Shooting indoors.

Sorry guys. I hate to do this. I think indoor photos will appear occasionally on the blog...
I know it's not the best for outfits, but it'll do temporarily (and by temporarily I mean throughout the fall/winter).
But you know the great thing about it?
You can learn more about me!

Take for instance... did you know I rollerblade? Well I do! Not very well, but I do it anyway!
And I shop at Aldo. Shocked?
And I have a yoga mat I used on the weekend to do yoga/pilates where I proceeded to fall down halfway through and not get up.
That happened.

So... what was I saying about my outfit?


  1. gorgeous! love the entire look. inside photos are a necessary evil!
    kw ladies in navy

  2. No problems here! I love this outfit! The jacket is cute and I love the pants too! I am doing a week on leather this week and I hope you will link your photo on Friday! I wish I was talented enough to rollerblade but I have never tried--I have the worst balance on the planet.

  3. Haha! I try to hold out on the indoor photos as long as possible but it's inevitable every winter!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. You were probably talking about how cute this outfit is! Seriously, I love it and I'm officially convinced that I NEED some olive-toned skinnies in my closet. Love it with the giant scarf!

  5. I don't mind indoor photos, I had to do it too. I haven't tried rollerblading in years, I was really bad at it back I really love those olive green skinnies! I need a pair in my life.

  6. ROLLERBLADES! Amazing!! Indoor shots are totes okay! The whole first year of my blog I took photos of myself with my iPhone in mirrors as outfit photos haha

  7. I like seeing sneak peeks of your apartment!

  8. Great look :)


  9. LOVE that leather jacket and scarf on cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  10. Cute cute cute!!! Also I love your sense of humor! Keep the indoor posts coming as long as they have captions like this one!

    PS - If you ever need an absolute armature photographer, I am happy to meet up and help :)

    xo Lauren

  11. No indeed, I did not know you rollerbladed (my google spell-check says that that's not a word...) and I'm curious to see what other things we'll discover in future indoor shoots ^^ As for the outfit, I wish I had those booties in my wardrobe right NOW because they would be the perfect steppers to pair with the back-to-school outfit I have in mind! xo

  12. And, you seem to have a lightswitch that floats in front of the wall? ;)
    I like this stellar combination of neutrals and textures.


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