My career as a model.

I really should make a career out of being a neck, arm and ear model. What do you guys think?

 So? Think I could make it as a neck/arm/ear model???

Just kidding. I'm not planning to quit my day job JUST yet.


  1. Hahaa I think you got a good thing here.. side job maybe? Lol I really love her pieces. Especially the love necklace and layered hoop earrings.

  2. That first necklace and the delicate "love" necklace are my fave pieces. They're so prettyyyy! xo

  3. You should totally be an ear and neck model. Just think- you don't have to worry about being stick thin or doing stupid things like dieting :)

  4. Well you do have pretty stellar collarbones!! Seriously, some of these pics really do look like they came out of a magazine :)


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