Summer uniform.

H&M tank; American Eagle jeans and corset bra; Forever 21 sandals; Dynamite sunnies

I hope to be wearing a version of this outfit all summer long. To me it screams beach, heat, and relaxation.

Oh, and those pants I asked for your opinion about on Facebook and Twitter? Well, these are them. I took the plunge last weekend and went to my nearest American Eagle store. They had a 30%-off sale for the Victoria Day long weekend and I took full advantage in buying these pants. Heck-freaking-yes.

And I'm so glad I did. I am in pants loooooveeeeeeee. Seriously, I think it's the real deal. Don't tell my other pants, though. I don't want them getting jealous.

But I'm now on a self-imposed shopping ban. For two months. No, a month. Well, it should be two months, but I probably won't last that long. You know what they say, your goals should be realistic.  So you all have permission to virtually smack me if I come on here talking about a new purchase until the end of June. Yep. All the way until the end of June...

Why are shopping-bans so difficult again?


  1. Love this cute and casual look Kelly! I've put myself on a little shopping ban - the date I can start shopping is literally marked on my calendar :) Good luck to us both!

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Kelly, I basically have the same outfit on today! lol Great minds think a like! Hopefully I'll be able to get photos in today.. You look great, I love those shades.

  3. I love those pants!!!
    Actually, this whole outfit is pretty awesome!!

  4. I love it when something you've been umming and ahhing about goes on sale. Totally seals the deal! And good luck with your shopping ban! I'm kinda nervous about mine while I do the 30x30... ;)

    Life Etc

  5. These jeans look great on you, I'm glad you decided to get them! :D Good luck with your shopping ban, by the way! x

  6. Those jeans fit you perfectly, Kelly! I love how you paired them with the white top, very summery. Other than thrifting, I've been on a shopping ban too.

    The Tiny Heart

  7. Easy breezy beautiful covergirl- that's what I think of when I look at this outfit- so effortless yet pulled together and those jeans are perfection! Ouch on your sunburn- us fair skinned ladies need to stick together!

  8. Cute sandals, and I love your jeans <3

  9. Love this times one million. Or billion. And those sandals are amazing. Ps... If you're on a shopping ban, don't come to my blog today :)

  10. Love the light wash mixed with white top! Lovely combination. Good luck with your shopping ban; I couldn't do it.

  11. How did I miss this outfit! LOVE those jeans and a big fan of this entire outfit!


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