Blog Swap: The red skirt.

Hello to all of my lovely readers! As I mentioned before, I'm participating in a blog swap with some wonderful ladies across Canada and the US. With an odd number of participants, I made it into a group with two other wonderful bloggers! I sent a dress to Emma, Emma sent something to Emily, and Emily sent a skirt to me!

Swapped skirt; H&M shirt; Costco blazer; Walmart boots & tights

Though the skirt is super cute, I'm not a huge fan of my styling of it, to be honest. A different pair of boots would have looked much better but I had only brought these ones home with me over the weekend :(. I kept the red thing going with the scarf, which made me feel like Christmas, but maybe it wasn't the best idea. I could have gone with a completely different colour and it might have looked less matchy-matchy. Oh well, you win some and you lose some! This skirt was definitely an interesting piece though, and I have nothing like it in my current wardrobe, which made it all the more fun and difficult to style :) Fashion challenges are awesome!

Anyways, like I said, I gotta go study. If you want to check out the rest of the swap crew, head over to each of their blogs!
Emily of Tinfoil Tiaras
Alisha of Alisha & Brandon
Sorren of Classic Noise


  1. Haha, I saw your tweet and got so confused, because I sent Emily a red skirt, too! Great minds think alike, I suppose :)

    I like the matchy-matchy-ness of this outfit...the scarf brings an added level of interest and dimension, I think. It is pretty Christmasy though, haha

  2. Oooh I love this red skirt on you-my favourite part is the detailing of the skirt and the trim! I actually really like the matchy-ness with the red scarf and black and white-very cute!

  3. That skirt is super cute! I really love your red scarf!!

  4. I love this skirt! I really like your whole style, and the fact that your items are affordable! :) Glad I stumbled upon your blog.

  5. I think you look adorable! I've been craving a red skirt!

  6. That skirt really is lovely! I'm thinking different boots too, but otherwise you look ah-mazing!

    PS. Can I just say this in caps - THAT BLAZER IS FROM COSTCO?! - Mind officially blown.


  7. this is such a cute idea! like the traveling pants!
    well i think you make it look great!


  8. Ah I love that red skirt! I am dying to make a red pencil skirt. Super cute!

  9. ooooh that skirt is fab and perfect for december

  10. Oh my God!! Amazing skirt.i love red color and You looking great!

  11. Wow that red skirt is gorgeous. It is such a vibrant colour. It just works perfectly with the top. Great look xx

    Heroine In Heels


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