Lots of Layers.

How do I know this was an old post?

I can now fully see our driveway :)

Rant time: The obsession with being "healthy".

So this isn't common on my blog, but I really want an outlet to rant for a second. It's nothing new, I'm not going to say anything revolutionary, just something I wanted to share because it's been bothering me and on my mind.

Being "healthy" has become an obsession. An obsession to the point where it's not even healthy at all.  What upsets me most is the age group this is affecting. Young girls. I know, I know... this isn't anything new, but the day where we can pin, instagram and blog the "ideal body" over and over and over again, means it becomes ingrained into everyday life. Many of us are social media fiends. Constant exposure to these pictures takes a toll on body image. Especially when you're just growing into your body and becoming aware of your physical changes.

I know too many people who aspire to be something they're not. What pains me is that they are some of the most stunning people I know. Even still, I see them sharing their ideal body type over and over again. The problem is, it's rarely an ideal body type - it's an unhealthy body type.

Some people are very thin by nature. Others? They will never be a size 0 - the size of their bones doesn't even allow it. But too many girls think there's something wrong with them if they're not, and it's causing so much confusion in their lives. With the digital age, that confusion isn't just shared with friends, but with strangers around the world through numerous social media platforms. We now have countless communities of people who are obsessed with working out excessively and never eating a full meal, just to be model-sized. It's not realistic, and I don't know if they realize it.

It makes me sad to see so many beautiful, young girls falling into this black hole at a time when they're just figuring out who they are and who they want to be. We need more support for a healthy body image. To show girls that most importantly they should be healthy. Not thin. But healthy. And if your goal is to lose weight, do it in an educated way, with a healthy goal in mind. Not everyone is meant to be a size 0. This goal shouldn't even exist.

Be healthy so you can have a long life, a healthy heart, and a healthy mind. That's where it should start, and not with your pant size. Love the body you were given and love who you're meant to be.


#OOTD... and hair probz.

Dynamite jacket; Joe fresh top and pants

k guys, don't look closely at my hair.
kay, I know you looked.

MY ROOTS! Ermahgerd, I don't even know what to do. I'm using clarifying shampoo and this demi-permanent is just not moving on. I've got a backwards ombre going on.

Think I could make it cool?


Psst...I'm moving out!

Outfit post to come later for this. Pretend you didn't see it...

After graduation, I moved home with my parents. Nearly 1.5 years later, I'm moving back into the city. Right, smack downtown to be exact. I am very excited.

Of course, this called for an IKEA trip. Now that I have my own bachelorette pad, it's out with the old, mis-matched and gross student furniture, and in with the new, impossible-to-put-together furniture. On Saturday, my friend joined me as I walked through the store and priced a whole bunch of things. 

Obviously we had a really great time..

And then we had a romantic lunch. No horse meat in these babies!

 What did you do this weekend?

The happiness in a poncho.

I can't believe I actually contemplated buying this poncho. You know when you're just not sure how much you'll wear it, and when? Well, I think I walked by this poncho 5 times before buying it. It was only $15 but STILL! I wanted to make sure I would truly use it.

I took the plunge. I wear it all the time.

I look like such a little hippie, but that's okay. This is my go-to outfit. I've had a few coffee dates with friends in this exact getup. It's comfy, warm, and makes me happy.

Do you have anything that you hesitantly bought, but now it's your favourite thing ever?

"All For You".

Skirt c/o All For You

So do you guys know Melody? She blogs over at Happiness & Love.  We've been following each others' blogs since the beginning of time (seriously, I think she was follower #2 or something) and now she's started her own online shop!

Her store is called All For You, where she offers awesome vintage and pre-loved clothing finds! She updates her shop pretty regularly and is often adding new, fun one-of-a-kind pieces. She graciously sent me one of her pieces I was eyeing up... this awesome Forever 21 yellow skirt. I saw it in her shop and knew it'd be PERFECT for spring.  Well, maybe summer. My legs need to stop blending into the snowy background first...

Melody has offered all of you lovely peeps a 20% discount off your entire purchase with the coupon code EnterKelly.  This code will be valid until next Friday, March 29th. Happy shopping!!

*Note: This skirt was provided to me by All For You for the purposes of a review. All opinions are my own.

Wish List: Leather tote.

So I was able to knock the trench off my wishlist with this one I bought from The Gap.
Finally, one down, a million things left to go.

But - I want to start investing in key wardrobe pieces. Next up? A leather tote.

All of my purses are cheap. I love them to death, but they don't give that polished look that I'm looking for sometimes. Here are some real-leather styles that I'm totally obsessed with right now.

Do you save or splurge on your purses?

Polka dots and maxi skirts.

Can't wait for the days when my sweaters go back into big tupperware bins with the big scarves. 
And days where I can walk farther than my patio in moccasins. 

How was everyone's weekend? Did you celebrate St. Paddy's day?
I did - a friend and I ate cheesecake and watched girlie movies. No hangover for work today ;)

What I did this week.

Lots of productive things, and some unproductive things.

1. Watched The Lucky One.
I've been on a Nicholas Sparks kick lately. Last weekend I was in a mood to cry (anyone else know what I mean?) so I watched Dear John. And cried. It was good. The Lucky One didn't make me cry, but the song at the end has become an obsession. I can't stop listening to it. Someone help me.

2. Aside from listening to that song on repeat, I got tickets for Ottawa's Bluesfest. I'm going to be seeing Fun. and Tegan and Sara and it's going to be wicked. It's next to impossible to find any friends with the same music taste as me, so I'm glad I found a few willing to see these shows!

