Green tops and Instagram.

Forever 21 top & necklace; American Eagle pants; Payless wedges; Suzy Shier sunnies

Guys. On Saturday I learned how to properly use Instagram.

I mean, I've always been able to take pictures, choose a filter, and post it/link it to my Twitter. But I never knew you could, *gasp*, follow people. Oh my gosh. I just learned how to do it. And now I'm following many of you. If I'm not following you, let me know and I will. What can I say, I like to stalk peek into in other peoples' lives.

And now you can stalk be part of my life too! My handle is itsmekelly and I like to post pictures of food, what I'm wearing and my pets. Real interesting stuff, I promise ;) ...Honestly, as if I needed another reason to be addicted to my iPhone.

On a side note, I love green. This is one of the only green things I have in my wardrobe aside from my green pants. It's such an awesome colour for summer.


  1. Love the green polka dot top! Also love your hair like this - the waves are so pretty. Haha that's a funny instagram story! Although, I didn't know how to use it either until I looked it up online ;)

    Life Etc

  2. The polka dot top is so cute for summer and your hair looks gorgeous! I don't really know how to use Instagram either...I really need to figure that out asap.

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Great top! I'm a big fan of green too, one of my fave colors. You look good in green. And although I'm not new to instagram, I just got an iPhone and have been entranced for the last 24hours lol. I love that you can basically stalk ppl through instagram, lol

  4. That's such a cute top! I know I already told you, but I love your hair like that Kelly!

  5. Suzy Shier has sunnies? Hmmm will have to investigate! I haven't tried instagram because I don't need another online distraction- too additive! You look so pretty in green!

  6. Your top is such a pretty color.


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