Happy weekend.

Forever 21 sweater and shoes; Old navy button-up; American Eagle jeans

You know those days that just plain rock? The ones where you wake up to the birds chirping and the sunlight streaming in your window...those where you have no set plans and can take it easy...where you can wear your white pants and not feel like summer is light-years away.

Last Saturday was one of those days. And this is what I wore. I know it's a little late but I shuffle around outfit photos sometimes... 

Well, now that it's Friday again here's to another weekend of sun, warm temperatures, and taking it easy. I've got some stuff planned for Mother's Day, but that's all part of the wonderful weekend :) I won't disclose what I'm doing because on occasion my mom reads this blog (..hah..) and I don't want any secrets revealed, but do you guys have any plans?


  1. Love the layering and it looks awesome with the white jeans! Nothing says summer like white pants :) Hope you have a great weekend with your mom!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Haha, you just look so fabulous in that second picture with the wind in your hair and all that jazz.
    Love the white pants!!

  3. We are having a Mother's Day BBQ and I am stoked! Love this look on you Kelly! The crisp white pants, the gingham button up under that great red sweater! Glad you are having a great day and I hope your weekend is just as lovely!

  4. big fan of this outfit! Enjoy mother's day and TGIF:)

  5. dang girl, you're rocking those pantssss

  6. Love this outfit! I'm wearing my white jeans today too, and I have a similar orange jumper... I just need to find a gingham shirt and I can replicate this awesomeness ;) Have a great Mother's Day with your Mum!

    Life Etc

  7. Whoa, wait. Is your blog different? Has it been different and I'm just a dummy? Either way, I love it. My mommy is far, far away from me on vacation but I sent her candy before she left, does that count? :) Hope you and your mom had a great day.


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