Scarves and lightning bolts.

Aerie top; American Eagle scarf; Talula leggings (via Aritzia); Payless shoe; Castellammare earrings

Ohhh gooddddd I love scarves.
And the lightning bolts in my ears.
Reminding me of Harry Potter.
Speaking of Harry Potter, I may have just decided what I'm doing this weekend.
HP Marathon... Do I have enough stamina?


  1. Oohh I love that scarf Kelly!! And the color of your shirt is awesome.

  2. Are you by any chance re-reading/watching HP before this:

    Love that green on you :)

  3. YES! Harry Potter marathon, amazing! Movie theaters would make a killing if they had an HP marathon once a year, don't you think?
    That's a great outfit too, your bun is so cute!

  4. super cute! :) you always look so happy in pictures!
    kw, ladies in navy

  5. Will you also be getting a HP tattoo? Saw that you've been pinning some ideas;)

  6. So glad you pointed out the earrings because they make this already great outfit even more amazing. Earrings are the hardest thing to capture in blog photos, aren't they?

  7. Wish I had legs like you so I could pull off these amazing leggings!

    xo Lauren


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