Jackets in Spring.

Dynamite jacket and sheer button-up; Costco sweater (really old..); American Eagle jeans; Le Chateau heels

I'm really hoping that this was the last time I could pull off a jacket and so many layers this spring. For some reason a heat wave just hit us and we're experiencing June temperatures. It's lovely. And I really don't want to have to dig for a jacket again.

Aaaaaaaaand I forgot to write this post last night. If I don't write at night, I have nothing to say in the morning. My brain hasn't turned on yet. So I'm experiencing major blogger's-block. :\

Instead, I shall leave you with a pinterest pic I found the other day and I loved:


  1. That purple top looks so pretty against the classic black/white combo! I thought I would be able to ditch my jacket but I'm still wearing one today, boo. The weather is playing tricks on me.

    The Tiny Heart

  2. I've been hoping to ditch my jacket for a while, but this crazy NJ weather is so up and down. Enjoy the warm days for the both of us! lol
    You look great as always, I love the last picture.

  3. Love that pinterest thing.

    Also love this outfit! We are having a bit of a heat wave and it is A OKAY with me.


  4. Girl, you are rocking those loafer wedges! Love this outfit :)

    Tiny Crush

  5. That jacket is awesome, as are the shoes! I love this outfit!
    And I have to agree with every single one of those things on that list!

  6. Love the purple peeking out underneath the layers- yay this week has been glorious so far! Very cute list- unfortunately the last one never seems to happen but forehead kisses and hot showers are almost daily! :)

  7. This looks like the kinda outfit I'm starting to have to pull out over here (Australia)! Great layering. And such a cute pin :)

    Life Etc

  8. You look pretty bad ass. And you know I just had blogger's block. It'll pass, but it sucks in the meantime!

  9. Great jacket, I love layering for spring. We've been having crazy back and forth weather in Chicago too - 80s yesterday, low 60s today, so I also had to pull out a jacket again. And I totally get the same word block when I try to write something that has to be posted right away - nice save with the Pinterest stuff though, I love that one!

  10. Love the dark purple blouse underneath!


  11. Cute look! I really like your jacket and jeans!


  12. I love your blog! You are so adorable!!!! I clicked on to your blog from someone else's! I love this outfit... the shoes are my fave!

    Matters of Merrymaking

  13. Hooray for heatwaves! We had ONE good day last week, but thta's all :( Right now the sun in shining but there's a freezing wind. Bleh! I love your leather jacket :) it fits so nice! x


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