It's not just for burgers and hot dogs.
It's also for wearing.
Not real mustard, obvs...
But seriously, anyone who doesn't have a mustard-coloured something in their closet is styling wrong.
I hated this colour up until last year when I took the plunge with a cardigan (different than this one.. yeah I have two...)
But I've fallen in love with it. It's so completely fall, and reminds me of the changing leaves.
Speaking of which, there are too many leaves on the ground already and it's not even October. What gives?!



  1. looks great!! I tried on a cardigan at Joe Fresh the other day in mustard and it wasn't as bad as I had feared (although it was a V neck cardigan and I'm not a fan, so i didn't get it) those shoes are adorable

  2. I don't think I have anything mustard color, which is weird cause I really like it. I need to get on that asap. I really love the color of your shoes too!!

  3. You look so cute in that cozy sweater! I only have one mustard top and I barely wear it...I think the color just doesn't look right with my skin tone or something.

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  4. I so don't look good in mustard. You so do. Unfair.

  5. I love the blazer-esque vibe of this cardigan. I find mustard tricky to wear with my skin tone, but I love it on others. And it goes with a whole host of hues, from B&W zebra prints to aqua to burnt orange. I love it with your sienna shoes.

  6. I am in love love love with this color too! It's hard to find pretty mustard (you have so many shades!) but I now have the perfect bodycon dress and a cardi to work with during this chilly season. I'd still love a mustard scarf! But always get distracted by the other pretty colors like pumpkin orange and petroleum blue! xo


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