Blue shirt + red sunburn.

Dynamite shirt; Forever 21 bet and pants; H&M shoes

I've got a fluff on my leg. It's actually a fluff - I just picked it off after seeing it turn up in those photos. I wonder how long it's been stuck to my leg...

Just another simple outfit that I wore to work. My sunburn is killer so I had to wear a soft, light-weight top just to avoid any crazy friction. Even with the top done-up almost to my neck, I still got comments from my co-workers about my "pink chest".  The worst part? I'm the idiot who completely forgot to sunscreen her chest. I got everything else, including my feet and ears, but I forget my chest. One of the most visible parts of my body. Awesome. Five stars for me! Maybe I should buy that purple sunscreen that shows you where you put it on and where you didn't...Did any of you guys have that?

This is what the sunburn looked like a day after I got it. I swear it's continued to get worse...

Wear sunscreen, kids! And don't forget anything!


  1. OMG your chest is really burnt! I know it hurts so bad, that's how my body looked when I was in Puerto Rico, even after putting sunscreen on!

    Cute outfit!

  2. ouchhhh friend! I have SO been there! Once I burnt my boobs in domican because I fell asleep on a chair on didn't put sunscreen on the little bits that hang out the bottom of bikini tops...ouchhhh.
    Go buy an aloe plant! Seriously, keep it in your kitchen and then just cut off a piece whenever you have a burn, its magic!

  3. Yikes, that is one bad sunburn! I'm always at the beach and always put on sunscreen but sometimes I'll still burn. My cure for it is put a bottle of aloe in the will be nice and cold when you apply it :)

    I love the color of your top, it's such a pretty shade of blue!

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  4. whao, that's major! Hope you feel better. ALOE!

  5. OUCH! omg I am sorry! I love this outfit by the way!!


  6. my goodness!that's such a bad sunburn you got there!
    anw , i love the blue color of your shirt xp

  7. This blouse is so cute! I love the color!


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