3. In more music news, I am using Montreal's Osheaga festival to find new awesome artists. I love shows like this - if you like a couple performers, you'll likely enjoy some of the others. So I'm trying out a few of 'em!

4. I did not read much this week and it's made me sad. I haven't finished a book in over a month and that needs to change. Maybe after I post this.

5. I bought this from Aerie. And am probably returning it. But it's cute. But it was still $30. But $30 isn't much. But I don't know if it's worth $30. Help me make up my mind.

Also I bought this from the Gap with their 30% off friends & family event (it's still going on!):

So that was my week.

What did you do?

Trending retro.

Based on my stellar Pinterest trend-spotting techniques, I think that the warm weather will be bringing much more vintage inspired clothing. Retro sunglasses? High waisted bottoms? Corset tops? It all comes out with the sunshine.

High waisted bottoms:
Source: iamsony.blogspot.com via Kelly on Pinterest

These retro pants have a modern flare - colour. In this super-bright shade of red, they are so many trends in one. I love the button detailing too, so flattering.

Retro Accessories:

The bandana? These cat-eye sunglasses? They're the perfect way to accessorize your summer outfit. I love it all.

Corset tops with high waisted shorts:
Source: tumblr.com via Kelly on Pinterest

Back to the high-waist, vintage Levi's are back in a big way. But not as pants. I'm thinking the high-waisted denim cutoff is going to be big again this year. Especially when paired with a midriff skimming corset top. Perfect way to get yourself ready for the summer. Festival outfit, anyone?

Retro Bikinis:
Source: lolobu.com via Kelly on Pinterest

Prints like polkadots, floral, and stripes. Bikini tops with a corset structure or halter style. High waisted bottoms that nearly reach your belly-button. I'm not a huge fan of the high bikini bottom, tbh, but I did score myself this bikini top for this summer already!

What do you think? Are you a fan of the retro trends?

The boundaries of coloured jeans.

Style bloggers are known for pushing themselves past their style-comfort-zones and trying new things. To me, reading style blogs is a constant source of inspiration and new ideas.
I love it.

The other day, I was talking to someone about coloured jeans. They were telling me how hard they are to style.  I found myself telling them, "They're practically a neutral! You can pair them with anything." And then I felt a bit like Stacy London...

It's likely that blogging is the only reason I said that. Without blogging, I'd probably be terrified of so much colour, all over my body, at the same time. Now? I'm just used to it.

Winter knits in Spring.

Sweater: Forever 21; Pants: American Eagle; Shoes: Aldo; Sunnies: Dynamite

I was on Twitter and someone asked if it was possible to transition winter knits into spring. My thought? Of course! I've stocked up on knits this winter, and although I don't want more snow, I'm not ready to give them up yet. They're perfect for those warm days with a cool breeze.

So how do I work this transition item? I pair it with spring-y pieces of course! Boyfriend or distressed jeans are great to keep the outfit casual. I wore oxfords here, but you could throw in a pair of heels of you want to spice things up a bit. Lastly, put on your fav sunnies and you're good to go. I also rolled up the sleeves on the knit, mostly because I like to cuff everything I wear (see jeans also).

Will you be transitioning your knits into spring?

Quote of the day.

I think this is one of the biggest lessons to learn in your 20s, and probably even into your 30s. Heck, maybe for life. Once you reach adult-hood, everyone's path changes. Life goes by at different speeds, and there are new opportunities popping up everywhere for everyone. You may feel that your life is changing differently than everyone else's around you, and you start to feel alone.

But it's not a bad thing. Not at all. In fact, it's perfectly normal.

So smile for the opportunities you get, and be happy that you're living a life that is your own. You are your own person now - you make your own choices, you make your own life.

Doggie photobombing.

Initial thought: Charlie! What are you doing ruining my photo shoot!

Moment of love and affection.

Fine. You can join in.

He's got the pose down, dontcha think?

Instagram me.

Instagram. My bff...

Good hair day ruined by the gym. // How I protect my eyes from the sun. Contacts are overrated. 

Love weekend breakfasts. // Roll up the rim time just makes me sad. I've played 6 times and won once. I guess that is the odds...

Getting packages makes me excited. // New eShakti dress

Yoda cat. // A friend's new pup - she's so cute!

Fur, knits and snow.

After every snowfall, I pray that it's the end of winter.
But then I realize how pretty snow is in my photos.
And for a second, I'm not sure I want it gone yet.

But then I remember what it feels like to be on a beach.
And I pray for the snow to end again.

Dress dilemma.

Dress: c/o eShakti

Ahh dresses. I don't wear them often enough. Why? I don't think they've very versatile.

But this dress... This dress is special. It comes from eShakti's new spring collection, which is totally rockin' btw. But because it isn't spring yet, and I couldn't wait any longer to show you, I've styled it with snowflakes in mind. Guess what that means? A dress that transitions through seasons. What more is there to love? Plus these buttons are super awesome.

Probably what I'm most pleasantly surprised with is the fit. eShakti offers sizes from 0-36W, and allows customization of their garments. You can add/remove pockets and other embellishments (I kept the pockets, they're fun). But they have a great size scale because my dress fits me like a glove. I requested my hem-line above the knee, and they were able to do it while keeping the dress modest enough for the workplace.

What do you think about dresses? How do you keep them versatile?

This just in: Lookin' to score yourself a great eShakti dress? Get 20% off when you use code: KELLYBLGGE until next Sunday, Mar 10! I've also been eyeing up this great polka dotted pencil skirt...

Note: Dress was provided c/o eShakti for the purpose of providing a product review. All opinions expressed are my own.