Dynamite jacket; American Eagle shirt & pants; Converse shoes

You know when you hear about something sucky happening to someone who was mean to you? You know how even though you shouldn't wish bad things for people, it still makes you smirk a little and think 'serves you right'? (or maybe I'm just evil...)

Well everyone, karma is alive and well. 


  1. Karma is awesome! And love this cute & casual outfit Kelly :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Haha what can you say, karma is looking out for you eh? :) Love the casual outfit!

  3. hahaa yess..Karma always works it's magic! Loving this cute comfy outfit! Especially that leather.

  4. Haha, glad karma is working! You look so cute in your casual outfit, Kelly!

    The Tiny Heart

  5. I love plaid! So cute! HA-HA and I hear you... its so strange though with me its a battle within myself! I am like no I shouldn't feel okay with something bad happening! BUT sometimes maybe it will teach them a lesson, and so they can be better people down the road, and that's something to smile about.


  6. I am a believer of Karma- you never know what life's going to bring so be nice to all! I could never pull off this casual look but it looks great on you= the sneaks are so great!


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