Dynamite top; F21 belt; American Eagle pants; Payless shoes

Posing for blog photos is a funny thing. Usually I grab my tripod, camera and remote, and just shoot. I walk back and forth, forwards and backwards, stand still, arms down, arms up, laugh, smile, make faces, etc. In the end, I choose the 4 photos that are "acceptable" for me to post on these internets. Today it just so happens that the only four pictures that made the cut involve my arm in this awkward "up" position. How annoying.

I got this belt when I purchased a dress on super-sale at Forever 21 a couple years ago (they came together). I have to admit, I've only worn it twice since. Now I'm wondering why. The bright pop of red is a perfect addition to any neutral outfit, as worn here. And in time of colour-blocking it makes a kick-ass accessory. Maybe I need to dig through my old things more often... Closet clean-up coming right up!


  1. Haha - yeah, posing is totally awkward sometimes. Once in awhile I'll try something new - and it usually always looks ridiculous :) Anyway, you look so cute, and LOVE that belt!

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Yes posing is so awkward sometimes. In my last post there was SO many people in the park, I look so nervous in the photos lol That belt is awesome! You should def. wear it more.
    PS. I love the second photo, you look so pretty!

  3. Haha, posing can be weird! I always do the same poses and I need to change it up with some new ones.

    I love that belt with the gold hardware, very glam!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. You reminded me that I TOTALLY have a belt just like this! I have no idea where in the world it is, but I am now on a mission to go find it, because you've made it look awesome!

  5. LOL Aw blog poses. Such a weird endeavor. Love your photos though and this is a great office-y outfit and the belt makes it totally fun!

  6. Love the combo of this belt and shirt! I totally know what you mean about awkward poses...I feel like I have to take two or three times as many photos, just to get three decent ones :)

  7. That's a great belt. Posing for outfit photos is so weird. I always feel so awkward and end up in the exact same positions each time.

  8. I love your belt! As soon as I opened your blog post, I thought, "That belt is amazing and I hope she says something about it!" And then you did! It's such a great color and the gold adds something really special to it!


  9. Haha I know how you feel! Sometimes the posing just isn't happening for me - I'm in too much of a rush, or there's people around and I'm feeling awkward. You look lovely in these though! :)


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