Booed by a bouncer.

Talula blazer & leggings (via Aritzia); H&M tank; Material girls wedges

I wore this outfit probably a month ago (shhh) with a couple of girlfriends. The best late-evening appetizers outfit. Not so great for dancing later. None of us were prepared to go out dancing. As we passed a bar on our way home, a bouncer called out to us to join the only two men in the bar on the dance floor. We turned the offer down, and then got booed. For serious. Booed by a bouncer.

I still blame the outfit. It wasn't meant for dancing.


  1. hahaha oh my god, men are ridiculous! But that outfit is super fabulous! That blazer is super fabulous! and your toes are so cute!!

  2. Oh jeez! I would've declined too. How awkward would that have been??? I think your outfit is great, though. I love the blazer!

  3. aw booed by a bouncer? that's so lame of the bouncer!
    Love the look though...cute blazer!

  4. Psh, boo to that bouncer! I love the blazer.

  5. Great outfit (and great home decor - very chic!)

    Kate xo


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