new awesome blogs and see how everyone else styles their neon pieces :)

So there you have it: spring is officially here. See the tiny bits of snow left behind? Crazy that in literally 3 days we went from having a foot of snow to nothing at all. And this week we've got June weather. It's kind of fabulous.

Anyways, go check out the others rocking their neon! I know I will be ;)

Stylish Sweats.

Dynamite sweater; American Eagle tee and jeans; Spring boots

Sweats can be stylish. In moderation ladies, in moderation. Here are my tips for making a sweater a little more stylish:

  • Make sure there's some structure to the garment. The added belt to this sweater synchs my waist and provides some definition.
  • Add some fun accessories. I added my favourite watch and a long necklace. 
  • Next, you want to make sure you're wearing appropriate shoes. Wear something with a bit of interest to keep the outfit from looking way too casual. I added my knee-high black boots to bring the outfit from fairly casual to a little more put-together. 
  • Lastly, do not pair two sweats (i.e. sweater & sweat pants). Maybe in the comfort of your own home, but not if you're leaving the house. There's no way that this look is ever stylish. 
Just my two cents :)
Do you think sweats can be stylish?

Review: Hana Titanium 1.5" Flat Iron

A couple weeks back I was contacted by someone at Misikko to provide a review for the HANA Titanium 1.5" hair straightener*. Being someone who straightens my hair just about every day means I'm always looking for something good-quality and long-lasting.

Pretty packaging.

The Beast. 

I can't attest to how long the HANA straightener will last, but I can say that I have never ever used a straightener of better quality. The titanium plates glide across your hair with such ease that you're not constantly re-straightening the same section of hair over, and over, and over. I've had my share of those straighteners too...

Before Pictures: 
(I just blow-dried my hair)


What's also really great about the Titanium is that it curls wonderfully. Another thing I look for in a hair straightener is the ability for it to curl my hair as well as straighten it, and this flat iron performs.

I know you've all seen other bloggers go on about how great the HANA products are, but it's true. I would give this straightener a 10/10 in my books. It's quick to heat up, easy to use, versatile, gets super hot, and glides wonderfully across my hair. I have zero complains or aspects that I would change about this straightener.

I 100% recommend this straightener and you can get it here from Misikko. They also sell other HANA Salon straightener models and CHI flat irons.

*Note: This straightener was provided c/o Misikko for the purpose of writing a review. All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own. 

Tights & socks.

F21 dress & socks; Costco blazer; Spring boots; Walmart tights; Smart Set necklace

I wore this outfit out one night to a friend's birthday party. The tights & knee-high socks added a little sex-appeal to the outfit without showing much skin. This striped dress was an awesome Forever 21 find - $13.50. I couldn't say no. I didn't really want to wear these boots, but to be honest, it was still too cold to forgo the boots that day...

Tomorrow's St. Patrick's day! Hope everyone has plans to enjoy themselves (be safe!). Me, I'm excited for this weekend and the temperatures reaching almost 20 degrees C. Hello t-shirt, here I come! Let's not jinx it now....

Knit & Cognac.

Zellers sweater; F21 shirt; American Eagle jeans; H&M Socks; Spring boots; Dynamite belt

This cognac belt is my favourite part of the outfit. Well, I guess both the belt and the knit sweater. And maybe the boots... :)

These photos were taken on the weekend. We've had a huge thaw since and there is nearly no snow left on the ground. I'm sure a bunch of you find this hard to believe since you've really only seen my blog with snow, but I promise you grass does exist around these parts of the world!  And hopefully you'll get to see it soon.

Blogger Spotlight: Sydney of Take Me For A Twirl

Hello lovelies! Today I've got a new blogger to feature for you guys! Meet Sydney from Take Me For a Twirl.  She blogs about many lovely things including fashion and life. She's a daily read of mine and is also a Canadian gal! Awesome! I hope you guys find that she rocks as much as I think she does.

 - - - - - - - - - - - 

Hey Enter Kelly readers! My name is Sydney and I'm just your average Toronto girl moonlighting as a style blogger by night and studying by day. I blog over at Take Me For a Twirl where I talk about three things: dressing well, eating well and living well. I was so excited that the lovely Kelly asked me to be featured on her fabulous blog! From one Canadian gal to another, it's an honour with a 'u'. Kelly gave me the ultimate freedom to share whatever I wanted to with you and while I often have a fair amount to say about fashion and the like, I thought I would share a few tips that I have picked up along the way about living a great life, a wonderful life. 
I am always striving to live my best life and it's something I write about often on my lovely little blog. I also share a few of my outfits and some delicious recipes like apricot yogurt cake. yummm. Make sure to make your way over to Take Me For a Twirl and have a peek around, I think you might like it over there. Extra huge thanks to the fabulous Kelly for having me! See you cats around xo Syd

 - - - - - - - - - - 

Umm... don't you guys just want those glasses? And yes, I'm off to pin that living a wonderful life list...