All the trends

Can you spot 'em?

From the top down
1. Leather jacket: A hit last fall, and still popular, the leather jacket is a great fall staple.
2. Cowl: the knit cowl is a great way to keep your neck warm during these cold, fall months.
3. Breton stripes: Not exclusive to fall, stripes have been popular all year 'round.
4. Burgundy chords: Blame the lighting, but these chords are burgundy. A great fall colour!
5. Boots: Riding style and cognac. Another fall staple!

Now, time to return to my homework. Bye loves!


  1. may have just blogged my entire Christmas list. (Well, the apparel side of it anyway. The kitchen side of the list is a little ridiculous, haha)

  2. You look great-I really love those boots and stripes are such a great go-to! Good luck with your homework (is it weird that I miss doing it?)

  3. Great look! Love the jacket, love it!

  4. Kelly, love the trendy look. cowl neck and jacket looks cool :)

    xo Nav

  5. Love when you can blend tons of different trends and not look over-styled. Well done! And I'm loving how you mixed the brown boots + black purse...something I've been doing lately :-)

    XO - Marion

  6. Love this outfit, could totally go riding a motorcycle with this outfit! Looking chic and awesome at the same time! Love to see how you mix some colors together instead of having straight blacks etc etc.

  7. perfect!! such a great look!

  8. You look fantastic! This outfit is amazing and I love those boots. I don't know what it is but breton stripes accessorized with cognac ALWAYS works!

  9. love this entire outfit! A little jealous that you have burgundy cords lol. I haven't been able to find a pair anywhere.

  10. very nice, got all the trends but still classic!

  11. Also! Your bike pictured in the background!
    They are trends for a reason though because you look adorable.

  12. Top! <3 your black jeans are so amazing. ! you looking really very good! <3


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