Fire engine red.

F21 top, necklace; Winners pants; Payless shoes; Fossil watch

Bam. There are those red jeans again. I have a constant internal conflict about wearing them to work. I've seen a couple others at work in red or cobalt blue jeans, but I feel like mine are SO DARN BRIGHT. Like fire engine red. Because it's a casual workplace, I could totally pull it off if I styled them right. I just haven't had the guts to do it yet. If you have any inspirational messages, feel free to send them my way while this internal conflict continues...

Would you wear coloured pants to work?


  1. Yes!! I wear my own red jeans to work all the time - they're a bit darker, more maroon-y, but I'd love to have some this bright red too! I also wear khaki and coral coloured jeans to work. Although, I haven't been brave enough to wear my white ones yet...Guess everyone's got a colour they're not so comfortable in! :)

  2. Mine are as bright as yours but I haven't had the guts to wear them to work yet. I put them on and until I can definitively look at them and say "YES these are acceptable for work!", I won't wear them. I would wear them if others did, like in your office. But I work in an IT office with very few ladies, and most are fairly conservative. I've also been avoiding wearing my cobalt ones for the same reason. :(

  3. I think you can definitely wear them to work because it's a casual work environment. I don't have red skinnies but I do have emerald green ones that I wear to work. Really I just don't care what my co-workers think of them :)

    The Tiny Heart

  4. Love these red pants on you! So cute :)

  5. I totally wore wore my pink pants to work at my last office. All. The. Time. I just styled with a blazer during the week, or wore with whatever I felt like it on casual Friday. My new office is a little more conservative, though, so I haven't yet decided if they'll be making an appearance or not.

  6. Ha, I always feel that way too!! I work in a casual office setting but everytime I wear my bright pink Madewell trousers I get a double take from everyone! Oh well, wear them proud girl, you look great!

    Xo Chelle

  7. This is such a great classic yet fun look. I love it!

  8. this outfit is amazing! love your style:)
    kisses from prague


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