H&M top and pants; Forever 21 shoes; Suzy Shier sunglasses

Neon. Oh how you draw so very much attention. And somehow you can brighten up a room with your very presence. Honestly, this shirt reflects light like no other - it's highlighter pink!  I picture myself wearing this at the beach in the warmer weather, but for now I pair it with cropped pants.

The other day Joe Fresh posted the following question on Facebook: "what trend do you hope will never come back?" The answers ranged but I'm wearing three of the most popular right now: high waisted pants, neon and capris. And I love them! So take that, trend haters.

However, I do have my fair share of trends that I hope never come back: mom jeans (the really ugly high-waisted, straight-legged, sorta-baggy grossness), uggs (I know they're still "in" but I wish they would go away), and flatforms (currently taking off, but I just really don't like them. At all).

Are there any trends that YOU hope never come back in style?  Are they in style and you just don't like them? Please share your thoughts :)


  1. Haha, I always said when I was younger that I would NEVER wear any of that stuff, and I own all three and wear them semi-regularly. Oops.
    Love that shirt, by the way!!

  2. As long as Crocs never come into "style", I'll be ok. LOVING that color top. So pretty.

  3. are flatforms like creepers? If so, I hate those! They are just really ugly to me. lol I love that neon pink shirt!

  4. That neon top is so fun and I LOVE those sunglasses on you, Kelly! They look so glam! I am not cool with the flatforms either. I hope overalls never come back into style (other than for farmers). Have a great weekend!

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  5. Are capris a trend? I thought they were kind of a staple in one's wardrobe, haha. To be honest, I really don't get the colorblock trend. At all. Wouldn't be sad to see that one go...

    1. I didn't think capris were a trend either! But I guess some people do?

  6. I love it when people embrace styles they love regardless of whether it's trendy, hated, outdated, or whatever, so it's awesome that you're wearing three things that other people wish weren't back in style! Do what you want, I say! Having said that... I also hate flatforms (haha, so much for "do what you want!"), they look so uncomfortable and reminiscent of the 90s - I feel like they belong with overalls and daisy pins back in 7th grade! Something else I really hope doesn't come back in style is baggy-crotch hammer pants - they were "in" again a year or two ago, but they are just so unflattering.

  7. I'm scared that there will come a day when I suddenly look down & realise I'm wearing Mom Jeans! Hehe. Love the tee, such an amazing colour! <3

  8. I second those trends you mentioned! Plus, I really wish the 'trend' of wearing JUST leggings would go away. Not pants people! :)

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  9. Pink looks amazing and incredible on you!

  10. Love neon colours!! I hope you'll visit my blog!

  11. LOVE love love that neon top on you - so fun! And I'm so happy neons are back too :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. LOve the shoes.


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