Forever 21 top; Dynamite pants; H&M shoes; Smart Set necklace

This is the extent of a top-knot that you'll ever get out of me. Any higher up and my face/head looks a mile long. And that's not an exaggeration. Well, obviously it is a little.. Okay, a lot.


I really like cobalt blue and orange. I don't know why I never thought of pairing these two colours before, but I'm totally digging it. I love trying out new colour combinations. It makes everything seem just a little brighter :) Also, I really need to update my jewellery collection. I swear out of the 30 necklaces I own, I rotate 4. That's it. Isn't that sad?

So ladies, today I ask: where can I get some nice necklaces that don't break the bank? 


  1. I love this colour combo too! Bright colours are my favourites at the moment. And I've been updating my necklace collection recently - but I can only give you Australian shop recommendations ;)

    Life Etc

  2. If you're looking for fun necklaces that are trendy and inexpensive, F21 is the best. I hate spending a lot of money on trendy jewelry, because you never know how long it'll be in style for. F21 is so affordable, and I don't feel bad getting stuff from there because it's only like, $3-$10.
    And this is such a fun color combo!

  3. love love looovee.. this color combo looks so good! Forever21 usually has cute necklaces for pretty cheap.

  4. I agree that Forever 21 is a pretty great place to find necklaces. I also get a lot of jewelry on Etsy and at TJ Maxx. Some TJ Maxx stores have a jewelry counter and you can get brand names like Betsey Johnson for a steal.

    Penniless Socialite

  5. I love getting vintage necklaces on Etsy. They're one of a kind and you can find tons for $10-15! And there's also so many that are handmade that you can also get on the cheap.


  6. I feel the same way about top knots. I style mine high and then look back at pictures and think, "what was I thinking!!"

    Totally loving the color combo on you! And its one of my faves that I must try;)

    I try and rotate as much as I can but a girl has her favorites, lol. If y'all have a Charming Charlies I would head there (not sure if they are online). And F21, obviously.

  7. I've been sock bunning it like crazy recently- I think I've gone too far with it lol! Love this colour combo (those pants are phenomenal!) and you have great abs! cheap and cheerful necklaces- consignment or thrift shops!

  8. Love the color combo! And for cheap necklaces, I love outlet stores (J. Crew Factory and Banana Republic Factory in particular, if you can find them near you), Banana Republic (constantly has 30% off sales), F21 is okay but I find that their chains irritate my neck. Etsy and Ebay are 2 other great sources - tons of amazing, cheap finds there! :)


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